APBA Baseball Lineup Sheets

APBA Baseball

“You can’t tell the players without a scorecard” is an old sports truism that may not be as true as it once was, but it’s long been true when it comes to the APBA Baseball Game. The folded yellow sheets that contained the lineups for the 20 players in each year’s new season release (and, starting with the 1964 set, smaller white sheets with the list of extra players, or XBs) were the bible that helped you figure out who normally hit where and who was on which team.

For several years now, the company hasn’t provided printed versions of the lineup sheets; instead, they allow you to download them from their website. This is convenient and eco-friendly, but (like with football) the available sheets now reflect the most recent releases of each season and not the originals. If you’re a geezer like me, you own and enjoy the original sets and may want those lineup sheets. I’ve tried here to compile as many of the original lineup sheets as I can for your convenience. Just click on the year (which reflects the season, and not the year it was released or the “Edition” year, which are often three different numbers) to download a PDF. “X” reflects the XB roster for each year. “OFAS” refers to the Original Franchise All-Stars set released in 1982.

Don’t see one here you’re looking for?  Either I’m working on it, I don’t have it, or it’s a more recent release (and therefore available on APBA’s site). If you have one you would like me to include for the good of the order, send it my way. (Many thanks to Robert Spier, who graciously contributed several of the lineup sheets below.)

193619371938193919401941 X1942
1964 X1965 X1966 X1967 X1968 X1969 X1970 X
1971 X1972 X1973 X1974 X1975 X1976 X1977 X
1978 X1979 X1980 X1981 X1982 X1983 X1984 X
1985 X1986 X1987 X1988 X1989 X1990 X1991 X