All-Time WUSA Attendance

Here are the year-by-year attendance figures for the Women’s United Soccer Association, the first attempt at a large-scale women’s pro soccer league, which played from 2001-2003. The comparison between this league and its descendent, Women’s Professional Soccer, is pretty striking, as only one WPS team (Los Angeles, which lasted just one year, had the backing of AEG and was the best team in the league that year) would crack the all-time list of WUSA team attendances.

Women’s United Soccer Association 2003GTotalAverage
Washington Freedom1099,2769,928
Philadelphia Charge1072,4507,245
Atlanta Beat1176,5416,958
Boston Breakers1176,2446,931
San Jose CyberRays1067,9126,791
Carolina Courage1163,1095,737
San Diego Spirit1161,9835,635
New York Power1042,4944,249
WUSA TOTAL84560,0096,667
Women’s United Soccer Association 2002GTotalAverage
Washington Freedom11102,2649,297
Boston Breakers1081,2028,120
San Jose CyberRays1178,8367,167
Philadelphia Charge1176,6856,971
Atlanta Beat1067,8426,784
San Diego Spirit1058,8325,883
Carolina Courage1058,3925,839
New York Power1161,3235,575
WUSA TOTAL84585,3766,969
Women’s United Soccer Association 2001GTotalAverage
Washington Freedom10144,20714,421
Atlanta Beat11122,01311,092
Boston Breakers1188,1278,102
Bay Area CyberRays1076,9227,692
Philadelphia Charge1071,5417,154
New York Power1057,1925,719
San Diego Spirit1162,8215,711
Carolina Courage1157,8175,256
WUSA TOTAL84680,6408,103
All WUSA TeamsGTotalAverage
Washington Freedom31345,74711,153
Atlanta Beat32266,3968,325
Boston Breakers32245,5737,674
Bay Area/San Jose CyberRays31223,6707,215
Philadelphia Charge31220,6767,119
San Diego Spirit32183,6365,739
Carolina Courage32179,3185,604
New York Power31161,0095,194
WUSA TOTAL2521,826,0257,246