All-Time MASL Attendance

The Major Arena Soccer League was formed when several refugees from the third Major Indoor Soccer League joined up with the Premier Arena Soccer League in 2014. The league still keeps the PASL-Pro records as part of its history, however, so you are free to consider it a new league or a continuation and re-branding. I don’t think it matters.

Here are the announced attendance figures for the first 10 seasons of the MASL:

TeamGTotal Average
Kansas City Comets1257,9474,829
Utica City FC1238,9223,244
Milwaukee Wave1238,5933,216
St. Louis Ambush1230,1212,510
Empire Strikers1230,0172,501
Baltimore Blast*1121,3601,942
Chihuahua Savage1221,5631,797
San Diego Sockers#1119,0481,732
Dallas Sidekicks1220,1751,681
Harrisburg Heat1216,6211,385
Tacoma Stars1214,3831,199
Texas Outlaws1213,7931,149
Monterrey Flash1212,4441,037
MASL TOTAL154334,9872,175
*One game unplayed.
#One game unreported.
TeamGTotal Average
Kansas City Comets 12 52,264 4,355
Milwaukee Wave 12 40,753 3,396
Utica City FC 12 36,982 3,082
Baltimore Blast 12 33,603 2,800
Empire Strykers 12 30,719 2,560
St. Louis Ambush 12 29,404 2,450
Monterrey Flash 12 27,119 2,260
Chihuahua Savage *10 19,556 1,956
San Diego Sockers 12 19,271 1,606
Harrisburg Heat 12 17,655 1,471
Dallas Sidekicks #11 15,522 1,411
Tacoma Stars 12 14,105 1,175
Mesquite Outlaws 12 14,037 1,170
Florida Tropics 12 13,832 1,153
MASL TOTALS165364,8222,211
*Two games unreported.
#One game unreported.
TeamGTotal Average
Milwaukee Wave*11 33,283 3,026
Utica City FC12 35,653 2,971
Kansas City Comets*11 31,825 2,893
St. Louis Ambush12 27,924 2,327
Baltimore Blast12 26,932 2,244
Harrisburg Heat12 17,644 1,470
Dallas Sidekicks12 17,127 1,427
San Diego Sockers#10 13,519 1,352
Tacoma Stars12 14,398 1,200
Florida Tropics*11 13,110 1,192
Ontario Fury12 13,294 1,108
Chihuahua Savage12 12,000 1,000
MASL TOTAL139256,7091,847
#Two games unreported
*One game unplayed. Milwaukee claims a tickets-sold crowd of 4,250 for its abruptly cancelled home opener against Baltimore on Dec. 18, 2021, and Kansas City’s official league numbers include a crowd of 3,489 for its game, also abruptly cancelled, the following night. Which, fine. Make your own list and include those if you like. It’s not Milwaukee’s fault or Kansas City’s fault that Baltimore could not play, but this is a list of games that were played and announced crowds. (Note, Florida did not claim a crowd in its official numbers for its finale against Baltimore, which was scuttled when the Blast could not make it to Lakeland.)
Because of the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 MASL season was an ad hoc, come-as-you-are season featuring just seven teams, all of which made the playoffs. In most jurisdictions, crowds were limited or prohibited, making any attendance figures (and there were very few, if any) basically meaningless.
Milwaukee Wave1142,3153,847
Utica City FC932,3623,596
St. Louis Ambush1030,9623,096
Rochester Lancers1236,1143,010
Florida Tropics1029,8532,985
Soles de Sonora*1028,9042,890
Kansas City Comets1131,5762,871
San Diego Sockers1027,4612,746
Baltimore Blast1231,6972,641
Mesquite Outlaws1231,1622,597
Tacoma Stars922,6712,519
Monterrey Flash1127,4832,498
Harrisburg Heat922,2162,468
Dallas Sidekicks1226,4642,205
