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One of the more popular features of this website in its previous incarnations was the listing of attendance figures for various leagues and teams in sports history. I’m in the process of rebuilding that section, along with the site as a whole, and here’s where we are.

When I started collecting and breaking down attendance figures for Major League Soccer in 2001 (because there were lots of discussions going on online about it, with few facts to guide those discussions), I wished there were a repository for attendance data for leagues I was interested in (especially defunct and short-lived ones). The data existed, or could be mined, it was just all over the place. Here you can find what I have been able to collect about the attendance figures from various leagues.

NOTE that I wanted to stop tracking outdoor soccer league attendance for years before the pandemic finally gave me an excuse to stop. So I no longer keep up attendance figures for MLS, USL or any other outoor leagues. (The indoor MASL is the only exception.) There are other leagues I still need to update, but here’s what I have at the moment. Documented additions and corrections are always welcomed.



  • Cactus League
  • Independent Minor League Baseball




  • Major League Lacrosse
  • National Lacrosse League