All-Time MASL Scores

Here are the all-time scores for the Major Arena Soccer League, which has played since 2014. The 2019-2020 season was truncated because of the COVID-19 pandemic, while the 2020-2021 season was a shortened one with only seven teams, beginning after the first of the year.

2014-2015 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Sat10/25/2014Missouri Comets13atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Events Center
Sun10/26/2014Turlock Express6atLas Vegas Legends7SOOrleans Arena
Sun10/26/2014Brownsville Barracudas6atMonterrey Flash15 Arena Monterrey
Sat11/1/2014Saltillo Rancho Seco11atBrownsville Barracudas12 Estadio Barracudas
Sat11/1/2014Harrisburg Heat4atDetroit Waza Flo8 Melvindale
Sat11/1/2014Wichita B-52s6atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen Events Center
Sat11/1/2014Las Vegas Legends4atSan Diego Sockers5OTValley View Casino Arena
Sat11/1/2014Sacramento Surge8atTurlock Express11 Turlock IS
Fri11/7/2014Monterrey Flash7atOntario Fury5 Citizens Bank
Sat11/8/2014Rochester Lancers9atDetroit Waza Flo8OTMelvindale
Sat11/8/2014Syracuse Silver Knights7atBaltimore Blast16 Baltimore Arena
Sat11/8/2014Missouri Comets12atChicago Mustangs6 Sears Centre
Sat11/8/2014Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush4 Family Arena
Sat11/8/2014Hidalgo La Fiera13atOxford City FC of Texas7 Ford Arena
Sat11/8/2014Tulsa Revolution6atWichita B-52s12 Hartman Arena
Sat11/8/2014San Diego Sockers14atSeattle Impact4 ShoWare Center
Sun11/9/2014Monterrey Flash3atLas Vegas Legends2 Orleans Arena
Sun11/9/2014Sacramento Surge7atOntario Fury12 Citizens Bank
Wed11/12/2014Hidalgo La Fiera4atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Fri11/14/2014Detroit Waza Flo0atBaltimore Blast26 Baltimore Arena
Fri11/14/2014Oxford City FC of Texas5atTulsa Revolution8 Cox Business
Fri11/14/2014Seattle Impact5atTurlock Express11 Turlock IS
Sat11/15/2014Detroit Waza Flo14atHarrisburg Heat6 Farm Show
Sat11/15/2014Brownsville Barracudas2atDallas Sidekicks14 Allen Events Center
Sat11/15/2014Milwaukee Wave7atMissouri Comets9 Independence Events Center
Sat11/15/2014Chicago Mustangs8atSt. Louis Ambush3 Family Arena
Sun11/16/2014Oxford City FC of Texas10atWichita B-52s9SOHartman Arena
Sat11/15/2014Seattle Impact12atSacramento Surge8 McLellan Park
Sun11/16/2014Ontario Fury2atSan Diego Sockers7 Valley View Casino Arena
Thu11/20/2014Las Vegas Legends2atSan Diego Sockers7 Valley View Casino Arena
Fri11/21/2014Ontario Fury2atSyracuse Silver Knights18 Oncenter
Fri11/21/2014Harrisburg Heat0atBaltimore Blast27 Baltimore Arena
Sat11/22/2014Ontario Fury15atRochester Lancers13OTBlue Cross
Sat11/22/2014Milwaukee Wave4atDetroit Waza Flo0 Melvindale
Sat11/22/2014Hidalgo La Fiera6atBrownsville Barracudas3 Estadio Barracudas
Sat11/22/2014St. Louis Ambush8atChicago Mustangs7 Sears Centre
Sat11/22/2014Wichita B-52s3atMissouri Comets13 Independence Events Center
Sat11/22/2014Saltillo Rancho Seco7atOxford City FC of Texas9 Ford Arena
Sat11/22/2014Dallas Sidekicks14atTulsa Revolution5 Cox Business
Sat11/22/2014Turlock Express12atSacramento Surge3 McLellan Park
Sun11/23/2014Monterrey Flash11atHidalgo La Fiera2 State Farm
Sun11/23/2014Dallas Sidekicks3atWichita B-52s2OTHartman Arena
Sun11/23/2014San Diego Sockers7atLas Vegas Legends9 Orleans Arena
Fri11/28/2014Monterrey Flash9atSaltillo Rancho Seco5 Deportivo RSS
Fri11/28/2014Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush4 Family Arena
Fri11/28/2014Turlock Express3atSeattle Impact8 ShoWare Center
Sat11/29/2014Detroit Waza Flo5atRochester Lancers16 Blue Cross
Sat11/29/2014Baltimore Blast11atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter
Sat11/29/2014Missouri Comets24atHarrisburg Heat10 Farm Show
Sat11/29/2014Oxford City FC of Texas5atBrownsville Barracudas4 Estadio Barracudas
Sat11/29/2014Milwaukee Wave4atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Sat11/29/2014Wichita B-52s8atTulsa Revolution4 Cox Business
Sun11/30/2014Oxford City FC of Texas7atHidalgo La Fiera9 State Farm
Sun11/30/2014Brownsville Barracudas1atMonterrey Flash14 Arena Monterrey
Tue12/2/2014Ontario Fury8atLas Vegas Legends7 Orleans Arena
Fri12/5/2014Chicago Mustangs6atMissouri Comets15 Independence Events Center
Fri12/5/2014Monterrey Flash9atSaltillo Rancho Seco3 Deportivo RSS
Sat12/6/2014Syracuse Silver Knights6atDetroit Waza Flo8 Melvindale
Sat12/6/2014Rochester Lancers11atHarrisburg Heat4 Farm Show
Sat12/6/2014St. Louis Ambush3atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/6/2014Hidalgo La Fiera3atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen Events Center
Sat12/6/2014Brownsville Barracudas4atOxford City FC of Texas7 Ford Arena
Sat12/6/2014Missouri Comets15atTulsa Revolution5 Cox Business
Sat12/6/2014Chicago Mustangs5atWichita B-52s8 Hartman Arena
Sat12/6/2014Turlock Express4atSan Diego Sockers5 Valley View Casino Arena
Sun12/7/2014Turlock Express6atOntario Fury9 Citizens Bank
Sun12/7/2014Sacramento Surge5atSeattle Impact6 ShoWare Center
Fri12/12/2014Milwaukee Wave8atBaltimore Blast13 Baltimore Arena
Fri12/12/2014Hidalgo La Fiera11atSaltillo Rancho Seco10 Deportivo RSS
Fri12/12/2014Las Vegas Legends5atTurlock Express6 Turlock IS
Sat12/13/2014Harrisburg Heat8atSyracuse Silver Knights26 Oncenter
Sat12/13/2014Milwaukee Wave10atBaltimore Blast14 Baltimore Arena
Sat12/13/2014Wichita B-52s3atMissouri Comets12 Independence Events Center
Sat12/13/2014Detroit Waza Flo6atSt. Louis Ambush7 Family Arena
Sat12/13/2014Tulsa Revolution4atOxford City FC of Texas17 Ford Arena
Sat12/13/2014Las Vegas Legends13atSacramento Surge7 McLellan Park
Sat12/13/2014Seattle Impact10atSan Diego Sockers17 Valley View Casino Arena
Sun12/14/2014Tulsa Revolution4atDallas Sidekicks12 Allen Events Center
Sun12/14/2014Detroit Waza Flo4atChicago Mustangs15 Sears Centre
Sun12/14/2014Seattle Impact10atOntario Fury13 Citizens Bank
Thu12/18/2014Ontario Fury11atSeattle Impact9 ShoWare Center
Fri12/19/2014Baltimore Blast12atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter
Fri12/19/2014Las Vegas Legends7atSaltillo Rancho Seco6 Deportivo RSS
Fri12/19/2014Sacramento Surge5atTurlock Express10 Turlock IS
Sat12/20/2014Syracuse Silver Knights11atRochester Lancers12 Blue Cross
Sat12/20/2014Tulsa Revolution3atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/20/2014Chicago Mustangs10atDetroit Waza Flo9 Melvindale
Sat12/20/2014Dallas Sidekicks11atBrownsville Barracudas3 Estadio Barracudas
Sat12/20/2014Oxford City FC of Texas8atWichita B-52s7 Hartman Arena
Sat12/20/2014Turlock Express5atSacramento Surge13 McLellan Park
Sun12/21/2014Las Vegas Legends8atMonterrey Flash6 Arena Monterrey
Fri12/26/2014Sacramento Surge8atSeattle Impact7 ShoWare Center
Sat12/27/2014Baltimore Blast19atRochester Lancers8 Blue Cross
Sat12/27/2014Detroit Waza Flo6atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/27/2014Syracuse Silver Knights24atHarrisburg Heat18 Farm Show
Sat12/27/2014Monterrey Flash6atBrownsville Barracudas1 Estadio Barracudas
Sat12/27/2014St. Louis Ambush4atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Sat12/27/2014San Diego Sockers7atMissouri Comets10 Independence Events Center
Sat12/27/2014Dallas Sidekicks15atOxford City FC of Texas4 Ford Arena
Sat12/27/2014Ontario Fury8atTurlock Express9 Turlock IS
Sun12/28/2014Monterrey Flash9atBrownsville Barracudas8 Estadio Barracudas
Sun12/28/2014San Diego Sockers3atSt. Louis Ambush8 Family Arena
Sun12/28/2014Saltillo Rancho Seco8atOxford City FC of Texas16 Ford Arena
Sun12/28/2014Ontario Fury8atSacramento Surge7 McLellan Park
Tue12/30/2014Turlock Express5atLas Vegas Legends7 Orleans Arena
Wed12/31/2014Missouri Comets8atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Thu1/1/2015Syracuse Silver Knights18atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross
Sat1/3/2015Baltimore Blast29atHarrisburg Heat8 Farm Show
Sat1/3/2015Rochester Lancers4atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/3/2015Oxford City FC of Texas5atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Events Center
Sat1/3/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco6atBrownsville Barracudas7 Estadio Barracudas
Sat1/3/2015Tulsa Revolution2atChicago Mustangs16 Sears Centre
Sat1/3/2015Missouri Comets8atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Sat1/3/2015Las Vegas Legends11atOntario Fury8 Citizens Bank
Sat1/3/2015Sacramento Surge5atSan Diego Sockers18 Valley View Casino Arena
Sat1/3/2015Wichita B-52s12atSeattle Impact4 ShoWare Center
Sun1/4/2015Rochester Lancers4atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Sun1/4/2015Wichita B-52s10atSeattle Impact5 ShoWare Center
Fri1/9/2015Rochester Lancers15atSyracuse Silver Knights21 Oncenter
Fri1/9/2015Dallas Sidekicks6atSaltillo Rancho Seco7 Deportivo RSS
Fri1/9/2015Harrisburg Heat9atOntario Fury10 Citizens Bank
Fri1/9/2015Seattle Impact5atTurlock Express16 Turlock IS
Sat1/10/2015Detroit Waza Flo13atRochester Lancers25 Blue Cross
Sat1/10/2015Chicago Mustangs5atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/10/2015Syracuse Silver Knights4atBaltimore Blast22 Baltimore Arena
Sat1/10/2015Tulsa Revolution2atMissouri Comets18 Independence Events Center
Sat1/10/2015Brownsville Barracudas4atOxford City FC of Texas8 Ford Arena
Sat1/10/2015Brownsville Barracudas3atOxford City FC of Texas10 Ford Arena
Sat1/10/2015St. Louis Ambush5atWichita B-52s7 Hartman Arena
Sat1/10/2015Seattle Impact7atSacramento Surge10 McLellan Park
Sat1/10/2015Harrisburg Heat4atSan Diego Sockers11 Valley View Casino Arena
Sun1/11/2015Dallas Sidekicks2atMonterrey Flash8 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/11/2015Dallas Sidekicks2atMonterrey Flash3 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/11/2015Las Vegas Legends7atTurlock Express8 Turlock IS
Wed1/14/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco1atMonterrey Flash13 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/16/2015Rochester Lancers11atSyracuse Silver Knights12 Oncenter
Fri1/16/2015Baltimore Blast5atMilwaukee Wave3 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/16/2015St. Louis Ambush5atMissouri Comets7 Independence Events Center
Fri1/16/2015Sacramento Surge4atLas Vegas Legends18 Orleans Arena
Fri1/16/2015San Diego Sockers8atTacoma Stars3 ShoWare Center
Sat1/17/2015Baltimore Blast9atDetroit Waza Flo6 Melvindale
Sat1/17/2015St. Louis Ambush9atWichita B-52s14 Hartman Arena
Sat1/17/2015Turlock Express6atOntario Fury10 Citizens Bank
Sun1/18/2015Harrisburg Heat9atSyracuse Silver Knights24 Oncenter
Sun1/18/2015Oxford City FC of Texas4atDallas Sidekicks5 Allen Events Center
Sun1/18/2015Tulsa Revolution1atChicago Mustangs9 Sears Centre
Sun1/18/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco0atMonterrey Flash15 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/18/2015Las Vegas Legends5atOntario Fury6 Citizens Bank
Fri1/23/2015Missouri Comets14atSaltillo Rancho Seco8 Deportivo RSS
Fri1/23/2015Tulsa Revolution5atSt. Louis Ambush11 Family Arena
Fri1/23/2015San Diego Sockers10atTurlock Express3 Turlock IS
Sat1/24/2015Rochester Lancers7atBaltimore Blast15 Baltimore Arena
Sat1/24/2015Milwaukee Wave9atDetroit Waza Flo4 Melvindale
Sat1/24/2015Syracuse Silver Knights26atHarrisburg Heat14 Farm Show
Sat1/24/2015Dallas Sidekicks9atBrownsville Barracudas5 Estadio Barracudas
Sat1/24/2015Wichita B-52s9atSt. Louis Ambush8 Family Arena
Sat1/24/2015Chicago Mustangs1atTulsa Revolution0FCox Business
Sat1/24/2015San Diego Sockers13atSacramento Surge6 McLellan Park
Sun1/25/2015Dallas Sidekicks7atBrownsville Barracudas6 Estadio Barracudas
Sun1/25/2015Syracuse Silver Knights8atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross
Sun1/25/2015Wichita B-52s4atMilwaukee Wave12 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/25/2015Missouri Comets8atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/25/2015San Diego Sockers10atSacramento Surge5 McLellan Park
Sun1/25/2015Las Vegas Legends13atTacoma Stars3 ShoWare Center
Fri1/30/2015St. Louis Ambush16atHarrisburg Heat25 Farm Show
Fri1/30/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco8atTulsa Revolution9 Expo Square Pavilion
Fri1/30/2015Chicago Mustangs2atMissouri Comets7 Independence Events Center
Fri1/30/2015Tacoma Stars2atLas Vegas Legends11 LV Sports Park
Fri1/30/2015Ontario Fury8atTurlock Express5 Turlock IS
Sat1/31/2015St. Louis Ambush6atDetroit Waza Flo5 Melvindale
Sat1/31/2015Rochester Lancers21atHarrisburg Heat12 Farm Show
Sat1/31/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco3atDallas Sidekicks11 Allen Events Center
Sat1/31/2015Wichita B-52s5atChicago Mustangs8 Sears Centre
Sat1/31/2015Monterrey Flash5atOxford City FC of Texas2 Ford Arena
Sat1/31/2015Ontario Fury11atSacramento Surge10 McLellan Park
Sat1/31/2015Tacoma Stars4atSan Diego Sockers13 Valley View Casino Arena
Fri2/6/2015Milwaukee Wave13atTulsa Revolution3 Expo Square Pavilion
Fri2/6/2015Missouri Comets10atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Fri2/6/2015Baltimore Blast4atLas Vegas Legends5 Orleans Arena
Sat2/7/2015Harrisburg Heat8atDetroit Waza Flo13 Melvindale
Sat2/7/2015Monterrey Flash11atSaltillo Rancho Seco4 Deportivo RSS
Sat2/7/2015Dallas Sidekicks7atOxford City FC of Texas2 Ford Arena
Sat2/7/2015St. Louis Ambush7atTulsa Revolution3 Expo Square Pavilion
Sat2/7/2015Milwaukee Wave14atWichita B-52s12 Hartman Arena
Sat2/7/2015Sacramento Surge3atOntario Fury26 Citizens Bank
Sat2/7/2015Baltimore Blast2atSan Diego Sockers7 Valley View Casino Arena
Sun2/8/2015Missouri Comets11atWichita B-52s4 Hartman Arena
Sun2/8/2015Turlock Express2atTacoma Stars12 ShoWare Center
Fri2/13/2015Rochester Lancers0atBaltimore Blast11 Baltimore Arena
Fri2/13/2015Oxford City FC of Texas13atSaltillo Rancho Seco7 Deportivo RSS
Fri2/13/2015San Diego Sockers5atLas Vegas Legends8 Orleans Arena
Fri2/13/2015Sacramento Surge5atTurlock Express9 Turlock IS
Sat2/14/2015Harrisburg Heat10atRochester Lancers28 Blue Cross
Sat2/14/2015Syracuse Silver Knights10atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/14/2015Chicago Mustangs11atDetroit Waza Flo10OTMelvindale
Sat2/14/2015Tulsa Revolution4atMissouri Comets21 Independence Events Center
Sat2/14/2015Turlock Express8atSacramento Surge9 McLellan Park
Sun2/15/2015Brownsville Barracudas3atDallas Sidekicks11 Allen Events Center
Sun2/15/2015Syracuse Silver Knights7atChicago Mustangs3 Sears Centre
Sun2/15/2015Oxford City FC of Texas3atMonterrey Flash5 Arena Monterrey
Thu2/12/2015San Diego Sockers9atOntario Fury5 Citizens Bank
Thu2/19/2015Harrisburg Heat5atRochester Lancers33 Blue Cross
Thu2/19/2015Chicago Mustangs16atSyracuse Silver Knights23 Oncenter
Fri2/20/2015Chicago Mustangs0atBaltimore Blast24 Baltimore Arena
Fri2/20/2015St. Louis Ambush14atTulsa Revolution9 Expo Square Pavilion
Sat2/21/2015Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast25 Baltimore Arena
Sat2/21/2015Detroit Waza Flo6atMilwaukee Wave12 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/21/2015Monterrey Flash6atDallas Sidekicks2 Allen Events Center
Sat2/21/2015Oxford City FC of Texas9atBrownsville Barracudas6 Estadio Barracudas
Sat2/21/2015Tacoma Stars3atSt. Louis Ambush13 Family Arena
Sat2/21/2015Tulsa Revolution6atWichita B-52s12 Hartman Arena
Sun2/22/2015Sacramento Surge3atLas Vegas Legends22 LV Sports Park
Sat2/21/2015Ontario Fury1atSan Diego Sockers3 Valley View Casino Arena
Sun2/22/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco8atBrownsville Barracudas11 Estadio Barracudas
Sun2/22/2015Rochester Lancers9atSyracuse Silver Knights7 Oncenter
Sun2/22/2015Tacoma Stars1atMissouri Comets17 Independence Events Center
Sun2/22/2015Wichita B-52s22atTulsa Revolution4 Expo Square Pavilion
Fri2/27/2015Baltimore Blast24atHarrisburg Heat13 Farm Show
Fri2/27/2015Brownsville Barracudas10atSaltillo Rancho Seco15 Deportivo RSS
Sat2/28/2015Detroit Waza Flo14atHarrisburg Heat20 Farm Show
Sat2/28/2015Brownsville Barracudas8atSaltillo Rancho Seco4 Deportivo RSS
Sun3/1/2015Baltimore Blast25atRochester Lancers23 Blue Cross
Sun3/1/2015Detroit Waza Flo3atSyracuse Silver Knights8 Oncenter

2015-2016 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Sat10/24/2015Soles de Sonora5atSan Diego Sockers7 VV Casino Arena