Ontario Fury1123,1712,106
Orlando Seawolves86,114764
Turlock Cal Express114,145377
MASL TOTAL178454,6702,554
*One game unreported
San Diego Sockers1250,1774,181
Milwaukee Wave1248,2764,023
Utica City FC1240,9713,414
Baltimore Blast1239,7993,317
Tacoma Stars1232,0582,672
Dallas Sidekicks1231,3802,615
Monterrey Flash*1128,6512,605
St. Louis Ambush1230,6392,553
Florida Tropics1229,3862,449
Ontario Fury1228,3032,359
Harrisburg Heat1226,3312,194
Kansas City Comets1223,8501,988
Orlando Seawolves*1113,5281,230
Mississauga MetroStars1213,1831,099
Rio Grande Valley Barracudas1211,613968
El Paso Coyotes*119,844895
Turlock Express125,623469
MASL TOTAL201463,6122,307
*One game unreported
Milwaukee Wave1145,1094,101
Soles de Sonora1142,0003,818
Kansas City Comets1140,0863,644
Baltimore Blast1138,3993,491
San Diego Sockers1136,1233,284
Monterrey Flash1133,0683,006
Tacoma Stars1128,9892,635
St. Louis Ambush1128,6592,605
Florida Tropics1126,7672,433
Syracuse Silver Knights1126,3792,398
Ontario Fury1126,1622,378
El Paso Coyotes1122,7412,067
Cedar Rapids Rampage1116,7011,518
Harrisburg Heat1116,0511,459
Rio Grande Valley Barracudas1114,9731,361
Turlock Express114,706428
MASL TOTAL176446,9132,539
Baltimore Blast1062,9966,300
Soles de Sonora1048,9984,900
Milwaukee Wave1037,9353,794
Kansas City Comets1037,4033,740
San Diego Sockers1036,8783,688
Ontario Fury1030,2383,024
Tacoma Stars1028,9362,894
Florida Tropics1027,7792,778
Chicago Mustangs1026,2292,623
St. Louis Ambush1025,7362,574
Dallas Sidekicks1022,9972,300
Syracuse Silver Knights1022,9952,300
El Paso Coyotes#715,4322,205
Cedar Rapids Rampage*919,7362,193
Harrisburg Heat1014,4941,449
Turlock Express105,560556
Atletico Baja103,190319
MASL TOTAL166467,5492,817
#Three games unreported
*One game unreported.
Baltimore Blast1061,0276,103
Soles de Sonora1054,3045,430
St. Louis Ambush1053,0175,302
Missouri Comets1038,9203,892
Milwaukee Wave1035,0363,504
San Diego Sockers1031,6233,162
Ontario Fury1030,8403,084
Cedar Rapids Rampage1027,7202,772
Chicago Mustangs1025,1032,510
Tacoma Stars1024,6212,462
Dallas Sidekicks1022,1162,212
Syracuse Silver Knights1020,8162,082
Harrisburg Heat1020,2932,029
Waza Flo*87,748969
Brownsville Barracudas106,674667
Las Vegas Legends105,011501
Atletico Baja104,622462
Sacramento Surge104,534453
Turlock Express104,169417
Saltillo Rancho Seco101,825183
MASL TOTAL198480,0192,424
*Two games not played.
Rochester Lancers1065,3936,539
Baltimore Blast1062,0176,202
St. Louis Ambush1061,1066,111
Missouri Comets1044,8774,488
San Diego Sockers1039,1413,914
Dallas Sidekicks1036,3153,632
Syracuse Silver Knights1030,8263,083
Harrisburg Heat1029,8902,989
Milwaukee Wave1029,6182,962
Monterrey Flash1028,4442,844
Ontario Fury1025,0332,503
Chicago Mustangs1016,7251,673
Wichita B-52s#812,7451,593
Las Vegas Legends1014,6901,469
Oxford City FC of Texas*99,4781,053
Tacoma Stars^33,0231,008
Hidalgo La Fiera21,894947
Seattle Impact75,022717
Detroit Waza Flo106,188619
Turlock Express105,025503
Brownsville Barracudas114,795469
Sacramento Surge104,171417
Tulsa Revolution*83,265408
Saltillo Rancho Seco@72,730390
MASL TOTAL215542,4112,553
*One game unreported
#Two games unreported
@Three games unreported
^Took over Seattle’s schedule

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