Largest Indoor Soccer Crowds in US History

This is a list of the 25 largest announced attendance figures in the history of American professional indoor soccer. Except for the Chicago Sting/Tampa Bay Rowdies game of Feb. 14, 1982, all of these games took place in the original Major Indoor Soccer League. (It’s not likely any game in the current league is going to crack this list. In fact, you have to go down to the 86th game on the list – the final game of the 2002 finals in the second MISL – to find a game from this century.)

Playoff games are denoted with an asterisk on the date. Documented corrections and additions are always appreciated.

RkDayDateVisitorScHomeScSite Crowd
1Sat*6/20/1987Dallas Sidekicks4atTacoma Stars3(OT)Tacoma Dome21,728
2Tue*6/16/1987Dallas Sidekicks3atTacoma Stars5Tacoma Dome20,284
3Sat4/5/1986Minnesota Strikers4atCleveland Force7Richfield Coliseum20,174
4Wed*5/7/1986San Diego Sockers8atTacoma Stars5Tacoma Dome19,476
5Sun*4/13/1986Baltimore Blast8atCleveland Force3Richfield Coliseum19,468
6Sun2/14/1982Tampa Bay Rowdies9atChicago Sting10(OT)Chicago Stadium19,398
7Sat11/24/1984New York Cosmos1atCleveland Force6Richfield Coliseum19,360
8Fri2/22/1980Philadelphia Fever6atSt. Louis Steamers4Checkerdome19,299
9Fri2/20/1981Denver Avalanche3atSt. Louis Steamers6Checkerdome19,298
10Fri1/2/1981Philadelphia Fever6atSt. Louis Steamers5Checkerdome19,112
11Sat1/5/1980Detroit Lightning5atSt. Louis Steamers7Checkerdome19,108
12Sat*4/23/1983Chicago Sting5atCleveland Force7Richfield Coliseum19,106
13Sat3/17/1984Pittsburgh Spirit6atCleveland Force4Richfield Coliseum19,048
14Fri*4/25/1986Minnesota Strikers2atCleveland Force5Richfield Coliseum18,797
15Sat2/21/1987San Diego Sockers6atCleveland Force5(OT)Richfield Coliseum18,674
16Sun*5/6/1984Pittsburgh Spirit3atCleveland Force5Richfield Coliseum18,630
17Sun4/15/1984Baltimore Blast3atCleveland Force2Richfield Coliseum18,627
18Mon12/26/1983Baltimore Blast3atCleveland Force6Richfield Coliseum18,621
19Fri11/20/1981Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Steamers7Checkerdome18,526
20Sat12/26/1981Memphis Americans3atSt. Louis Steamers7Checkerdome18,526
21Fri1/8/1982Denver Avalanche3atSt. Louis Steamers6Checkerdome18,526
22Fri3/12/1982New York Arrows6atSt. Louis Steamers5Checkerdome18,526
23Fri11/26/1982New York Arrows4atSt. Louis Steamers3Checkerdome18,526
24Fri2/18/1983Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Steamers3(OT)Checkerdome18,526
25Sat12/27/1986San Diego Sockers5atTacoma Stars6(2 OT)Tacoma Dome18,441