Fri10/30/2015Sacramento Surge5atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat10/31/2015Milwaukee Wave3atChicago Mustangs4 Sears Centre
Sun11/1/2015Sacramento Surge5atLas Vegas Legends6 LV Sports Park
Fri11/6/2015Cedar Rapids Rampage8atMissouri Comets9 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri11/6/2015Sacramento Surge1atTacoma Stars5 ShoWare
Fri11/6/2015Harrisburg Heat7atWaza Flo8 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sat11/7/2015Chicago Mustangs4atBaltimore Blast7 Royal Farms Arena
Sat11/7/2015San Diego Sockers8atSoles de Sonora15 Centro de Usos
Sat11/7/2015Atletico Baja6atOntario Fury7 Citizens Bank
Fri11/13/2015Missouri Comets8atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen EC
Fri11/13/2015Tacoma Stars7atTurlock Express2 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri11/13/2015Las Vegas Legends10atSaltillo Rancho Seco8 Deportivo RSS
Sat11/14/2015Chicago Mustangs9atSt. Louis Ambush7 Family Arena
Sat11/14/2015Ontario Fury10atSoles de Sonora16 Centro de Usos
Sat11/14/2015Syracuse Silver Knights0atBaltimore Blast6 Royal Farms Arena
Sat11/14/2015Waza Flo3atMilwaukee Wave10 UW-M P Arena
Sat11/14/2015Missouri Comets11atHarrisburg Heat1 Farm Show
Sat11/14/2015Las Vegas Legends7atBrownsville Barracudas8 Estadio Barracudas
Sat11/14/2015Tacoma Stars9atSacramento Surge5 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Sun11/15/2015Waza Flo6atCedar Rapids Rampage5 U.S. Cellular
Sun11/15/2015Ontario Fury8atAtletico Baja9 Deportivo RSS
Sun11/15/2015Tacoma Stars4atSacramento Surge3 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Fri11/20/2015St. Louis Ambush3atMissouri Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri11/20/2015Waza Flo4atSyracuse Silver Knights9 Oncenter
Fri11/20/2015Soles de Sonora6atTacoma Stars4 ShoWare
Fri11/20/2015Las Vegas Legends5atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen EC
Fri11/20/2015Atletico Baja6atTurlock Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat11/21/2015Ontario Fury4atSan Diego Sockers3 VV Casino Arena
Sat11/21/2015Waza Flo1atBaltimore Blast11 Royal Farms Arena
Sat11/21/2015Cedar Rapids Rampage6atMilwaukee Wave11 UW-M P Arena
Sat11/21/2015Missouri Comets9atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Sat11/21/2015Atletico Baja10atSacramento Surge9 McClellan Park
Sun11/22/2015Brownsville Barracudas11atSaltillo Rancho Seco15 Deportivo RSS
Fri11/27/2015Missouri Comets9atSt. Louis Ambush4 Family Arena
Sat11/28/2015Atletico Baja9atSoles de Sonora17 Centro de Usos
Sat11/28/2015Missouri Comets9atCedar Rapids Rampage3 U.S. Cellular
Sat11/28/2015San Diego Sockers8atOntario Fury7 Citizens Bank
Sat11/28/2015Baltimore Blast9atHarrisburg Heat2 Farm Show
Sat11/28/2015Dallas Sidekicks5atSyracuse Silver Knights9 Oncenter
Sat11/28/2015St. Louis Ambush5atChicago Mustangs9 Sears Centre
Sat11/28/2015Milwaukee Wave4atWaza Flo5 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sat11/28/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco5atBrownsville Barracudas4 Estadio Barracudas
Sat11/28/2015Turlock Express7atLas Vegas Legends9 LV Sports Park
Fri12/4/2015San Diego Sockers5atBaltimore Blast8 Royal Farms Arena
Fri12/4/2015Milwaukee Wave7atMissouri Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri12/4/2015Chicago Mustangs14atCedar Rapids Rampage4 U.S. Cellular
Fri12/4/2015Las Vegas Legends7atOntario Fury8 Citizens Bank
Fri12/4/2015Dallas Sidekicks3atTacoma Stars4 ShoWare
Fri12/4/2015Brownsville Barracudas8atSaltillo Rancho Seco7 Deportivo RSS
Sat12/5/2015Brownsville Barracudas5atSoles de Sonora11 Centro de Usos
Sat12/5/2015San Diego Sockers7atHarrisburg Heat5 Farm Show
Sat12/5/2015Turlock Express7atSacramento Surge8 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Sun12/6/2015St. Louis Ambush2atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-M P Arena
Sun12/6/2015Dallas Sidekicks6atTacoma Stars2 ShoWare
Sun12/6/2015Syracuse Silver Knights4atWaza Flo8 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sun12/6/2015Atletico Baja4atLas Vegas Legends9 LV Sports Park
Thu12/10/2015Atletico Baja1atSan Diego Sockers8 VV Casino Arena
Fri12/11/2015Milwaukee Wave3atChicago Mustangs8 Sears Centre
Fri12/11/2015Tacoma Stars5atMissouri Comets12 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri12/11/2015Baltimore Blast5atSyracuse Silver Knights2 Oncenter
Fri12/11/2015Las Vegas Legends7atTurlock Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri12/11/2015Soles de Sonora9atSaltillo Rancho Seco8 Deportivo RSS
Sat12/12/2015Tacoma Stars6atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Sat12/12/2015Milwaukee Wave8atCedar Rapids Rampage6 U.S. Cellular
Sat12/12/2015San Diego Sockers7atDallas Sidekicks9 Allen EC
Sat12/12/2015Soles de Sonora7atBrownsville Barracudas3 Estadio Barracudas
Sat12/12/2015Las Vegas Legends5atSacramento Surge2 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Fri12/18/2015Harrisburg Heat1atBaltimore Blast5 Royal Farms Arena
Fri12/18/2015Tacoma Stars6atOntario Fury9 Citizens Bank
Fri12/18/2015Chicago Mustangs9atCedar Rapids Rampage7 U.S. Cellular
Fri12/18/2015Missouri Comets8atWaza Flo5 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sat12/19/2015Ontario Fury3atSan Diego Sockers4 VV Casino Arena
Sat12/19/2015St. Louis Ambush7atCedar Rapids Rampage9 U.S. Cellular
Sat12/19/2015Waza Flo6atChicago Mustangs10 Sears Centre
Sat12/19/2015Brownsville Barracudas7atDallas Sidekicks8 Allen EC
Sat12/19/2015Tacoma Stars5atLas Vegas Legends4 LV Sports Park
Sun12/20/2015Turlock Express6atAtletico Baja12 Deportivo RSS
Tue12/22/2015Atletico Baja8atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos
Sat12/26/2015Syracuse Silver Knights9atHarrisburg Heat7 Farm Show
Sat12/26/2015Cedar Rapids Rampage5atWaza Flo6 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sun12/27/2015Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Sun12/27/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco5atBrownsville Barracudas10 Estadio Barracudas
Sun12/27/2015San Diego Sockers11atAtletico Baja5 Deportivo RSS
Tue12/29/2015St. Louis Ambush6atMissouri Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Tue12/29/2015Saltillo Rancho Seco4atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen EC
Thu12/31/2015Chicago Mustangs11atMilwaukee Wave10 UW-M P Arena
Thu12/31/2015Missouri Comets11atCedar Rapids Rampage4 U.S. Cellular
Thu12/31/2015Baltimore Blast8atHarrisburg Heat3 Farm Show
Sat1/2/2016Syracuse Silver Knights3atBaltimore Blast7 Royal Farms Arena
Sat1/2/2016Milwaukee Wave4atMissouri Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat1/2/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage1atChicago Mustangs3 Sears Centre
Sat1/2/2016Brownsville Barracudas4atDallas Sidekicks10 Allen EC
Sat1/2/2016Waza Flo5atHarrisburg Heat2 Farm Show
Sat1/2/2016Atletico Baja16atTurlock Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sun1/3/2016San Diego Sockers8atTacoma Stars2 ShoWare
Sun1/3/2016Sacramento Surge7atLas Vegas Legends14 LV Sports Park
Wed1/6/2016Milwaukee Wave10atOntario Fury4 Citizens Bank
Thu1/7/2016Milwaukee Wave7atSan Diego Sockers6 VV Casino Arena
Fri1/8/2016Waza Flo3atBaltimore Blast9 Royal Farms Arena
Fri1/8/2016Harrisburg Heat3atSyracuse Silver Knights5 Oncenter
Fri1/8/2016Las Vegas Legends7atTurlock Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri1/8/2016Dallas Sidekicks6atSaltillo Rancho Seco7 Deportivo RSS
Sat1/9/2016Harrisburg Heat4atBaltimore Blast6 Royal Farms Arena
Sat1/9/2016Chicago Mustangs10atMissouri Comets3 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat1/9/2016St. Louis Ambush3atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-M P Arena
Sat1/9/2016Dallas Sidekicks5atBrownsville Barracudas3 Estadio Barracudas
Sat1/9/2016Las Vegas Legends6atSacramento Surge5 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Sun1/10/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco6atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos
Sun1/10/2016Syracuse Silver Knights5atWaza Flo4 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sun1/10/2016Dallas Sidekicks7atBrownsville Barracudas5 Estadio Barracudas
Thu1/14/2016Tacoma Stars3atDallas Sidekicks2 Allen EC
Fri1/15/2016Syracuse Silver Knights3atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Fri1/15/2016Harrisburg Heat4atCedar Rapids Rampage12 U.S. Cellular
Fri1/15/2016Ontario Fury9atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen EC
Fri1/15/2016Brownsville Barracudas9atTurlock Express10 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/16/2016Harrisburg Heat3atChicago Mustangs6 Sears Centre
Sat1/16/2016Syracuse Silver Knights7atCedar Rapids Rampage8 U.S. Cellular
Sat1/16/2016Soles de Sonora10atAtletico Baja9 Deportivo RSS
Sat1/16/2016Brownsville Barracudas10atSacramento Surge8 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Sun1/17/2016Soles de Sonora6atSan Diego Sockers5 VV Casino Arena
Sun1/17/2016Ontario Fury6atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Fri1/22/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage5atTacoma Stars7 ShoWare
Fri1/22/2016St. Louis Ambush2atSyracuse Silver Knights3 Oncenter
Fri1/22/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco2atLas Vegas Legends9 LV Sports Park
Fri1/22/2016Ontario Fury8atTurlock Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/23/2016San Diego Sockers10atSoles de Sonora9 Centro de Usos
Sat1/23/2016Ontario Fury10atSacramento Surge8 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Sat1/23/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco10atAtletico Baja11 Deportivo RSS
Sun1/24/2016Baltimore Blast2atSyracuse Silver Knights3 Oncenter
Sun1/24/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco6atAtletico Baja10 Deportivo RSS
Sun1/24/2016Harrisburg Heat atWaza Flo  Dort Federal CU Event Center
Fri1/29/2016Chicago Mustangs9atSt. Louis Ambush8 Family Arena
Fri1/29/2016Sacramento Surge4atOntario Fury10 Citizens Bank
Fri1/29/2016Turlock Express2atTacoma Stars8 ShoWare
Fri1/29/2016Soles de Sonora12atSaltillo Rancho Seco2 Deportivo RSS
Sat1/30/2016Baltimore Blast6atSt. Louis Ambush1 Family Arena
Sat1/30/2016Soles de Sonora13atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen EC
Sat1/30/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage6atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-M P Arena
Sat1/30/2016Syracuse Silver Knights7atChicago Mustangs11 Sears Centre
Sat1/30/2016Waza Flo12atHarrisburg Heat5 Farm Show
Sat1/30/2016Las Vegas Legends3atSan Diego Sockers4 VV Casino Arena
Sat1/30/2016Sacramento Surge3atAtletico Baja18 Deportivo RSS
Sun1/31/2016Baltimore Blast4atMissouri Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun1/31/2016San Diego Sockers7atOntario Fury5 Citizens Bank
Sun1/31/2016Syracuse Silver Knights9atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-M P Arena
Sun1/31/2016Waza Flo9atHarrisburg Heat4 Farm Show
Sun1/31/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco2atBrownsville Barracudas4 Estadio Barracudas
Fri2/5/2016St. Louis Ambush5atTacoma Stars12 ShoWare
Fri2/5/2016Sacramento Surge5atTurlock Express7 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri2/5/2016Atletico Baja9atSaltillo Rancho Seco7 Deportivo RSS
Sat2/6/2016Ontario Fury8atSoles de Sonora17 Centro de Usos
Sat2/6/2016Chicago Mustangs6atMissouri Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat2/6/2016Atletico Baja5atBrownsville Barracudas6 Estadio Barracudas
Sat2/6/2016Turlock Express5atSacramento Surge6 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Thu2/11/2016Tacoma Stars4atSan Diego Sockers5 VV Casino Arena
Fri2/12/2016Dallas Sidekicks6atLas Vegas Legends8 LV Sports Park
Fri2/12/2016Turlock Express5atSaltillo Rancho Seco12 Deportivo RSS
Fri2/12/2016Baltimore Blast atWaza Flo  Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sat2/13/2016Tacoma Stars10atSoles de Sonora15 Centro de Usos
Sat2/13/2016Dallas Sidekicks3atOntario Fury9 Citizens Bank
Sat2/13/2016St. Louis Ambush10atCedar Rapids Rampage7 U.S. Cellular
Sat2/13/2016Turlock Express1atBrownsville Barracudas10 Estadio Barracudas
Sun2/14/2016Baltimore Blast10atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Sun2/14/2016Missouri Comets7atMilwaukee Wave2 UW-M P Arena
Sun2/14/2016Las Vegas Legends6atAtletico Baja7 Deportivo RSS
Thu2/18/2016Harrisburg Heat3atSyracuse Silver Knights10 Oncenter
Fri2/19/2016Missouri Comets5atBaltimore Blast4 Royal Farms Arena
Fri2/19/2016Waza Flo4atSt. Louis Ambush10 Family Arena
Fri2/19/2016Sacramento Surge4atBrownsville Barracudas12 Estadio Barracudas
Sat2/20/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage4atSt. Louis Ambush7 Family Arena
Sat2/20/2016San Diego Sockers7atTacoma Stars8 ShoWare
Sat2/20/2016Soles de Sonora7atLas Vegas Legends3 LV Sports Park
Sat2/20/2016Turlock Express9atAtletico Baja11 Deportivo RSS
Sat2/20/2016Sacramento Surge9atSaltillo Rancho Seco12 Deportivo RSS
Sun2/21/2016Harrisburg Heat0atBaltimore Blast9 Royal Farms Arena
Sun2/21/2016Soles de Sonora4atOntario Fury7 Citizens Bank
Sun2/21/2016Turlock Express2atSan Diego Sockers10 VV Casino Arena
Sun2/21/2016Chicago Mustangs7atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-M P Arena
Sun2/21/2016Missouri Comets8atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter
Sun2/21/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage5atWaza Flo4 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sun2/21/2016Sacramento Surge6atSaltillo Rancho Seco14 Deportivo RSS
Wed2/24/2016Turlock Express2atOntario Fury10 Citizens Bank
Thu2/25/2016Milwaukee Wave7atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen EC
Fri2/26/2016Baltimore Blast9atSt. Louis Ambush4 Family Arena
Fri2/26/2016Ontario Fury4atTacoma Stars5 ShoWare
Fri2/26/2016Syracuse Silver Knights8atHarrisburg Heat7 Farm Show
Fri2/26/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco8atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri2/26/2016Brownsville Barracudas5atLas Vegas Legends10 LV Sports Park
Sat2/27/2016St. Louis Ambush5atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-M P Arena
Sat2/27/2016Dallas Sidekicks8atSoles de Sonora12 Centro de Usos
Sat2/27/2016Baltimore Blast4atMissouri Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat2/27/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage7atHarrisburg Heat6 Farm Show
Sat2/27/2016Brownsville Barracudas4atLas Vegas Legends6 LV Sports Park
Sat2/27/2016Saltillo Rancho Seco10atSacramento Surge11 Estadio Azteca Soccer Arena
Sun2/28/2016Dallas Sidekicks3atSan Diego Sockers8 VV Casino Arena
Sun2/28/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage5atSyracuse Silver Knights14 Oncenter
Sun2/28/2016Chicago Mustangs6atWaza Flo8 Dort Federal CU Event Center
Sun2/28/2016Brownsville Barracudas6atAtletico Baja12 Deportivo RSS

2016-2017 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Sat10/29/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage5atKansas City Comets3 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat10/29/2016Turlock Express1atSan Diego Sockers12 Valley View Casino Center
Sat10/29/2016Soles de Sonora4atTacoma Stars8 ShoWare Center
Sat10/29/2016El Paso Coyotes2atDallas Sidekicks10 Allen Event Center
Sun10/30/2016Atletico Baja4atOntario Fury13 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri11/4/2016Milwaukee Wave4atKansas City Comets11 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri11/4/2016Dallas Sidekicks14atEl Paso Coyotes7 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri11/4/2016Tacoma Stars5atTurlock Express7 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat11/5/2016Ontario Fury8atSoles de Sonora13 Centro de Usos
Sat11/5/2016Dallas Sidekicks4atSan Diego Sockers8 Valley View Casino Center
Sat11/5/2016Baltimore Blast11atHarrisburg Heat6 Farm Show Arena
Sun11/6/2016Dallas Sidekicks8atAtletico Baja9 Deportiva
Fri11/11/2016Milwaukee Wave4atBaltimore Blast3 Royal Farms Arena
Fri11/11/2016San Diego Sockers5atFlorida Tropics6 Lakeland Center
Sat11/12/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage6atChicago Mustangs7 Sears Centre
