All-Time USFL Attendance

Here are the best attendance figures I have been able to come up with for the United States Football League, which mounted a brief and unsuccessful challenge to the NFL from 1983-1985. (NOTE: The current league that uses this name is just a TV show and bears only superficial resemblance to the original. You will not find any of their numbers here, in part because the league rarely announces them, and in part because I don’t care about their nonsensical “hub” system.)

These numbers have been compiled on a game-by-game basis using USFL media guides and contemporaneous news reports and are about as accurate as you’re going to find, though you will find USFL numbers at other sites that differ slightly from these, for various reasons. As with any league, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, but this will give you an idea of some numbers to work with in case any discussions of the original USFL or alternative leagues come up. Feel free to contact me with any additions or corrections.

1985 USFLGTotalAverage
Jacksonville Bulls9398,96144,329
Tampa Bay Bandits9395,65343,961
New Jersey Generals9372,13341,348
Birmingham Stallions9288,58532,065
Memphis Showboats9278,47330,941
Orlando Renegades9229,56225,507
Portland Breakers9179,17519,908
Houston Gamblers9170,73918,971
Arizona Outlaws9160,89517,877
Oakland Invaders9157,48917,499
Denver Gold9130,11314,457
Baltimore Stars9128,47814,275
San Antonio Gunslingers9101,01511,224
Los Angeles Express975,7338,415
USFL TOTALS1263,067,00424,341
1984 USFLGTotalAverage
Jacksonville Bulls9420,57146,730
Tampa Bay Bandits9415,42546,158
New Jersey Generals9339,44537,716
Birmingham Stallions9331,78336,865
Denver Gold9305,57333,953
Michigan Panthers9292,12632,458
New Orleans Breakers9275,01330,557
Philadelphia Stars9258,00728,667
Houston Gamblers9253,37228,152
Memphis Showboats9248,38827,599
Arizona Wranglers9230,11525,568
Oakland Invaders9205,89722,877
Pittsburgh Maulers9205,72422,858
Oklahoma Outlaws9183,92620,436
Los Angeles Express9148,61516,513
San Antonio Gunslingers9138,98715,443
Washington Federals969,2437,694
Chicago Blitz967,0947,455
USFL TOTALS1624,389,30427,094
1983 USFLGTotalAverage
Denver Gold9375,62041,736
Tampa Bay Bandits9359,19539,911
New Jersey Generals9304,39633,822
Oakland Invaders9275,59430,622
Arizona Wranglers9232,00525,778
Michigan Panthers9200,25822,251
Birmingham Stallions9198,41722,046
Philadelphia Stars9173,55819,284
Los Angeles Express9171,01319,001
Chicago Blitz9162,81418,090
Washington Federals9124,63613,848
Boston Breakers9114,61712,735
USFL TOTALS1082,692,12324,927
Jacksonville Bulls1984-198518819,53245,530
Tampa Bay Bandits1983-1985271,170,27343,343
New Jersey Generals1983-1985271,015,97437,629
Birmingham Stallions1983-198527818,78530,325
Denver Gold1983-198527811,30630,048
Memphis Showboats1984-198518526,86129,270
Michigan Panthers1983-198418492,38427,355
Oakland Invaders1983-198527638,98023,666
Houston Gamblers1984-198518424,11123,562
Arizona Wranglers/Outlaws1983-198527623,01523,075
Pittsburgh Maulers19849205,72422,858
Boston/New Orleans/Portland Breakers1983-198527568,80521,067
Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars1983-198527560,04320,742
Oklahoma Outlaws19849183,92620,436
Washington Federals/Orlando Renegades1983-198527423,44115,683
Los Angeles Express1983-198527395,36114,643
San Antonio Gunslingers1984-198518240,00213,333
Chicago Blitz1983-198418229,90812,773
USFL ALL-TIME TOTALS1983-198539610,148,43125,627