That’ll do it for MLFB

Somehow, a proposed alternative football league managed to be around for almost a decade without ever playing a game. Major League Football (MLFB1Yeah, when was the last time “football” was two words, like “base ball” was?) put on the longest tease in sports history, promising seasons since 2014, yet only getting part of one training camp started before they pulled the plug on that, too.

Looks like they’re finally, really most completely dead.

A quick history lesson:

  • Founded in late 2014, MLFB planned to launch in the spring of 2016, with 10 teams in a single-entity structure, playing 12 games each.
  • They had eight teams by 2016, hired eight head coaches (including perennial alternative leaguer Galen Hall2Shout out to Coach Hall, who coached the Florida Gators to an SEC title in 1984, my sophomore year in college., and had a territorial draft. Though they were naysayers, MLFB’s people were confident.
  • But a supposed financial backer, um, backed out, and while they claimed to have $120 million in equity and credit line financing from a shadowy company called Asian Global Capital, Ltd., they called off the proceedings just days before players were to report to training camp.
  • They claimed to be starting play (with a small number of teams, at a future date) in 2018 and 2019 and 2020. The COVID pandemic gave them cover for 2020 and 2021, but then came 2022.
  • The closest MLFB actually came to playing was in the summer of 2022. They had four teams lined up, with coaches and venues and a schedule…and then, splat. The whole thing collapsed in late July after a few days of training camp (because an investor backed out, stop me if you have heard that one before), with players evicted from their hotel and the league promising (once again) that this was just a temporary delay and that they’d be back in 2023, or whenever.

MLFB’s stock hit $0.00 per share in late November 2023, and they have not submitted required filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission since April of 2023, claiming they didn’t have the money to pay accountants to prepare the forms3To be fair, that’s probably one of the few true things this league has ever said.. I’d say >they haven’t posted to X/Twitter in a while, but I can’t confirm that as they blocked me a while back, apparently for constantly insisting they were terrible. They haven’t been active on Facebook since the training camp debacle in July 2022.

As CEO Frank Murtha is now near or at 80, they have no money and no way to generate money with a stock price of $0, there’s already an alternative outdoor football league (as well as several indoor leagues) and they’ve burned people over and over for years, it seems safe to say this league is done.

Kenn Tomasch

Kenn Tomasch

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