Sat11/12/2016Turlock Express15atSoles de Sonora18 Centro de Usos
Sat11/12/2016Ontario Fury5atTacoma Stars8 ShoWare Center
Sat11/12/2016San Diego Sockers5atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sat11/12/2016Milwaukee Wave5atHarrisburg Heat6 Farm Show Arena
Sun11/13/2016St. Louis Ambush3atKansas City Comets8 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun11/13/2016Chicago Mustangs9atCedar Rapids Rampage8 U.S. Cellular Center
Sun11/13/2016Turlock Express6atAtletico Baja13 Deportiva
Fri11/18/2016Florida Tropics1atBaltimore Blast7 Royal Farms Arena
Fri11/18/2016Harrisburg Heat2atSyracuse Silver Knights5 Oncenter
Fri11/18/2016Tacoma Stars6atDallas Sidekicks5 Allen Event Center
Fri11/18/2016Milwaukee Wave4atCedar Rapids Rampage5 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri11/18/2016San Diego Sockers4atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat11/19/2016El Paso Coyotes10atSoles de Sonora18 Centro de Usos
Sat11/19/2016Kansas City Comets5atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat11/19/2016Tacoma Stars5atSt. Louis Ambush3 Family Arena
Fri11/25/2016Turlock Express5atOntario Fury7 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri11/25/2016Florida Tropics4atHarrisburg Heat7 Farm Show Arena
Sat11/26/2016San Diego Sockers12atEl Paso Coyotes6 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat11/26/2016Florida Tropics7atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter
Sat11/26/2016Chicago Mustangs7atSt. Louis Ambush4 Family Arena
Sat11/26/2016Milwaukee Wave5atCedar Rapids Rampage7 U.S. Cellular Center
Sun11/27/2016St. Louis Ambush5atChicago Mustangs6 Sears Centre
Sun11/27/2016Soles de Sonora15atAtletico Baja3 Deportiva
Fri12/2/2016Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers5 Valley View Casino Center
Fri12/2/2016Dallas Sidekicks12atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri12/2/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage6atSyracuse Silver Knights5 Oncenter
Sat12/3/2016Chicago Mustangs0atKansas City Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat12/3/2016St. Louis Ambush6atMilwaukee Wave14 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat12/3/2016Baltimore Blast5atFlorida Tropics1 Lakeland Center
Sat12/3/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage3atHarrisburg Heat2 Farm Show Arena
Sun12/4/2016Tacoma Stars4atAtletico Baja9 Deportiva
Fri12/9/2016Turlock Express3atSan Diego Sockers9 Valley View Casino Center
Fri12/9/2016Florida Tropics6atSt. Louis Ambush8 Family Arena
Sat12/10/2016Florida Tropics0atBaltimore Blast7 Royal Farms Arena
Sat12/10/2016Kansas City Comets7atCedar Rapids Rampage8 U.S. Cellular Center
Sat12/10/2016Ontario Fury8atTacoma Stars9 ShoWare Center
Sat12/10/2016St. Louis Ambush2atDallas Sidekicks8 Allen Event Center
Sat12/10/2016Milwaukee Wave11atChicago Mustangs8 Sears Centre
Sat12/10/2016Soles de Sonora11atEl Paso Coyotes2 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat12/10/2016Syracuse Silver Knights8atHarrisburg Heat10 Farm Show Arena
Sun12/11/2016Baltimore Blast1atKansas City Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun12/11/2016Turlock Express8atAtletico Baja9 Deportiva
Fri12/16/2016El Paso Coyotes5atTurlock Express9 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/17/2016Atletico Baja6atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos
Sat12/17/2016El Paso Coyotes4atOntario Fury10 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sat12/17/2016Kansas City Comets6atFlorida Tropics4 Lakeland Center
Sat12/17/2016Syracuse Silver Knights6atMilwaukee Wave3 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat12/17/2016Baltimore Blast8atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sun12/18/2016Cedar Rapids Rampage6atSt. Louis Ambush3 Family Arena
Sun12/18/2016San Diego Sockers7atTacoma Stars8 ShoWare Center
Sun12/18/2016Syracuse Silver Knights7atChicago Mustangs10 Sears Centre
Sun12/18/2016El Paso Coyotes9atAtletico Baja14 Deportiva
Fri12/23/2016Harrisburg Heat4atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter
Thu12/29/2016Baltimore Blast6atSyracuse Silver Knights3 Oncenter
Fri12/30/2016Florida Tropics8atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri12/30/2016San Diego Sockers10atOntario Fury6 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri12/30/2016Soles de Sonora8atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Fri12/30/2016Baltimore Blast4atHarrisburg Heat7 Farm Show Arena
Fri12/30/2016Atletico Baja4atTurlock Express9 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/31/2016Chicago Mustangs4atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat12/31/2016Florida Tropics2atCedar Rapids Rampage13 U.S. Cellular Center
Sat12/31/2016Kansas City Comets8atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Fri1/6/2017Dallas Sidekicks6atFlorida Tropics8 Lakeland Center
Fri1/6/2017Harrisburg Heat7atSyracuse Silver Knights11 Oncenter
Fri1/6/2017Soles de Sonora15atEl Paso Coyotes6 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/6/2017Ontario Fury5atTurlock Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/7/2017Dallas Sidekicks2atBaltimore Blast7 Royal Farms Arena
Sat1/7/2017St. Louis Ambush3atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat1/7/2017Atletico Baja4atTacoma Stars6 ShoWare Center
Sat1/7/2017Chicago Mustangs7atCedar Rapids Rampage5 U.S. Cellular Center
Sun1/8/2017Ontario Fury3atSan Diego Sockers7 Valley View Casino Center
Fri1/13/2017St. Louis Ambush3atFlorida Tropics4 Lakeland Center
Fri1/13/2017Turlock Express13atEl Paso Coyotes9 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/13/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage2atTacoma Stars3 ShoWare Center
Fri1/13/2017Kansas City Comets5atOntario Fury2 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sat1/14/2017Harrisburg Heat2atBaltimore Blast5 Royal Farms Arena
Sat1/14/2017Kansas City Comets7atSan Diego Sockers6 Valley View Casino Center
Sat1/14/2017Atletico Baja6atSoles de Sonora17 Centro de Usos
Sat1/14/2017Milwaukee Wave10atChicago Mustangs8 Sears Centre
Sat1/14/2017Turlock Express5atDallas Sidekicks12 Allen Event Center
Sun1/15/2017St. Louis Ambush4atFlorida Tropics9 Lakeland Center
Fri1/20/2017Syracuse Silver Knights5atKansas City Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri1/20/2017Turlock Express3atTacoma Stars7 ShoWare Center
Fri1/20/2017Soles de Sonora8atOntario Fury4 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri1/20/2017Atletico Baja7atEl Paso Coyotes4 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/20/2017Harrisburg Heat7atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Fri1/20/2017Baltimore Blast5atCedar Rapids Rampage3 U.S. Cellular Center
Sat1/21/2017Soles de Sonora2atSan Diego Sockers5 Valley View Casino Center
Sat1/21/2017Baltimore Blast2atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat1/21/2017Harrisburg Heat6atChicago Mustangs3 Sears Centre
Sat1/21/2017Syracuse Silver Knights9atCedar Rapids Rampage11 U.S. Cellular Center
Sun1/22/2017Milwaukee Wave5atSt. Louis Ambush3 Family Arena
Sun1/22/2017El Paso Coyotes5atDallas Sidekicks12 Allen Event Center
Sun1/22/2017Kansas City Comets7atChicago Mustangs6 Sears Centre
Sun1/22/2017Ontario Fury6atAtletico Baja5 Deportiva
Fri1/27/2017Dallas Sidekicks10atOntario Fury11 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri1/27/2017Kansas City Comets7atFlorida Tropics6 Lakeland Center
Fri1/27/2017Syracuse Silver Knights8atHarrisburg Heat7 Farm Show Arena
Fri1/27/2017Atletico Baja7atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/28/2017Tacoma Stars9atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos
Sat1/28/2017Chicago Mustangs7atHarrisburg Heat6 Farm Show Arena
Sun1/29/2017St. Louis Ambush1atBaltimore Blast10 Royal Farms Arena
Sun1/29/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage3atMilwaukee Wave14 UW-M Panther Arena
Sun1/29/2017Chicago Mustangs2atSyracuse Silver Knights11 Oncenter
Sun1/29/2017Tacoma Stars4atAtletico Baja6 Deportiva
Fri2/3/2017Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers9 Valley View Casino Center
Fri2/3/2017St. Louis Ambush10atCedar Rapids Rampage13 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri2/3/2017Milwaukee Wave8atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter
Sat2/4/2017Milwaukee Wave2atBaltimore Blast5 Royal Farms Arena
Sat2/4/2017San Diego Sockers7atSoles de Sonora8 Centro de Usos
Sat2/4/2017Turlock Express5atOntario Fury15 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sat2/4/2017Kansas City Comets10atSt. Louis Ambush4 Family Arena
Sat2/4/2017Tacoma Stars3atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sat2/4/2017Harrisburg Heat6atFlorida Tropics2 Lakeland Center
Sat2/4/2017Atletico Baja6atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Thu2/9/2017Soles de Sonora8atOntario Fury3 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri2/10/2017Chicago Mustangs7atSt. Louis Ambush5 Family Arena
Fri2/10/2017Soles de Sonora6atTurlock Express8 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri2/10/2017San Diego Sockers10atEl Paso Coyotes4 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat2/11/2017Dallas Sidekicks5atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat2/11/2017Syracuse Silver Knights2atFlorida Tropics3 Lakeland Center
Sun2/12/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage2atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-M Panther Arena
Sun2/12/2017Dallas Sidekicks4atChicago Mustangs7 Sears Centre
Sun2/12/2017Syracuse Silver Knights10atFlorida Tropics12 Lakeland Center
Sun2/12/2017St. Louis Ambush5atTacoma Stars9 ShoWare Center
Sun2/12/2017Soles de Sonora7atAtletico Baja5 Deportiva
Thu2/16/2017Tacoma Stars5atOntario Fury7 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Thu2/16/2017Dallas Sidekicks2atSoles de Sonora21 Centro de Usos
Thu2/16/2017El Paso Coyotes3atSan Diego Sockers10 Valley View Casino Center
Fri2/17/2017Syracuse Silver Knights4atBaltimore Blast8 Royal Farms Arena
Fri2/17/2017Harrisburg Heat4atKansas City Comets12 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri2/17/2017El Paso Coyotes8atTurlock Express9 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/18/2017Kansas City Comets5atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-M Panther Arena
Sat2/18/2017Harrisburg Heat9atCedar Rapids Rampage6 U.S. Cellular Center
Sun2/19/2017Syracuse Silver Knights7atBaltimore Blast2 Royal Farms Arena
Sun2/19/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage9atChicago Mustangs7 Sears Centre
Fri2/24/2017Chicago Mustangs9atTacoma Stars6 ShoWare Center
Fri2/24/2017Baltimore Blast5atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter
Fri2/24/2017Florida Tropics6atHarrisburg Heat11 Farm Show Arena
Fri2/24/2017Atletico Baja5atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri2/24/2017Ontario Fury6atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat2/25/2017San Diego Sockers3atSoles de Sonora9 Centro de Usos
Sat2/25/2017Ontario Fury10atDallas Sidekicks8 Allen Event Center
Sat2/25/2017Florida Tropics2atHarrisburg Heat4 Farm Show Arena
Sun2/26/2017Atletico Baja1atSan Diego Sockers11 Valley View Casino Center
Sun2/26/2017Baltimore Blast3atSt. Louis Ambush1 Family Arena
Sun2/26/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage3atKansas City Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun2/26/2017Florida Tropics8atSyracuse Silver Knights14 Oncenter
Sun2/26/2017Ontario Fury7atChicago Mustangs5 Sears Centre
Fri3/3/2017Ontario Fury12atTurlock Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat3/4/2017El Paso Coyotes6atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos
Sat3/4/2017San Diego Sockers4atTacoma Stars3 ShoWare Center
Sun3/5/2017Chicago Mustangs5atMilwaukee Wave4 UW-M Panther Arena
Sun3/5/2017Harrisburg Heat3atBaltimore Blast11 Royal Farms Arena
Sun3/5/2017El Paso Coyotes9atAtletico Baja11 Deportiva

2017-2018 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri10/27/2017Milwaukee Wave6atTacoma Stars5 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat10/28/2017Rio Grande Valley Barracudas4atEl Paso Coyotes8 El Paso County Coliseum
Thu11/2/2017San Diego Sockers9atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri11/3/2017Syracuse Silver Knights7atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat11/4/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage7atMilwaukee Wave11 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat11/4/2017St. Louis Ambush8atKansas City Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat11/4/2017Florida Tropics10atRio Grande Valley Barracudas5 State Farm Arena
Sun11/5/2017Florida Tropics4atMonterrey Flash9 Arena Monterrey
Sun11/5/2017Syracuse Silver Knights5atSan Diego Sockers6 Valley View Casino Center
Sun11/5/2017Turlock Express6atOntario Fury12 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri11/10/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage7atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Fri11/10/2017Ontario Fury7atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri11/10/2017Tacoma Stars7atTurlock Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat11/11/2017Milwaukee Wave9atSt. Louis Ambush2 The Family Arena
Sat11/11/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage5atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sat11/11/2017Ontario Fury6atHarrisburg Heat7 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun11/12/2017Milwaukee Wave7atKansas City Comets4 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun11/12/2017Rio Grande Valley Barracudas2atMonterrey Flash9 Arena Monterrey
Sun11/12/2017Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers8 Valley View Casino Center
Thu11/16/2017Monterrey Flash14atSoles de Sonora9 Centro de Usos Multiples
Fri11/17/2017Syracuse Silver Knights6atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Fri11/17/2017Turlock Express5atTacoma Stars8 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat11/18/2017Baltimore Blast4atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Sat11/18/2017Harrisburg Heat6atCedar Rapids Rampage8 U.S. Cellular Center
Sun11/19/2017Soles de Sonora2atMonterrey Flash3 Arena Monterrey
Sun11/19/2017Ontario Fury0atSan Diego Sockers8 Valley View Casino Center
Sun11/19/2017Harrisburg Heat4atSt. Louis Ambush3 The Family Arena
Sun11/19/2017El Paso Coyotes11atRio Grande Valley Barracudas5 State Farm Arena
Sat11/25/2017Soles de Sonora9atEl Paso Coyotes10 El Paso County Coliseum
Sun11/26/2017St. Louis Ambush7atCedar Rapids Rampage9 U.S. Cellular Center
Thu11/30/2017Rio Grande Valley Barracudas13atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos Multiples
Fri12/1/2017Ontario Fury5atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Fri12/1/2017Kansas City Comets7atMilwaukee Wave11 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri12/1/2017Syracuse Silver Knights6atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Fri12/1/2017San Diego Sockers4atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri12/1/2017St. Louis Ambush3atHarrisburg Heat8 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat12/2/2017St. Louis Ambush4atBaltimore Blast5 SECU Arena
Sat12/2/2017Ontario Fury7atHarrisburg Heat6 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat12/2/2017Turlock Express7atEl Paso Coyotes8 El Paso County Coliseum
Sun12/3/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage8atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun12/3/2017Soles de Sonora5atSan Diego Sockers8 Valley View Casino Center
Sun12/3/2017Turlock Express11atRio Grande Valley Barracudas7 State Farm Arena
Fri12/8/2017Tacoma Stars5atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri12/8/2017Milwaukee Wave4atSt. Louis Ambush3 The Family Arena
Fri12/8/2017El Paso Coyotes6atTurlock Express9 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/9/2017Florida Tropics9atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sat12/9/2017Tacoma Stars4atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/9/2017Kansas City Comets4atCedar Rapids Rampage10 U.S. Cellular Center
