All-Time NASL Indoor Attendance

Attendance figures for the North American Soccer League’s handful of indoor campaigns from 1979-1984. The assistance of the estimable Rich Paschette is gratefully acknowledged.

Chicago Sting16189,22811,827
San Diego Sockers16182,63311,415
New York Cosmos1678,3914,899
Golden Bay Earthquakes1672,1904,512
Tulsa Roughnecks1659,3043,707
Vancouver Whitecaps1646,3362,896
Tampa Bay Rowdies1643,0652,692
NASL TOTAL112671,1475,992
Chicago Sting9119,89913,322
Montreal Manic982,3739,153
New York Cosmos978,2168,691
San Diego Sockers963,4257,047
Jacksonville Tea Men956,2406,249
Seattle Sounders955,2376,137
Tulsa Roughnecks947,7745,308
Tampa Bay Rowdies947,5495,283
Toronto Blizzard946,2765,142
Portland Timbers945,6535,073
Edmonton Drillers926,4882,943
Vancouver Whitecaps926,4832,943
San Jose Earthquakes925,5642,840
NASL TOTAL117721,1776,164
Atlanta Chiefs986,5029,611
Seattle Sounders960,7606,751
Chicago Sting955,4726,164
Minnesota Kicks952,8945,877
Toronto Blizzard951,3225,702
San Jose Earthquakes949,4895,499
Tulsa Roughnecks947,5905,288
Portland Timbers947,0895,232
Tampa Bay Rowdies946,5635,174
San Diego Sockers944,2124,912
Detroit Express942,8474,761
Calgary Boomers942,0894,677
Dallas Tornado941,2844,587
California Surf938,2424,249
Edmonton Drillers935,7713,975
Vancouver Whitecaps934,7253,858
Los Angeles Aztecs930,9523,439
Jacksonville Tea Men*923,6852,632
Fort Lauderdale915,2901,699
NASL TOTAL171846,7784,952
*One game played in Providence, RI
Minnesota Kicks657,3719,562
Memphis Rogues649,4938,249
Tampa Bay Rowdies635,4585,910
Atlanta Chiefs630,4135,069
Tulsa Roughnecks627,9404,657
Detroit Express623,6243,937
California Surf619,0883,181
Los Angeles Aztecs#618,9133,152
New England Tea Men719,4932,785
Fort Lauderdale Strikers510,3442,069
NASL TOTAL60292,1374,869
#Includes two games played in Vancouver, BC

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