ASL Attendance

This is a work in progress: attendance figures (as best as can be found) for the second American Soccer League, which began play in 1933 after the collapse of the first ASL and lasted through 1983. The figures for 1982 come from the 1983 American Soccer League Media Guide, and are incomplete (obviously). The 1978 figures come from Andy Crossley’s excellent Fun While It Lasted, and there was a math error in those figures. There is a lot of history in this league, but its attendance figures are probably going to be very difficult to find.

Detroit Express435,7258,931
Carolina Lightnin’1477,3435,525
Rochester Flash519,6963,939
Georgia Generals414,4003,600
Oklahoma City Slickers1444,2603,161
Pennsylvania Stoners1331,5302,425
Nashville Diamonds68,6881,448
ASL TOTALS60231,6423,861
Indianapolis Daredevils1252,5124,376
Southern California Lazers1246,9823,915
Los Angeles Skyhawks1245,9573,830
New York Apollo1244,2983,692
Cleveland Cobras1240,4173,368
Sacramento Gold1234,7222,894
New Jersey Americans1235,5532,963
California Sunshine1227,5762,298
New York Eagles1215,4561,288
Connecticut Yankees1211,613968
ASL TOTALS120355,0862,959