Sat12/9/2017Monterrey Flash5atHarrisburg Heat2 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun12/10/2017Florida Tropics1atBaltimore Blast10 SECU Arena
Sun12/10/2017El Paso Coyotes7atOntario Fury6 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sun12/10/2017Monterrey Flash10atHarrisburg Heat5 PA Farm Show Arena
Wed12/13/2017Soles de Sonora7atRio Grande Valley Barracudas11 State Farm Arena
Thu12/14/2017Monterrey Flash8atEl Paso Coyotes4 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri12/15/2017Baltimore Blast7atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Fri12/15/2017Syracuse Silver Knights8atHarrisburg Heat5 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri12/15/2017Rio Grande Valley Barracudas8atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/16/2017Soles de Sonora10atTacoma Stars4 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/16/2017St. Louis Ambush4atMilwaukee Wave10 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/16/2017Kansas City Comets11atCedar Rapids Rampage14 U.S. Cellular Center
Sat12/16/2017Baltimore Blast5atHarrisburg Heat6 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun12/17/2017El Paso Coyotes5atMonterrey Flash9 Arena Monterrey
Sun12/17/2017Cedar Rapids Rampage5atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Sun12/17/2017Turlock Express2atSan Diego Sockers9 Valley View Casino Center
Sun12/17/2017Rio Grande Valley Barracudas2atOntario Fury9 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sun12/17/2017Soles de Sonora3atTacoma Stars4 accesso ShoWare Center
Thu12/21/2017El Paso Coyotes9atSoles de Sonora17 Centro de Usos Multiples
Fri12/22/2017Milwaukee Wave11atKansas City Comets9 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri12/22/2017St. Louis Ambush2atCedar Rapids Rampage6 U.S. Cellular Center
Sat12/23/2017Harrisburg Heat5atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Wed12/27/2017Turlock Express4atOntario Fury14 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Thu12/28/2017Monterrey Flash8atRio Grande Valley Barracudas4 State Farm Arena
Fri12/29/2017Harrisburg Heat6atSyracuse Silver Knights8 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri12/29/2017Monterrey Flash10atRio Grande Valley Barracudas3 State Farm Arena
Sat12/30/2017Baltimore Blast5atKansas City Comets3 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun12/31/2017Kansas City Comets4atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun12/31/2017Florida Tropics8atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sun12/31/2017Baltimore Blast3atCedar Rapids Rampage2 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri1/5/2018Ontario Fury6atTacoma Stars11 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/5/2018Milwaukee Wave11atCedar Rapids Rampage5 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri1/5/2018San Diego Sockers8atTurlock Express2 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/6/2018Cedar Rapids Rampage5atMilwaukee Wave11 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/6/2018Harrisburg Heat3atBaltimore Blast4 SECU Arena
Sat1/6/2018Syracuse Silver Knights10atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sat1/6/2018Kansas City Comets11atSt. Louis Ambush9 The Family Arena
Sun1/7/2018Turlock Express1atSan Diego Sockers10 Valley View Casino Center
Sun1/7/2018El Paso Coyotes5atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/7/2018Soles de Sonora12atRio Grande Valley Barracudas7 State Farm Arena
Thu1/11/2018Tacoma Stars8atOntario Fury6 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri1/12/2018Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers8 Valley View Casino Center
Fri1/12/2018Soles de Sonora11atEl Paso Coyotes10 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/12/2018St. Louis Ambush7atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Fri1/12/2018Baltimore Blast5atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri1/12/2018Harrisburg Heat5atCedar Rapids Rampage3 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri1/12/2018Ontario Fury7atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/13/2018Milwaukee Wave10atSoles de Sonora15 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat1/13/2018Harrisburg Heat4atKansas City Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun1/14/2018Milwaukee Wave10atMonterrey Flash14 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/14/2018Turlock Express3atTacoma Stars10 accesso ShoWare Center
Wed1/17/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas9atSoles de Sonora12 Centro de Usos Multiples
Thu1/18/2018San Diego Sockers5atOntario Fury8 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Thu1/18/2018Milwaukee Wave3atCedar Rapids Rampage5 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri1/19/2018Kansas City Comets8atBaltimore Blast15 SECU Arena
Fri1/19/2018Turlock Express4atEl Paso Coyotes13 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/19/2018Syracuse Silver Knights9atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sat1/20/2018San Diego Sockers11atSoles de Sonora12 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat1/20/2018Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast12 SECU Arena
Sat1/20/2018Kansas City Comets6atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Sat1/20/2018Syracuse Silver Knights0atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/20/2018Tacoma Stars11atRio Grande Valley Barracudas2 State Farm Arena
Sun1/21/2018Ontario Fury6atSan Diego Sockers8 Valley View Casino Center
Sun1/21/2018Tacoma Stars4atMonterrey Flash6 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/21/2018Syracuse Silver Knights6atSt. Louis Ambush4 The Family Arena
Sun1/21/2018Turlock Express5atRio Grande Valley Barracudas7 State Farm Arena
Thu1/25/2018Monterrey Flash9atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/26/2018Soles de Sonora5atOntario Fury4 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri1/26/2018Baltimore Blast4atHarrisburg Heat2 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri1/26/2018San Diego Sockers4atTurlock Express1 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/27/2018Tacoma Stars7atSoles de Sonora8 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat1/27/2018Florida Tropics5atHarrisburg Heat4 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun1/28/2018St. Louis Ambush5atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/28/2018Cedar Rapids Rampage9atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun1/28/2018San Diego Sockers3atMonterrey Flash6 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/28/2018Florida Tropics5atSyracuse Silver Knights9 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sun1/28/2018El Paso Coyotes6atRio Grande Valley Barracudas5 State Farm Arena
Wed1/31/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas4atOntario Fury13 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri2/2/2018El Paso Coyotes7atTacoma Stars10 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri2/2/2018Cedar Rapids Rampage4atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri2/2/2018Ontario Fury10atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/3/2018Syracuse Silver Knights7atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Sat2/3/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas12atEl Paso Coyotes14 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat2/3/2018Kansas City Comets7atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Thu2/8/2018Monterrey Flash5atOntario Fury2 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri2/9/2018St. Louis Ambush7atKansas City Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri2/9/2018Ontario Fury8atEl Paso Coyotes10 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri2/9/2018San Diego Sockers10atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri2/9/2018Harrisburg Heat2atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Sat2/10/2018Turlock Express7atSoles de Sonora16 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat2/10/2018Cedar Rapids Rampage8atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Sat2/10/2018Baltimore Blast6atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun2/11/2018Soles de Sonora3atSan Diego Sockers7 Valley View Casino Center
Sun2/11/2018Harrisburg Heat5atSyracuse Silver Knights8 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sun2/11/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas6atMonterrey Flash13 Arena Monterrey
Wed2/14/2018Monterrey Flash8atSoles de Sonora10 Centro de Usos Multiples
Thu2/15/2018Tacoma Stars4atOntario Fury9 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri2/16/2018Baltimore Blast5atCedar Rapids Rampage6 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri2/16/2018St. Louis Ambush5atSyracuse Silver Knights7 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri2/16/2018San Diego Sockers4atFlorida Tropics2 RP Funding Center
Fri2/16/2018Tacoma Stars5atTurlock Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/17/2018Baltimore Blast1atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/17/2018El Paso Coyotes13atSoles de Sonora23 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat2/17/2018Harrisburg Heat7atKansas City Comets8 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat2/17/2018San Diego Sockers5atFlorida Tropics4 RP Funding Center
Sun2/18/2018Cedar Rapids Rampage6atMonterrey Flash9 Arena Monterrey
Sun2/18/2018St. Louis Ambush3atSyracuse Silver Knights4 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Mon2/19/2018Cedar Rapids Rampage11atRio Grande Valley Barracudas4 State Farm Arena
Fri2/23/2018Milwaukee Wave6atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Fri2/23/2018Ontario Fury6atTacoma Stars8 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri2/23/2018Florida Tropics12atHarrisburg Heat9 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri2/23/2018Monterrey Flash5atCedar Rapids Rampage3 U.S. Cellular Center
Fri2/23/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas6atTurlock Express9 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/24/2018Kansas City Comets7atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat2/24/2018Florida Tropics7atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Sat2/24/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas3atSan Diego Sockers13 Valley View Casino Center
Sat2/24/2018Syracuse Silver Knights7atHarrisburg Heat8 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun2/25/2018Monterrey Flash6atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sun2/25/2018Kansas City Comets13atEl Paso Coyotes14 El Paso County Coliseum
Sun2/25/2018Milwaukee Wave8atSyracuse Silver Knights7 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Thu3/1/2018San Diego Sockers8atOntario Fury4 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri3/2/2018Kansas City Comets6atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri3/2/2018El Paso Coyotes6atTurlock Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat3/3/2018Florida Tropics3atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat3/3/2018El Paso Coyotes3atSan Diego Sockers10 Valley View Casino Center
Sun3/4/2018Florida Tropics6atKansas City Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun3/4/2018Baltimore Blast4atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sun3/4/2018Soles de Sonora11atMonterrey Flash6 Arena Monterrey

2018-2019 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri11/30/2018St. Louis Ambush5atOrlando SeaWolves4 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri11/30/2018Turlock Express2atOntario Fury11 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sat12/1/2018Kansas City Comets6atMilwaukee Wave10 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/1/2018Mississauga MetroStars3atBaltimore Blast11 SECU Arena
Sat12/1/2018Turlock Express2atTacoma Stars12 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/1/2018Utica City FC9atHarrisburg Heat7 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat12/1/2018St. Louis Ambush4atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sun12/2/2018Baltimore Blast2atUtica City FC5 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun12/2/2018El Paso Coyotes3atMonterrey Flash8 Arena Monterrey
Sun12/2/2018Dallas Sidekicks5atRio Grande Valley Barracudas4 State Farm Arena
Fri12/7/2018Dallas Sidekicks6atTacoma Stars9 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/8/2018Utica City FC6atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Sat12/8/2018Florida Tropics0atMississauga MetroStars10 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Sat12/8/2018St. Louis Ambush6atHarrisburg Heat7 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun12/9/2018Florida Tropics5atUtica City FC8 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun12/9/2018Dallas Sidekicks2atOntario Fury10 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Thu12/13/2018Kansas City Comets12atMississauga MetroStars6 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Fri12/14/2018Harrisburg Heat5atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Fri12/14/2018Baltimore Blast4atOrlando SeaWolves1 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri12/14/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas6atTurlock Express0 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/15/2018Milwaukee Wave10atKansas City Comets8 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat12/15/2018Ontario Fury6atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/15/2018El Paso Coyotes4atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen Event Center
Sun12/16/2018Kansas City Comets5atSt. Louis Ambush6OTThe Family Arena
Sun12/16/2018Rio Grande Valley Barracudas3atSan Diego Sockers4OTPachenga Arena
Sun12/16/2018Harrisburg Heat5atUtica City FC10 Adirondack Bank Center
Thu12/20/2018San Diego Sockers4atOntario Fury2 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sat12/22/2018St. Louis Ambush6atKansas City Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat12/22/2018Tacoma Stars5atSan Diego Sockers4 Pachenga Arena
Sat12/22/2018Milwaukee Wave7atFlorida Tropics2 RP Funding Center
Sat12/22/2018Mississauga MetroStars7atOrlando SeaWolves12 Silver Spurs Arena
Sat12/22/2018Ontario Fury5atTurlock Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sun12/23/2018Tacoma Stars6atOntario Fury3 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sun12/23/2018Monterrey Flash6atRio Grande Valley Barracudas5 State Farm Arena
Wed12/26/2018San Diego Sockers9atDallas Sidekicks3 Allen Event Center
Fri12/28/2018San Diego Sockers7atMonterrey Flash6OTArena Monterrey
Sat12/29/2018Kansas City Comets10atSt. Louis Ambush4SOThe Family Arena
Sat12/29/2018Orlando SeaWolves6atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sat12/29/2018Ontario Fury7atTurlock Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/29/2018Dallas Sidekicks10atEl Paso Coyotes7 El Paso County Coliseum
Sun12/30/2018Baltimore Blast3atUtica City FC6 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun12/30/2018Harrisburg Heat6atMississauga MetroStars7 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Mon12/31/2018St. Louis Ambush5atMilwaukee Wave11 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Thu1/3/2019Turlock Express2atOntario Fury6 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Thu1/3/2019Baltimore Blast6atMississauga MetroStars5 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Fri1/4/2019San Diego Sockers8atTurlock Express1 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Fri1/4/2019Tacoma Stars7atEl Paso Coyotes9 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat1/5/2019Ontario Fury2atSan Diego Sockers3OTPachenga Arena
Sat1/5/2019Florida Tropics4atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sat1/5/2019El Paso Coyotes9atDallas Sidekicks10OTAllen Event Center
