APBA Football Lineup Sheets

APBA Football

If you play APBA Football, you know the history of the game’s season card sets is not straightforward. The company made original sets of each season from the game’s inception in 1958 (with the 1957 season) until 1982 (the 1981 season). Then there was a massive reset of the game, a new version that incorporated tons of bells and whistles for the gamer who wanted his or her football to be more like…football. For simplicity on this site, we’ll refer to the game from the 1957 to the 1981 seasons1Though they also released a 1955 season in 1978. Like I said, it’s not straightforward. as the “Classic Game,” and anything since then as the “Modern Game.”

The game company has been gradually and haphazardly re-working and re-releasing “Classic” seasons to be used with the Modern Game. (The massive revamp in 1983 made it impossible to use “old” cards with the “new” game, much to its creator’s everlasting chagrin.)

Everything you can buy today from APBA’s shop (and I recommend you do so) works with the Modern Game. But if you’re like me, either for reasons of aesthetics or nostalgia, you still like the Classic Game cards, you can find them on the secondary market. What’s harder to find are the original lineup sheets, which came with the games and told you which players were provided for each team and their positions (and some other information).

Below are all the original lineup sheets I have, all in one place, for your downloading enjoyment2Missing are the 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1968 NFL and the XF lists for 1977 and 1978. . Anything from the Modern Game can be downloaded from the APBA Game Company’s site. Just click on the year (which is the season represented, not the year the cards came out or the Edition3It’s a thing, man, just trust me.) to download a PDF file for that season’s cards. “X” represents the rosters for the additional players (originally four per team, then five) that could be purchased separately. “A” and “N” represent the AFL and NFL sets, which were produced and sold separately from 1964-1969. Note there was no 1956 season set produced.

1966A1967N1967A1968N1968A1969N X1969A X
1970 X1971 X1972 X1973 X1974 X1975 X1976 X
1977 X1978 X1979 X1980 X1981 X