Sat1/5/2019Milwaukee Wave8atMississauga MetroStars2 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Sun1/6/2019Milwaukee Wave7atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/6/2019Dallas Sidekicks2atMonterrey Flash8 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/6/2019Florida Tropics2atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun1/6/2019Tacoma Stars4atRio Grande Valley Barracudas8 State Farm Arena
Fri1/11/2019Ontario Fury5atSan Diego Sockers6 Pachenga Arena
Fri1/11/2019Kansas City Comets7atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/11/2019Monterrey Flash9atTacoma Stars8 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/11/2019Turlock Express9atEl Paso Coyotes10 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/11/2019Utica City FC5atMississauga MetroStars4 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Sat1/12/2019Harrisburg Heat4atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Sat1/12/2019Orlando SeaWolves11atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sat1/12/2019St. Louis Ambush1atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/12/2019Ontario Fury5atTacoma Stars8 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/13/2019Harrisburg Heat4atUtica City FC6 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/13/2019Monterrey Flash5atDallas Sidekicks1 Allen Event Center
Sun1/13/2019El Paso Coyotes4atSan Diego Sockers7 Pachenga Arena
Sun1/13/2019Turlock Express3atRio Grande Valley Barracudas8 State Farm Arena
Fri1/18/2019San Diego Sockers9atTacoma Stars4 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/18/2019St. Louis Ambush8atKansas City Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat1/19/2019Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat1/19/2019Utica City FC8atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sat1/19/2019Milwaukee Wave10atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sat1/19/2019Dallas Sidekicks10atEl Paso Coyotes9 El Paso County Coliseum
Sun1/20/2019Turlock Express4atSan Diego Sockers12 Pachenga Arena
Sun1/20/2019Mississauga MetroStars6atBaltimore Blast14 SECU Arena
Sun1/20/2019Tacoma Stars4atOntario Fury7 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sun1/20/2019Monterrey Flash3atRio Grande Valley Barracudas7 State Farm Arena
Sun1/20/2019Utica City FC6atKansas City Comets9 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Mon1/21/2019Milwaukee Wave4atOrlando SeaWolves7 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri1/25/2019Utica City FC4atHarrisburg Heat7 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri1/25/2019Turlock Express7atEl Paso Coyotes8OTEl Paso County Coliseum
Fri1/25/2019St. Louis Ambush7atOrlando SeaWolves6 Silver Spurs Arena
Sat1/26/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas6atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sat1/26/2019St. Louis Ambush7atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sat1/26/2019Mississauga MetroStars5atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/26/2019Baltimore Blast6atHarrisburg Heat8 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun1/27/2019Orlando SeaWolves6atUtica City FC10 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/27/2019Ontario Fury5atMonterrey Flash6OTArena Monterrey
Sun1/27/2019Mississauga MetroStars8atKansas City Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun1/27/2019Turlock Express2atRio Grande Valley Barracudas10 State Farm Arena
Fri2/1/2019Florida Tropics3atSt. Louis Ambush8 The Family Arena
Fri2/1/2019Tacoma Stars6atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri2/1/2019Ontario Fury7atTurlock Express8OTTurlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/2/2019Baltimore Blast2atMilwaukee Wave4 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/2/2019Orlando SeaWolves8atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Sat2/2/2019Florida Tropics4atKansas City Comets5 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat2/2/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas11atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Thu2/7/2019San Diego Sockers4atOntario Fury2 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri2/8/2019Utica City FC9atBaltimore Blast1 SECU Arena
Fri2/8/2019Monterrey Flash8atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri2/8/2019San Diego Sockers12atTurlock Express1 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/9/2019Florida Tropics4atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/9/2019Kansas City Comets8atSt. Louis Ambush10 The Family Arena
Sun2/10/2019Mississauga MetroStars5atUtica City FC13 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/10/2019Harrisburg Heat3atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Sun2/10/2019Dallas Sidekicks4atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Sun2/10/2019El Paso Coyotes2atRio Grande Valley Barracudas10 State Farm Arena
Thu2/14/2019Monterrey Flash7atDallas Sidekicks8 Allen Event Center
Fri2/15/2019Tacoma Stars4atSan Diego Sockers6 Pachenga Arena
Fri2/15/2019Baltimore Blast6atMississauga MetroStars3 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Fri2/15/2019El Paso Coyotes8atTurlock Express12 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/16/2019Milwaukee Wave8atKansas City Comets2 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat2/16/2019Orlando SeaWolves10atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sun2/17/2019San Diego Sockers9atTacoma Stars5 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun2/17/2019El Paso Coyotes4atOntario Fury12 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sun2/17/2019Harrisburg Heat5atMississauga MetroStars6 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Sun2/17/2019Dallas Sidekicks4atRio Grande Valley Barracudas9 State Farm Arena
Mon2/18/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas2atMonterrey Flash5 Arena Monterrey
Fri2/22/2019Milwaukee Wave5atBaltimore Blast2 SECU Arena
Fri2/22/2019Orlando SeaWolves7atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Fri2/22/2019Utica City FC8atMississauga MetroStars4 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Fri2/22/2019Tacoma Stars6atTurlock Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/23/2019Milwaukee Wave5atHarrisburg Heat6 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun2/24/2019Utica City FC2atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sun2/24/2019Florida Tropics9atSt. Louis Ambush10 The Family Arena
Sun2/24/2019Dallas Sidekicks5atTacoma Stars4OTaccesso ShoWare Center
Sun2/24/2019Orlando SeaWolves4atKansas City Comets9 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun2/24/2019Mississauga MetroStars5atHarrisburg Heat9 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun2/24/2019Ontario Fury6atRio Grande Valley Barracudas7SOState Farm Arena
Mon2/25/2019Ontario Fury5atMonterrey Flash10 Arena Monterrey
Fri3/1/2019Turlock Express2atSan Diego Sockers13 Pachenga Arena
Fri3/1/2019El Paso Coyotes6atTacoma Stars11 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri3/1/2019Milwaukee Wave6atOrlando SeaWolves2 Silver Spurs Arena
Sat3/2/2019Harrisburg Heat8atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sat3/2/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas5atDallas Sidekicks9 Allen Event Center
Sat3/2/2019Florida Tropics7atOrlando SeaWolves5 Silver Spurs Arena
Sun3/3/2019Dallas Sidekicks4atMonterrey Flash10 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/3/2019Milwaukee Wave6atSt. Louis Ambush2 The Family Arena
Sun3/3/2019Harrisburg Heat6atKansas City Comets7 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun3/3/2019Baltimore Blast5atMississauga MetroStars4 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Fri3/8/2019Orlando SeaWolves6atKansas City Comets4 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri3/8/2019Monterrey Flash11atEl Paso Coyotes5 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri3/8/2019Tacoma Stars9atTurlock Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat3/9/2019Orlando SeaWolves2atMilwaukee Wave13 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat3/9/2019Harrisburg Heat8atMississauga MetroStars4 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Sun3/10/2019Ontario Fury6atSan Diego Sockers7 Pachenga Arena
Sun3/10/2019Harrisburg Heat2atUtica City FC10 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/10/2019Kansas City Comets9atBaltimore Blast10 SECU Arena
Sun3/10/2019St. Louis Ambush7atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sun3/10/2019Turlock Express6atTacoma Stars10 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/10/2019Monterrey Flash6atDallas Sidekicks5 Allen Event Center
Sun3/10/2019El Paso Coyotes2atRio Grande Valley Barracudas5 State Farm Arena
Fri3/15/2019Dallas Sidekicks3atSan Diego Sockers8 Pachenga Arena
Fri3/15/2019Ontario Fury5atTacoma Stars4SOaccesso ShoWare Center
Fri3/15/2019Florida Tropics3atOrlando SeaWolves6 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri3/15/2019Turlock Express8atEl Paso Coyotes7 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat3/16/2019Monterrey Flash7atRio Grande Valley Barracudas10 State Farm Arena
Sat3/16/2019Kansas City Comets9atOrlando SeaWolves7 Silver Spurs Arena
Sun3/17/2019St. Louis Ambush4atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/17/2019Mississauga MetroStars9atUtica City FC3 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/17/2019Baltimore Blast8atHarrisburg Heat2 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun3/17/2019El Paso Coyotes4atMonterrey Flash11 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/17/2019Kansas City Comets8atFlorida Tropics12 RP Funding Center
Sun3/17/2019Dallas Sidekicks2atRio Grande Valley Barracudas8 State Farm Arena
Fri3/22/2019Orlando SeaWolves1atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Fri3/22/2019Utica City FC6atMississauga MetroStars1 Paramount Fine Foods Centre
Fri3/22/2019San Diego Sockers9atTurlock Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat3/23/2019Florida Tropics1atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat3/23/2019St. Louis Ambush7atKansas City Comets11 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat3/23/2019Orlando SeaWolves10atHarrisburg Heat15 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun3/24/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas1atMonterrey Flash3 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/24/2019San Diego Sockers13atDallas Sidekicks3 Allen Event Center
Sun3/24/2019Mississauga MetroStars2atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Sun3/24/2019El Paso Coyotes2atOntario Fury8 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sun3/24/2019Utica City FC7atHarrisburg Heat5 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri3/29/2019Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Fri3/29/2019Mississauga MetroStars3atHarrisburg Heat6 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri3/29/2019Kansas City Comets7atOrlando SeaWolves6 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri3/29/2019Monterrey Flash12atEl Paso Coyotes7 El Paso County Coliseum
Sat3/30/2019Mississauga MetroStars5atUtica City FC6 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat3/30/2019Turlock Express2atOntario Fury12 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Sat3/30/2019Baltimore Blast3atHarrisburg Heat4 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat3/30/2019Kansas City Comets6atFlorida Tropics2 RP Funding Center
Sun3/31/2019San Diego Sockers8atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/31/2019Baltimore Blast5atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/31/2019Orlando SeaWolves2atMilwaukee Wave12 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/31/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas7atMonterrey Flash8 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/31/2019El Paso Coyotes4atDallas Sidekicks8 Allen Event Center
Thu4/4/2019San Diego Sockers10atOntario Fury6 Citizens Business Bank Arena
Fri4/5/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas6atTurlock Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat4/6/2019Baltimore Blast4atFlorida Tropics2 RP Funding Center
Sat4/6/2019Mississauga MetroStars6atHarrisburg Heat9 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat4/6/2019Tacoma Stars7atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sun4/7/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas5atSan Diego Sockers6 Pachenga Arena
Sun4/7/2019Tacoma Stars5atMonterrey Flash9 Arena Monterrey
Fri4/12/2019Utica City FC7atOrlando SeaWolves6 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri4/12/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas11atEl Paso Coyotes4 El Paso County Coliseum
Fri4/12/2019Tacoma Stars14atTurlock Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat4/13/2019Monterrey Flash6atSan Diego Sockers7 Pachenga Arena
Sat4/13/2019Rio Grande Valley Barracudas5atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sat4/13/2019Florida Tropics4atOrlando SeaWolves6 Silver Spurs Arena
Sun4/14/2019Kansas City Comets5atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun4/14/2019Monterrey Flash5atOntario Fury4 Citizens Business Bank Arena

2019-2020 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri11/22/2019Monterrey Flash10atSoles de Sonora8 Centro de Usos Multiples
Fri11/22/2019Utica City FC7atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Fri11/22/2019Florida Tropics3atOrlando SeaWolves2 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri11/22/2019Kansas City Comets5atTurlock Cal Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sun11/24/2019Baltimore Blast2atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun11/24/2019Turlock Cal Express7atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Mon11/25/2019Soles de Sonora4atMonterrey Flash12 Arena Monterrey
Fri11/29/2019Milwaukee Wave7atSt. Louis Ambush2 The Family Arena
Fri11/29/2019Utica City FC9atRochester Lancers1 ROC Dome
Sat11/30/2019St. Louis Ambush4atKansas City Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat11/30/2019Dallas Sidekicks5atMesquite Outlaws7 Mesquite Arena
Sat11/30/2019San Diego Sockers7atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat11/30/2019Harrisburg Heat12atRochester Lancers3 ROC Dome
Mon12/2/2019Dallas Sidekicks1atMonterrey Flash14 Arena Monterrey
Wed12/4/2019Monterrey Flash3atMesquite Outlaws2 Mesquite Arena
Wed12/4/2019Dallas Sidekicks5atSoles de Sonora13 Centro de Usos Multiples
Thu12/5/2019Florida Tropics8atOrlando SeaWolves5 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri12/6/2019Tacoma Stars5atTurlock Cal Express4OTTurlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/7/2019Florida Tropics5atMilwaukee Wave4OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/7/2019Orlando SeaWolves5atBaltimore Blast14 SECU Arena
Sat12/7/2019Rochester Lancers1atHarrisburg Heat7 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun12/8/2019Harrisburg Heat3atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun12/8/2019Milwaukee Wave6atSt. Louis Ambush1 The Family Arena
Fri12/13/2019Ontario Fury2atSan Diego Sockers4 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri12/13/2019Soles de Sonora5atTurlock Cal Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/14/2019Orlando SeaWolves3atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sat12/14/2019Rochester Lancers4atHarrisburg Heat8 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat12/14/2019Monterrey Flash10atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen Event Center
Sat12/14/2019Utica City FC7atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sun12/15/2019Kansas City Comets7atSt. Louis Ambush8OTThe Family Arena
Sun12/15/2019Ontario Fury5atTacoma Stars8 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun12/15/2019Soles de Sonora3atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri12/20/2019Tacoma Stars7atOntario Fury10 Toyota Arena
Fri12/20/2019San Diego Sockers6atTurlock Cal Express5 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat12/21/2019Baltimore Blast2atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Sat12/21/2019Kansas City Comets5atMesquite Outlaws4 Mesquite Arena
Sat12/21/2019Milwaukee Wave10atOrlando SeaWolves2 Silver Spurs Arena
Sun12/22/2019Tacoma Stars7atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun12/22/2019Kansas City Comets2atDallas Sidekicks5 Allen Event Center
Sun12/22/2019Turlock Cal Express3atOntario Fury8 Toyota Arena
Sun12/22/2019Baltimore Blast4atOrlando SeaWolves5 Silver Spurs Arena
Thu12/26/2019Mesquite Outlaws7atDallas Sidekicks2 Allen Event Center
Fri12/27/2019Harrisburg Heat10atRochester Lancers5 ROC Dome
Fri12/27/2019Tacoma Stars6atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Sat12/28/2019Harrisburg Heat6atUtica City FC10 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat12/28/2019Tacoma Stars2atKansas City Comets9 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat12/28/2019Baltimore Blast11atRochester Lancers0 ROC Dome
Sat12/28/2019Milwaukee Wave6atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Sat12/28/2019Monterrey Flash4atDallas Sidekicks3 Allen Event Center
Sat12/28/2019Soles de Sonora8atOntario Fury7 Toyota Arena
Sun12/29/2019Baltimore Blast5atUtica City FC4OTAdirondack Bank Center
Sun12/29/2019Soles de Sonora7atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Tue12/31/2019Mesquite Outlaws3atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Tue12/31/2019Kansas City Comets6atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Fri1/3/2020St. Louis Ambush7atSoles de Sonora12 Centro de Usos Multiples
Fri1/3/2020Dallas Sidekicks1atMesquite Outlaws7 Mesquite Arena
Fri1/3/2020Florida Tropics17atRochester Lancers4 ROC Dome
Sat1/4/2020Milwaukee Wave8atKansas City Comets3 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat1/4/2020Florida Tropics7atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat1/4/2020Harrisburg Heat7atRochester Lancers3 ROC Dome
Sat1/4/2020Tacoma Stars8atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Sun1/5/2020Ontario Fury3atSan Diego Sockers4 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun1/5/2020St. Louis Ambush6atMonterrey Flash15 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/5/2020Tacoma Stars4atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen Event Center
Mon1/6/2020Turlock Cal Express3atMonterrey Flash6 Arena Monterrey
Thu1/9/2020Monterrey Flash9atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Fri1/10/2020Turlock Cal Express4atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/10/2020Orlando SeaWolves6atKansas City Comets14 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sat1/11/2020Monterrey Flash10atMesquite Outlaws8 Mesquite Arena
Sat1/11/2020Ontario Fury5atSoles de Sonora11 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sun1/12/2020Harrisburg Heat5atUtica City FC7 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/12/2020St. Louis Ambush8atMilwaukee Wave7OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/12/2020Orlando SeaWolves3atFlorida Tropics10 RP Funding Center
Mon1/13/2020Ontario Fury5atMonterrey Flash12 Arena Monterrey
Thu1/16/2020Monterrey Flash7atOntario Fury5 Toyota Arena
Fri1/17/2020Milwaukee Wave8atKansas City Comets9 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri1/17/2020Utica City FC6atSt. Louis Ambush7SOThe Family Arena
Fri1/17/2020Monterrey Flash5atTurlock Cal Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat1/18/2020Soles de Sonora2atHarrisburg Heat5 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat1/18/2020Ontario Fury7atTacoma Stars4 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat1/18/2020Mesquite Outlaws5atTurlock Cal Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sun1/19/2020Utica City FC11atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sun1/19/2020Mesquite Outlaws3atSan Diego Sockers5 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun1/19/2020Orlando SeaWolves3atFlorida Tropics16 RP Funding Center
Sun1/19/2020Rochester Lancers3atHarrisburg Heat13 PA Farm Show Arena
Mon1/20/2020Kansas City Comets6atMilwaukee Wave7OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Mon1/20/2020Soles de Sonora3atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Fri1/24/2020Monterrey Flash6atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/24/2020San Diego Sockers7atHarrisburg Heat5 PA Farm Show Arena
Fri1/24/2020Turlock Cal Express5atOntario Fury6 Toyota Arena
Fri1/24/2020St. Louis Ambush8atOrlando SeaWolves7 Silver Spurs Arena
Sat1/25/2020Rochester Lancers3atMilwaukee Wave15 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/25/2020St. Louis Ambush2atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Sat1/25/2020San Diego Sockers5atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Sat1/25/2020Mesquite Outlaws9atSoles de Sonora12 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat1/25/2020Dallas Sidekicks5atTurlock Cal Express8 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sun1/26/2020Baltimore Blast4atHarrisburg Heat7 PA Farm Show Arena
Sun1/26/2020Rochester Lancers4atKansas City Comets12 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Mon1/27/2020Mesquite Outlaws4atMonterrey Flash10 Arena Monterrey
Thu1/30/2020Baltimore Blast7atOrlando SeaWolves0 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri1/31/2020St. Louis Ambush3atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Fri1/31/2020Baltimore Blast9atRochester Lancers1 ROC Dome
Fri1/31/2020Florida Tropics7atDallas Sidekicks0 Allen Event Center
Fri1/31/2020Harrisburg Heat11atTacoma Stars10 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/31/2020Soles de Sonora7atTurlock Cal Express4 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/1/2020St. Louis Ambush16atRochester Lancers8 ROC Dome
Sat2/1/2020Soles de Sonora4atOntario Fury3SOToyota Arena
Sat2/1/2020Florida Tropics5atMesquite Outlaws3 Mesquite Arena
Mon2/3/2020San Diego Sockers7atMonterrey Flash8 Arena Monterrey
Tue2/4/2020San Diego Sockers9atSoles de Sonora6 Centro de Usos Multiples
Thu2/6/2020Harrisburg Heat5atKansas City Comets6 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Thu2/6/2020San Diego Sockers8atOrlando SeaWolves5 Silver Spurs Arena
Fri2/7/2020Turlock Cal Express3atTacoma Stars10 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri2/7/2020Mesquite Outlaws0atOntario Fury7 Toyota Arena
Sat2/8/2020Harrisburg Heat6atSt. Louis Ambush9 The Family Arena
Sat2/8/2020Kansas City Comets5atMilwaukee Wave12 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/8/2020San Diego Sockers5atFlorida Tropics8 RP Funding Center
Sat2/8/2020Rochester Lancers5atBaltimore Blast14 SECU Arena
Sat2/8/2020Dallas Sidekicks7atSoles de Sonora11 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sun2/9/2020Rochester Lancers3atUtica City FC11 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/9/2020Harrisburg Heat6atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun2/9/2020Orlando SeaWolves3atBaltimore Blast14 SECU Arena
Mon2/10/2020Dallas Sidekicks4atMonterrey Flash14 Arena Monterrey
Wed2/12/2020Baltimore Blast1atSan Diego Sockers5 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Thu2/13/2020Utica City FC8atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Fri2/14/2020Orlando SeaWolves6atSoles de Sonora11 Centro de Usos Multiples
Fri2/14/2020Utica City FC8atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen Event Center
Fri2/14/2020Ontario Fury5atTurlock Cal Express3 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/15/2020Tacoma Stars5atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sat2/15/2020Rochester Lancers3atFlorida Tropics14 RP Funding Center
Sat2/15/2020Harrisburg Heat4atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Sun2/16/2020Florida Tropics5atMilwaukee Wave6OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun2/16/2020St. Louis Ambush6atKansas City Comets10 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun2/16/2020Tacoma Stars2atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Mon2/17/2020Soles de Sonora4atMonterrey Flash6 Arena Monterrey
Mon2/17/2020San Diego Sockers3atOntario Fury7 Toyota Arena
Wed2/19/2020Mesquite Outlaws5atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Wed2/19/2020Dallas Sidekicks4atOntario Fury13 Toyota Arena
Fri2/21/2020Utica City FC8atRochester Lancers2 ROC Dome
Fri2/21/2020Ontario Fury7atSt. Louis Ambush4 The Family Arena
Fri2/21/2020Milwaukee Wave7atKansas City Comets6OTSilverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri2/21/2020Orlando SeaWolves3atBaltimore Blast13 SECU Arena
Fri2/21/2020San Diego Sockers3atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Fri2/21/2020Dallas Sidekicks4atTurlock Cal Express6 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/22/2020Soles de Sonora6atFlorida Tropics8 RP Funding Center
Sat2/22/2020Orlando SeaWolves8atHarrisburg Heat11 PA Farm Show Arena
Sat2/22/2020Baltimore Blast6atRochester Lancers5OTROC Dome
Sun2/23/2020St. Louis Ambush6atMilwaukee Wave12 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun2/23/2020Rochester Lancers2atUtica City FC7 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/23/2020Ontario Fury11atKansas City Comets8 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Sun2/23/2020San Diego Sockers6atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sun2/23/2020Baltimore Blast5atHarrisburg Heat9 PA Farm Show Arena
Thu2/27/2020Florida Tropics8atTacoma Stars7OTaccesso ShoWare Center
Fri2/28/2020Mesquite Outlaws4atDallas Sidekicks5 Allen Event Center
Fri2/28/2020Ontario Fury8atTurlock Cal Express9 Turlock Indoor Soccer
Sat2/29/2020Milwaukee Wave5atSan Diego Sockers6SOPechanga Arena San Diego
Sat2/29/2020Utica City FC12atSoles de Sonora11 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat2/29/2020Monterrey Flash9atMesquite Outlaws7 Mesquite Arena
Sat2/29/2020Rochester Lancers3atBaltimore Blast12 SECU Arena
Sun3/1/2020Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sun3/1/2020Milwaukee Wave3atOntario Fury7 Toyota Arena
Sun3/1/2020Florida Tropics3atTacoma Stars4 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/1/2020Utica City FC5atSoles de Sonora14 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sun3/1/2020Turlock Cal Express14atOrlando SeaWolves7 Silver Spurs Arena
Mon3/2/2020Dallas Sidekicks3atMonterrey Flash12 Arena Monterrey
Thu3/5/2020Orlando SeaWolves6atKansas City Comets8 Silverstein Eye Centers Arena
Fri3/6/2020Florida Tropics10atRochester Lancers7 ROC Dome
Fri3/6/2020Monterrey Flash7atSoles de Sonora11 Centro de Usos Multiples
Sat3/7/2020Orlando SeaWolves3atMilwaukee Wave11 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat3/7/2020Turlock Cal Express7atMesquite Outlaws11 Mesquite Arena
Sat3/7/2020Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Sat3/7/2020Kansas City Comets7atRochester Lancers9 ROC Dome
Sat3/7/2020Tacoma Stars5atOntario Fury6 Toyota Arena
Sun3/8/2020Orlando SeaWolves6atMilwaukee Wave12 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/8/2020Kansas City Comets7atUtica City FC6 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/8/2020St. Louis Ambush6atFlorida Tropics14 RP Funding Center
Sun3/8/2020Turlock Cal Express8atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen Event Center
Sun3/8/2020Tacoma Stars2atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Wed3/11/2020Utica City FC3atHarrisburg Heat5 PA Farm Show Arena

2021 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Sat1/2/2021St. Louis Ambush1atFlorida Tropics4 RP Funding Center
Sat1/2/2021Kansas City Comets8atDallas Sidekicks5 CU of Texas Event Center
Sun1/3/2021St. Louis Ambush5atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Fri1/8/2021Kansas City Comets7atFlorida Tropics8 RP Funding Center
Sat1/9/2021St. Louis Ambush6atDallas Sidekicks5 CU of Texas Event Center
Sun1/10/2021Kansas City Comets4atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Sat1/16/2021Dallas Sidekicks0atFlorida Tropics8 RP Funding Center
Sat1/16/2021Kansas City Comets6atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Fri1/22/2021Tacoma Stars6atKansas City Comets5 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun1/24/2021Tacoma Stars3atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Fri1/29/2021San Diego Sockers3atKansas City Comets5 Cable Dahmer Arena
Fri1/29/2021Florida Tropics8atSt. Louis Ambush3 The Family Arena
Sun1/31/2021Florida Tropics4atSt. Louis Ambush8 The Family Arena
Sun1/31/2021San Diego Sockers5atDallas Sidekicks3 CU of Texas Event Center
Fri2/5/2021Ontario Fury5atSt. Louis Ambush4 The Family Arena
Sat2/6/2021Ontario Fury10atSt. Louis Ambush4 The Family Arena
Sat2/6/2021Tacoma Stars4atDallas Sidekicks5 CU of Texas Event Center
Fri2/12/2021St. Louis Ambush5atKansas City Comets9 Cable Dahmer Arena
Fri2/12/2021Florida Tropics6atDallas Sidekicks5 CU of Texas Event Center
Thu2/18/2021Tacoma Stars7atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Thu2/18/2021Ontario Fury5atSan Diego Sockers1 RP Funding Center
Fri2/19/2021Ontario Fury9atTacoma Stars5 RP Funding Center
Fri2/19/2021Dallas Sidekicks6atKansas City Comets10 Cable Dahmer Arena
Fri2/19/2021San Diego Sockers4atFlorida Tropics3 RP Funding Center
Sun2/21/2021Tacoma Stars2atSan Diego Sockers4 RP Funding Center
Sun2/21/2021Dallas Sidekicks4atKansas City Comets13 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun2/21/2021Ontario Fury7atFlorida Tropics8 RP Funding Center
Fri2/26/2021San Diego Sockers3atSt. Louis Ambush4 The Family Arena
Sun2/28/2021San Diego Sockers4atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Fri3/5/2021Ontario Fury14atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Sat3/6/2021Tacoma Stars6atKansas City Comets5 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun3/7/2021Tacoma Stars4atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sun3/7/2021Ontario Fury6atKansas City Comets7 Cable Dahmer Arena
Wed3/10/2021Florida Tropics6atOntario Fury3 Toyota Arena
Thu3/11/2021Florida Tropics7atTacoma Stars5 Toyota Arena
Fri3/12/2021Dallas Sidekicks3atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Fri3/12/2021Tacoma Stars6atOntario Fury7 Toyota Arena
Sat3/13/2021San Diego Sockers4atOntario Fury6 Toyota Arena
Sun3/14/2021Tacoma Stars5atSan Diego Sockers4 Toyota Arena
Sun3/14/2021Dallas Sidekicks4atKansas City Comets13 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat3/20/2021San Diego Sockers9atDallas Sidekicks4 CU of Texas Event Center

2021-2022 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri11/26/2021Kansas City Comets6atSt. Louis Ambush4 The Family Arena
Sat11/27/2021St. Louis Ambush6atKansas City Comets11 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat12/4/2021Florida Tropics6atBaltimore Blast4 SECU Arena
Sat12/4/2021St. Louis Ambush8atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sun12/5/2021Florida Tropics7atUtica City FC1 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat12/11/2021Milwaukee Wave5atBaltimore Blast6OTSECU Arena
Sat12/11/2021San Diego Sockers10atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/11/2021Kansas City Comets6atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sun12/12/2021Baltimore Blast7atUtica City FC3 Adirondack Bank Center
Wed12/15/2021Chihuahua Savage3atOntario Fury6 Toyota Arena
Fri12/17/2021Harrisburg Heat4atUtica City FC5 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat12/18/2021Utica City FC9atHarrisburg Heat4 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat12/18/2021Dallas Sidekicks3atTacoma Stars8 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/18/2021Ontario Fury6atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Sun12/19/2021Milwaukee Wave6atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Sun12/19/2021Chihuahua Savage1atSan Diego Sockers4 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun12/19/2021Ontario Fury6atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Wed12/29/2021Milwaukee Wave4atKansas City Comets10 Cable Dahmer Arena
Thu12/30/2021St. Louis Ambush3atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Fri12/31/2021Kansas City Comets6atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri12/31/2021Dallas Sidekicks8atSt. Louis Ambush3 The Family Arena
Sun1/2/2022Dallas Sidekicks7atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/2/2022Utica City FC3atFlorida Tropics10 RP Funding Center
Sun1/2/2022Ontario Fury3atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri1/7/2022St. Louis Ambush7atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat1/8/2022Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Sat1/8/2022Kansas City Comets9atDallas Sidekicks3 Allen Event Center
Sun1/9/2022St. Louis Ambush5atTacoma Stars15 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/9/2022Utica City FC2atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sun1/9/2022Ontario Fury8atSan Diego Sockers7OTPechanga Arena San Diego
Fri1/14/2022Chihuahua Savage5atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/14/2022Kansas City Comets5atSt. Louis Ambush6 The Family Arena
Fri1/14/2022Harrisburg Heat1atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Fri1/14/2022Baltimore Blast4atDallas Sidekicks5 Allen Event Center
Sun1/16/2022Baltimore Blast8atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/16/2022Chihuahua Savage7atSt. Louis Ambush10 The Family Arena
Sun1/16/2022Harrisburg Heat3atFlorida Tropics12 RP Funding Center
Sun1/16/2022Kansas City Comets8atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/16/2022San Diego Sockers7atOntario Fury2 Toyota Arena
Sun1/16/2022Milwaukee Wave6atDallas Sidekicks7 Allen Event Center
Fri1/21/2022Utica City FC6atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/21/2022Ontario Fury10atBaltimore Blast4 SECU Arena
Fri1/21/2022Dallas Sidekicks5atFlorida Tropics14 RP Funding Center
Fri1/21/2022San Diego Sockers6atChihuahua Savage5OTCorner Sport Arena
Sat1/22/2022Tacoma Stars2atKansas City Comets9 T-Mobile Center
Sat1/22/2022Baltimore Blast5atHarrisburg Heat6 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat1/22/2022San Diego Sockers11atChihuahua Savage10OTCorner Sport Arena
Sun1/23/2022Dallas Sidekicks6atFlorida Tropics10 RP Funding Center
Sun1/23/2022Ontario Fury4atUtica City FC3 Adirondack Bank Center
Wed1/26/2022San Diego Sockers8atOntario Fury7SOToyota Arena
Fri1/28/2022Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers9 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri1/28/2022St. Louis Ambush6atHarrisburg Heat7 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri1/28/2022Milwaukee Wave10atChihuahua Savage9 Corner Sport Arena
Sat1/29/2022Dallas Sidekicks4atKansas City Comets9 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat1/29/2022Baltimore Blast7atHarrisburg Heat4 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat1/29/2022Milwaukee Wave10atChihuahua Savage12 Corner Sport Arena
Sun1/30/2022St. Louis Ambush8atFlorida Tropics13 RP Funding Center
Sun1/30/2022Tacoma Stars8atOntario Fury7 Toyota Arena
Sun1/30/2022Utica City FC3atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Tue2/1/2022Utica City FC5atOntario Fury15 Toyota Arena
Sat2/5/2022Utica City FC2atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Sat2/5/2022Harrisburg Heat4atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen Event Center
Sun2/6/2022St. Louis Ambush7atMilwaukee Wave8OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun2/6/2022Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers4OTPechanga Arena San Diego
Mon2/7/2022Tacoma Stars2atOntario Fury8 Toyota Arena
Fri2/11/2022Chihuahua Savage11atSt. Louis Ambush8 The Family Arena
Fri2/11/2022Harrisburg Heat3atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Fri2/11/2022San Diego Sockers6atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat2/12/2022Chihuahua Savage6atKansas City Comets5OTCable Dahmer Arena
Sat2/12/2022Harrisburg Heat3atMilwaukee Wave4 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/12/2022Utica City FC8atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Sat2/12/2022Florida Tropics6atDallas Sidekicks7SOAllen Event Center
Sat2/12/2022San Diego Sockers12atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Tue2/15/2022San Diego Sockers8atOntario Fury2 Toyota Arena
Fri2/18/2022Harrisburg Heat6atChihuahua Savage11 Corner Sport Arena
Sat2/19/2022Kansas City Comets4atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/19/2022Baltimore Blast5atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat2/19/2022Harrisburg Heat4atChihuahua Savage9 Corner Sport Arena
Sun2/20/2022Milwaukee Wave4atKansas City Comets11 Cable Dahmer Arena
Mon2/21/2022St. Louis Ambush6atDallas Sidekicks11 Allen Event Center
Wed2/23/2022Baltimore Blast9atUtica City FC5 Adirondack Bank Center
Fri2/25/2022Kansas City Comets3atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sat2/26/2022Florida Tropics7atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat2/26/2022Utica City FC7atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat2/26/2022Tacoma Stars9atChihuahua Savage21 Corner Sport Arena
Sun2/27/2022Dallas Sidekicks8atSt. Louis Ambush9SOThe Family Arena
Sun2/27/2022Utica City FC3atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Sun2/27/2022Kansas City Comets5atOntario Fury8 Toyota Arena
Sun2/27/2022Milwaukee Wave2atSan Diego Sockers13 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun2/27/2022Florida Tropics8atHarrisburg Heat6 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun2/27/2022Tacoma Stars9atChihuahua Savage10OTCorner Sport Arena
Fri3/4/2022Dallas Sidekicks6atKansas City Comets13 Cable Dahmer Arena
Fri3/4/2022Harrisburg Heat4atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Fri3/4/2022Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush9 The Family Arena
Fri3/4/2022Ontario Fury2atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat3/5/2022Florida Tropics9atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/6/2022Chihuahua Savage2atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sat3/5/2022Ontario Fury10atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/6/2022Harrisburg Heat3atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/6/2022Florida Tropics9atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sun3/6/2022Kansas City Comets3atDallas Sidekicks8 Allen Event Center
Tue3/8/2022Chihuahua Savage5atOntario Fury4 Toyota Arena
Fri3/11/2022Milwaukee Wave6atKansas City Comets8 Cable Dahmer Arena
Fri3/11/2022Utica City FC10atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri3/11/2022Dallas Sidekicks2atChihuahua Savage8 Corner Sport Arena
Sat3/12/2022San Diego Sockers9atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat3/12/2022Dallas Sidekicks3atChihuahua Savage8 Corner Sport Arena
Sun3/13/2022San Diego Sockers6atUtica City FC5 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/13/2022Tacoma Stars4atFlorida Tropics10 RP Funding Center
Sun3/13/2022Baltimore Blast6atHarrisburg Heat8 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Wed3/16/2022Florida Tropics8atOntario Fury5 Toyota Arena
Fri3/18/2022Milwaukee Wave3atSt. Louis Ambush2 The Family Arena
Fri3/18/2022Ontario Fury4atChihuahua Savage11 Corner Sport Arena
Sat3/19/2022Ontario Fury1atChihuahua Savage6 Corner Sport Arena
Sun3/20/2022Harrisburg Heat5atUtica City FC8 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/20/2022St. Louis Ambush7atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/20/2022Dallas Sidekicks7atKansas City Comets3 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun3/20/2022Tacoma Stars6atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun3/20/2022Baltimore Blast12atFlorida Tropics4 RP Funding Center
Sun3/20/2022Dallas Sidekicks7atKansas City Comets3 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun3/20/2022Tacoma Stars6atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Mon3/21/2022Tacoma Stars7atOntario Fury5 Toyota Arena
Thu3/24/2022Milwaukee Wave9atDallas Sidekicks6 Allen Event Center
Fri3/25/2022Utica City FC3atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Fri3/25/2022Florida Tropics6atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri3/25/2022Chihuahua Savage9atTacoma Stars2 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat3/26/2022San Diego Sockers8atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat3/26/2022St. Louis Ambush3atKansas City Comets7 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat3/26/2022Ontario Fury3atDallas Sidekicks4 Allen Event Center
Sun3/27/2022Florida Tropics4atUtica City FC5OTAdirondack Bank Center
Sun3/27/2022Kansas City Comets6atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/27/2022San Diego Sockers4atHarrisburg Heat1 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun3/27/2022Chihuahua Savage8atTacoma Stars6 accesso ShoWare Center
Wed3/30/2022Florida Tropics6atOntario Fury3 Toyota Arena
Thu3/31/2022Florida Tropics4atSan Diego Sockers11 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sat4/2/2022Tacoma Stars4atUtica City FC9 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat4/2/2022Dallas Sidekicks2atMilwaukee Wave8 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat4/2/2022Chihuahua Savage5atHarrisburg Heat4OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat4/2/2022Kansas City Comets3atSt. Louis Ambush8 The Family Arena
Sun4/3/2022Chihuahua Savage3atUtica City FC6 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun4/3/2022St. Louis Ambush6atKansas City Comets3 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun4/3/2022Tacoma Stars4atHarrisburg Heat7 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun4/3/2022Ontario Fury3atSan Diego Sockers4 Pechanga Arena San Diego

2022-2023 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri11/25/2022Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Ambush5 The Family Arena
Sat11/26/2022St. Louis Ambush2atKansas City Comets4 Cable Dahmer Arena
Thu12/1/2022Tacoma Stars7atEmpire Strykers5 Toyota Arena
Sat12/3/2022Utica City FC7atBaltimore Blast8 SECU Arena
Sat12/3/2022Monterrey Flash1atMesquite Outlaws2 Mesquite Arena
Sat12/10/2022Florida Tropics7atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat12/10/2022St. Louis Ambush3atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/10/2022Utica City FC4atHarrisburg Heat3 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat12/10/2022Chihuahua Savage9atDallas Sidekicks6 CU of Texas Event Center
Sat12/10/2022Kansas City Comets3atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Sat12/10/2022Monterrey Flash10atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat12/10/2022San Diego Sockers8atEmpire Strykers5 Toyota Arena
Sun12/11/2022Harrisburg Heat5atUtica City FC9 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun12/11/2022Baltimore Blast3atSt. Louis Ambush4OTThe Family Arena
Sun12/11/2022Milwaukee Wave3atKansas City Comets4OTCable Dahmer Arena
Sun12/11/2022Empire Strykers1atSan Diego Sockers2 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri12/16/2022Kansas City Comets7atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri12/16/2022Monterrey Flash8atChihuahua Savage7OTCorner Sport Arena
Fri12/16/2022Mesquite Outlaws4atEmpire Strykers3 Toyota Arena
Sat12/17/2022Utica City FC3atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sat12/17/2022Baltimore Blast4atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat12/17/2022St. Louis Ambush4atKansas City Comets7 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun12/18/2022Empire Strykers9atDallas Sidekicks6 CU of Texas Event Center
Sun12/18/2022Mesquite Outlaws4atSan Diego Sockers5 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Wed12/21/2022Baltimore Blast5atFlorida Tropics4 RP Funding Center
Fri12/23/2022Baltimore Blast3atFlorida Tropics7 RP Funding Center
Wed12/28/2022Florida Tropics10atUtica City FC9 Adirondack Bank Center
Thu12/29/2022Mesquite Outlaws8atDallas Sidekicks6 CU of Texas Event Center
Thu12/29/2022Monterrey Flash6atKansas City Comets5OTCable Dahmer Arena
Fri12/30/2022Chihuahua Savage9atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Sat12/31/2022Kansas City Comets6atSt. Louis Ambush5OTThe Family Arena
Sat12/31/2022Utica City FC7atMilwaukee Wave9 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/31/2022Dallas Sidekicks7atMesquite Outlaws8 Mesquite Arena
Tue1/3/2023Florida Tropics7atEmpire Strykers11 Toyota Arena
Fri1/6/2023Harrisburg Heat4atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sat1/7/2023Empire Strykers4atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Sat1/7/2023Mesquite Outlaws8atUtica City FC9OTAdirondack Bank Center
Sat1/7/2023Tacoma Stars7atKansas City Comets5 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat1/7/2023San Diego Sockers9atDallas Sidekicks4 CU of Texas Event Center
Sat1/7/2023Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush2 The Family Arena
Sun1/8/2023Empire Strykers8atUtica City FC5 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/8/2023Harrisburg Heat3atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sun1/8/2023Chihuahua Savage7atMonterrey Flash2 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/8/2023Dallas Sidekicks2atSan Diego Sockers8 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri1/13/2023Monterrey Flash6atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/13/2023Dallas Sidekicks3atChihuahua Savage12 Corner Sport Arena
Sat1/14/2023Harrisburg Heat4atTacoma Stars10 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/15/2023St. Louis Ambush7atUtica City FC3 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/15/2023Milwaukee Wave6atFlorida Tropics4 RP Funding Center
Sun1/15/2023Mesquite Outlaws8atDallas Sidekicks7OTCU of Texas Event Center
Sun1/15/2023Chihuahua Savage4atMonterrey Flash3OTArena Monterrey
Sun1/15/2023Harrisburg Heat2atTacoma Stars9 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/15/2023Kansas City Comets3atSan Diego Sockers7 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Tue1/17/2023Baltimore Blast5atEmpire Strykers6 Toyota Arena
Fri1/20/2023Florida Tropics5atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/20/2023Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Ambush5OTThe Family Arena
Fri1/20/2023Tacoma Stars3atChihuahua Savage6 Corner Sport Arena
Fri1/20/2023Dallas Sidekicks2atEmpire Strykers10 Toyota Arena
Sat1/21/2023Utica City FC3atBaltimore Blast10 SECU Arena
Sat1/21/2023Milwaukee Wave4atKansas City Comets10 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat1/21/2023San Diego Sockers5atHarrisburg Heat3 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat1/21/2023Monterrey Flash6atMesquite Outlaws5OTMesquite Arena
Sun1/22/2023San Diego Sockers11atHarrisburg Heat3 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun1/22/2023Dallas Sidekicks3atEmpire Strykers8 Toyota Arena
Sun1/22/2023Tacoma Stars6atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/27/2023Baltimore Blast4atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri1/27/2023St. Louis Ambush5atChihuahua Savage11 Corner Sport Arena
Fri1/27/2023Empire Strykers5atTacoma Stars1 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat1/28/2023Dallas Sidekicks4atMesquite Outlaws11 Mesquite Arena
Sat1/28/2023Florida Tropics3atHarrisburg Heat4OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun1/29/2023Baltimore Blast7atUtica City FC8 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/29/2023Kansas City Comets8atMilwaukee Wave9OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/29/2023Mesquite Outlaws5atDallas Sidekicks4 CU of Texas Event Center
Sun1/29/2023St. Louis Ambush4atMonterrey Flash7 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/29/2023Chihuahua Savage4atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun1/29/2023Empire Strykers9atTacoma Stars7 accesso ShoWare Center
Thu2/2/2023Empire Strykers7atMonterrey Flash6SOArena Monterrey
Fri2/3/2023Mesquite Outlaws2atSan Diego Sockers7 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sat2/4/2023Harrisburg Heat3atBaltimore Blast11 SECU Arena
Sat2/4/2023St. Louis Ambush5atKansas City Comets6 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat2/4/2023Florida Tropics8atDallas Sidekicks4 CU of Texas Event Center
Sat2/4/2023Empire Strykers3atChihuahua Savage11 Corner Sport Arena
Sat2/4/2023Monterrey Flash4atTacoma Stars6 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun2/5/2023Utica City FC3atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun2/5/2023Harrisburg Heat3atBaltimore Blast10 SECU Arena
Tue2/7/2023Monterrey Flash6atChihuahua Savage7 Corner Sport Arena
Wed2/8/2023San Diego Sockers4atEmpire Strykers10 Toyota Arena
Fri2/10/2023Florida Tropics6atKansas City Comets12 Cable Dahmer Arena
Fri2/10/2023Milwaukee Wave7atSt. Louis Ambush0 The Family Arena
Fri2/10/2023Chihuahua Savage6atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Sat2/11/2023Milwaukee Wave3atBaltimore Blast11 SECU Arena
Sat2/11/2023Harrisburg Heat3atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat2/11/2023Florida Tropics5atSt. Louis Ambush7 The Family Arena
Sat2/11/2023Chihuahua Savage5atMesquite Outlaws6 Mesquite Arena
Sat2/11/2023San Diego Sockers6atTacoma Stars3 accesso ShoWare Center
Thu2/16/2023San Diego Sockers7atDallas Sidekicks4 CU of Texas Event Center
Fri2/17/2023St. Louis Ambush5atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri2/17/2023Chihuahua Savage6atTacoma Stars5 accesso ShoWare Center
Sat2/18/2023San Diego Sockers5atMesquite Outlaws6 Mesquite Arena
Sun2/19/2023Milwaukee Wave5atUtica City FC7 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/19/2023Kansas City Comets3atFlorida Tropics5 RP Funding Center
Sun2/19/2023Harrisburg Heat1atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Sun2/19/2023Monterrey Flash3atEmpire Strykers5 Toyota Arena
Sun2/19/2023Chihuahua Savage2atTacoma Stars4 accesso ShoWare Center
Mon2/20/2023Dallas Sidekicks7atSt. Louis Ambush10 The Family Arena
Fri2/24/2023Utica City FC6atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri2/24/2023San Diego Sockers9atChihuahua Savage8 Corner Sport Arena
Sat2/25/2023Baltimore Blast3atHarrisburg Heat4OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun2/26/2023Baltimore Blast2atUtica City FC5 Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/26/2023Tacoma Stars8atFlorida Tropics9 RP Funding Center
Sun2/26/2023Chihuahua Savage4atSt. Louis Ambush2 The Family Arena
Sun2/26/2023San Diego Sockers6atMonterrey Flash3 Arena Monterrey
Sun2/26/2023Milwaukee Wave4atKansas City Comets8 Cable Dahmer Arena
Tue2/28/2023Mesquite Outlaws2atMonterrey Flash13 Arena Monterrey
Fri3/3/2023Kansas City Comets2atBaltimore Blast9 SECU Arena
Fri3/3/2023Tacoma Stars10atDallas Sidekicks9OTCU of Texas Event Center
Fri3/3/2023Utica City FC4atChihuahua Savage14 Corner Sport Arena
Sat3/4/2023Florida Tropics5atMilwaukee Wave7 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat3/4/2023Tacoma Stars8atMesquite Outlaws5 Mesquite Arena
Sat3/4/2023Dallas Sidekicks5atSan Diego Sockers10 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun3/5/2023Utica City FC6atMonterrey Flash12 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/5/2023Milwaukee Wave4atSt. Louis Ambush10 The Family Arena
Tue3/7/2023Chihuahua Savage5atEmpire Strykers6 Toyota Arena
Thu3/9/2023San Diego Sockers8atEmpire Strykers7OTToyota Arena
Fri3/10/2023Utica City FC7atHarrisburg Heat4 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri3/10/2023Tacoma Stars9atChihuahua Savage12 Corner Sport Arena
Sat3/11/2023Baltimore Blast5atKansas City Comets4 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat3/11/2023Dallas Sidekicks8atMesquite Outlaws10 Mesquite Arena
Sun3/12/2023Florida Tropics4atUtica City FC5OTAdirondack Bank Center
Sun3/12/2023Tacoma Stars7atMonterrey Flash13 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/12/2023St. Louis Ambush5atHarrisburg Heat6OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun3/12/2023Kansas City Comets8atMilwaukee Wave6 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri3/17/2023Harrisburg Heat4atSt. Louis Ambush10 The Family Arena
Fri3/17/2023Empire Strykers5atChihuahua Savage9 Corner Sport Arena
Fri3/17/2023Monterrey Flash4atSan Diego Sockers6 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sat3/18/2023Utica City FC6atBaltimore Blast4 SECU Arena
Sat3/18/2023Florida Tropics6atKansas City Comets5 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat3/18/2023Milwaukee Wave11atDallas Sidekicks4 CU of Texas Event Center
Sat3/18/2023Mesquite Outlaws1atTacoma Stars13 accesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/19/2023Harrisburg Heat5atUtica City FC4OTAdirondack Bank Center
Sun3/19/2023Florida Tropics2atSt. Louis Ambush3OTThe Family Arena
Sun3/19/2023Chihuahua Savage2atMonterrey Flash5 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/19/2023Kansas City Comets4atBaltimore Blast7 SECU Arena
Sun3/19/2023Dallas Sidekicks8atMilwaukee Wave14 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/19/2023Empire Strykers3atSan Diego Sockers7 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun3/19/2023Mesquite Outlaws3atTacoma Stars6 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri3/24/2023Monterrey Flash6atChihuahua Savage9 Corner Sport Arena
Fri3/24/2023Dallas Sidekicks3atTacoma Stars12 accesso ShoWare Center
Fri3/24/2023Empire Strykers4atSan Diego Sockers5OTPechanga Arena San Diego
Sat3/25/2023Baltimore Blast3atMesquite Outlaws2 Mesquite Arena
Sun3/26/2023St. Louis Ambush4atMilwaukee Wave5 UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/26/2023Utica City FC4atFlorida Tropics3OTRP Funding Center
Sun3/26/2023Tacoma Stars3atDallas Sidekicks5 CU of Texas Event Center
Sun3/26/2023San Diego Sockers3atMonterrey Flash2 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/26/2023Harrisburg Heat4atKansas City Comets9 Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun3/26/2023Mesquite Outlaws0atBaltimore Blast6 SECU Arena
Thu3/30/2023Monterrey Flash5atDallas Sidekicks3 CU of Texas Event Center
Thu3/30/2023Tacoma Stars4atEmpire Strykers3 Toyota Arena
Thu3/30/2023Mesquite Outlaws9atChihuahua Savage10OTCorner Sport Arena
Thu3/30/2023Milwaukee Wave5atSan Diego Sockers11 Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri3/31/2023St. Louis Ambush5atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sat4/1/2023Baltimore Blast3atUtica City FC4 Adirondack Bank Center
Sat4/1/2023Kansas City Comets5atHarrisburg Heat1 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat4/1/2023Empire Strykers2atMesquite Outlaws7 Mesquite Arena
Sun4/2/2023St. Louis Ambush3atFlorida Tropics6 RP Funding Center
Sun4/2/2023Dallas Sidekicks2atMonterrey Flash10 Arena Monterrey
Sun4/2/2023Milwaukee Wave6atHarrisburg Heat5 Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun4/2/2023Tacoma Stars4atSan Diego Sockers5OTPechanga Arena San Diego

2023-2024 Major Arena Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri11/24/2023Milwaukee Wave2atSt. Louis Ambush1The Family Arena
Fri11/24/2023Empire Strykers1atChihuahua Savage8Corner Sport Arena
Sun11/26/2023Empire Strykers2atMonterrey Flash9Arena Borregos
Sun11/26/2023Milwaukee Wave3atKansas City Comets9Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat12/2/2023Texas Outlaws9atBaltimore Blast5TU Arena
Sat12/2/2023Harrisburg Heat5atUtica City FC7Adirondack Bank Center
Sun12/3/2023St. Louis Ambush2atKansas City Comets7Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun12/3/2023Dallas Sidekicks5atMonterrey Flash22Arena Borregos
Sun12/3/2023Tacoma Stars6atSan Diego Sockers11Pechanga Arena San Diego
Thu12/7/2023Texas Outlaws4atChihuahua Savage12Corner Sport Arena
Sat12/9/2023Utica City FC10atBaltimore Blast6TU Arena
Sat12/9/2023Kansas City Comets7atHarrisburg Heat3Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat12/9/2023Monterrey Flash5atMilwaukee Wave4OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat12/9/2023Empire Strykers8atSt. Louis Ambush7The Family Arena
Sat12/9/2023Texas Outlaws7atDallas Sidekicks8OTCredit Union of Texas Event Center
Sat12/9/2023San Diego Sockers9atTacoma Stars6accesso ShoWare Center
Fri12/15/2023St. Louis Ambush7atMilwaukee Wave14UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri12/15/2023Monterrey Flash10atChihuahua Savage6Corner Sport Arena
Fri12/15/2023Baltimore Blast7atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena
Sat12/16/2023Utica City FC12atHarrisburg Heat6Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat12/16/2023San Diego Sockers8atDallas Sidekicks7Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sat12/16/2023Kansas City Comets9atTexas Outlaws7Mesquite Arena
Sun12/17/2023Dallas Sidekicks1atSt. Louis Ambush5The Family Arena
Sun12/17/2023Utica City FC11atHarrisburg Heat8Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun12/17/2023Chihuahua Savage2atMonterrey Flash3UNAL Tigres Sports Center
Sun12/17/2023Texas Outlaws7atKansas City Comets6Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun12/17/2023Baltimore Blast4atTacoma Stars7accesso ShoWare Center
Sun12/17/2023Empire Strykers3atSan Diego Sockers7Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri12/22/2023Baltimore Blast2atUtica City FC5Adirondack Bank Center
Sat12/23/2023Dallas Sidekicks4atTexas Outlaws12Mesquite Arena
Thu12/28/2023Milwaukee Wave7atDallas Sidekicks1Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Thu12/28/2023St. Louis Ambush4atKansas City Comets6Cable Dahmer Arena
Thu12/28/2023Tacoma Stars7atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena
Fri12/29/2023Harrisburg Heat4atBaltimore Blast13TU Arena
Sat12/30/2023Milwaukee Wave6atTexas Outlaws8Mesquite Arena
Sat12/30/2023Tacoma Stars3atSan Diego Sockers9Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun12/31/2023Kansas City Comets6atSt. Louis Ambush5The Family Arena
Sun12/31/2023Harrisburg Heat7atUtica City FC13Adirondack Bank Center
Thu1/4/2024Utica City FC7atMilwaukee Wave9UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri1/5/2024St. Louis Ambush7atBaltimore Blast8OTTU Arena
Fri1/5/2024Monterrey Flash8atChihuahua Savage5Corner Sport Arena
Sat1/6/2024Harrisburg Heat4atKansas City Comets8Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat1/6/2024Empire Strykers11atDallas Sidekicks4Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sat1/6/2024Utica City FC7atTacoma Stars10accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/7/2024Harrisburg Heat6atMilwaukee Wave13UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/7/2024Chihuahua Savage5atMonterrey Flash10Arena Borregos
Tue1/9/2024Texas Outlaws10atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena
Fri1/12/2024Utica City FC7atKansas City Comets6OTCable Dahmer Arena
Fri1/12/2024Milwaukee Wave5atSt. Louis Ambush2The Family Arena
Sat1/13/2024Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast3TU Arena
Sat1/13/2024Dallas Sidekicks7atMilwaukee Wave10UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat1/13/2024Utica City FC7atSt. Louis Ambush3The Family Arena
Sat1/13/2024Monterrey Flash6atTexas Outlaws5Mesquite Arena
Sat1/13/2024San Diego Sockers6atTacoma Stars5accesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/14/2024Texas Outlaws5atDallas Sidekicks2Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sun1/14/2024Kansas City Comets5atMonterrey Flash12Arena Borregos
Sun1/14/2024Tacoma Stars7atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena
Sun1/14/2024Chihuahua Savage5atSan Diego Sockers1Pechanga Arena San Diego
Tue1/16/2024Kansas City Comets7atMonterrey Flash8Arena Borregos
Wed1/17/2024San Diego Sockers8atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena
Fri1/19/2024Kansas City Comets2atChihuahua Savage8Corner Sport Arena
Sat1/20/2024Baltimore Blast3atSt. Louis Ambush8The Family Arena
Sun1/21/2024Dallas Sidekicks3atMilwaukee Wave4UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/21/2024Texas Outlaws9atUtica City FC8OTAdirondack Bank Center
Sun1/21/2024Chihuahua Savage2atMonterrey Flash4Arena Borregos
Tue1/23/2024Milwaukee Wave4atMonterrey Flash9Arena Borregos
Thu1/25/2024Milwaukee Wave6atTexas Outlaws8Mesquite Arena
Thu1/25/2024Empire Strykers6atTacoma Stars7accesso ShoWare Center
Fri1/26/2024Utica City FC7atHarrisburg Heat4Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri1/26/2024Dallas Sidekicks2atChihuahua Savage13Corner Sport Arena
Sat1/27/2024Baltimore Blast3atHarrisburg Heat4OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat1/27/2024St. Louis Ambush2atSan Diego Sockers8Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun1/28/2024Monterrey Flash4atMilwaukee Wave3OTUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun1/28/2024Kansas City Comets3atUtica City FC7Adirondack Bank Center
Sun1/28/2024St. Louis Ambush7atEmpire Strykers8OTToyota Arena
Sun1/28/2024San Diego Sockers8atTacoma Stars7OTaccesso ShoWare Center
Sun1/28/2024Dallas Sidekicks7atTexas Outlaws12Mesquite Arena
Thu2/1/2024San Diego Sockers6atTexas Outlaws5Mesquite Arena
Fri2/2/2024Kansas City Comets5atBaltimore Blast7TU Arena
Fri2/2/2024Harrisburg Heat3atSt. Louis Ambush10The Family Arena
Fri2/2/2024Monterrey Flash5atTacoma Stars3accesso ShoWare Center
Sat2/3/2024Harrisburg Heat4atMilwaukee Wave7UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat2/3/2024San Diego Sockers10atDallas Sidekicks3Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sat2/3/2024Chihuahua Savage6atTexas Outlaws1Mesquite Arena
Sun2/4/2024Kansas City Comets5atSt. Louis Ambush6OTThe Family Arena
Sun2/4/2024Baltimore Blast5atUtica City FC8Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/4/2024Monterrey Flash8atEmpire Strykers4Toyota Arena
Fri2/9/2024Empire Strykers7atBaltimore Blast9TU Arena
Fri2/9/2024Tacoma Stars6atKansas City Comets5SOCable Dahmer Arena
Fri2/9/2024San Diego Sockers6atChihuahua Savage8Corner Sport Arena
Sat2/10/2024Empire Strykers2atKansas City Comets7Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat2/10/2024Tacoma Stars12atSt. Louis Ambush6The Family Arena
Sat2/10/2024Texas Outlaws4atChihuahua Savage7Corner Sport Arena
Thu2/13/2014Texas Outlaws4atSan Diego Sockers5Pechanga Arena San Diego
Thu2/15/2024Tacoma Stars7atDallas Sidekicks8OTCredit Union of Texas Event Center
Thu2/15/2024Texas Outlaws4atSan Diego Sockers8Pechanga Arena San Diego
Fri2/16/2024St. Louis Ambush5atMilwaukee Wave7UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri2/16/2024Chihuahua Savage3atKansas City Comets2Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat2/17/2024Utica City FC6atBaltimore Blast13TU Arena
Sun2/18/2024Milwaukee Wave5atUtica City FC6Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/18/2024Tacoma Stars3atMonterrey Flash9Arena Borregos
Sun2/18/2024San Diego Sockers9atEmpire Strykers8SOToyota Arena
Fri2/23/2024Monterrey Flash9atHarrisburg Heat2Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri2/23/2024Dallas Sidekicks3atChihuahua Savage9Corner Sport Arena
Sat2/24/2024Baltimore Blast5atHarrisburg Heat4OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun2/25/2024Milwaukee Wave8atSt. Louis Ambush7OTThe Family Arena
Sun2/25/2024Monterrey Flash8atUtica City FC6Adirondack Bank Center
Sun2/25/2024Kansas City Comets9atSan Diego Sockers4Pechanga Arena San Diego
Wed2/28/2024Kansas City Comets4atEmpire Strykers3Toyota Arena
Fri3/1/2024Monterrey Flash9atTexas Outlaws8Mesquite Arena
Fri3/1/2024Harrisburg Heat2atTacoma Stars8accesso ShoWare Center
Fri3/1/2024Empire Strykers4atSan Diego Sockers8Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sat3/2/2024Milwaukee Wave7atBaltimore Blast1TU Arena
Sat3/2/2024St. Louis Ambush7atKansas City Comets8OTCable Dahmer Arena
Sat3/2/2024Monterrey Flash12atDallas Sidekicks1Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sun3/3/2024Baltimore Blast2atUtica City FC10Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/3/2024Chihuahua Savage5atSan Diego Sockers4Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun3/3/2024Harrisburg Heat4atTacoma Stars5OTaccesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/3/2024Dallas Sidekicks6atTexas Outlaws9Mesquite Arena
Tue3/5/2024Chihuahua Savage6atEmpire Strykers4Toyota Arena
Thu3/7/2024Monterrey Flash10atChihuahua Savage6Corner Sport Arena
Fri3/8/2024Utica City FC3atMilwaukee Wave6UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Fri3/8/2024Baltimore Blast6atChihuahua Savage8Corner Sport Arena
Sat3/9/2024Dallas Sidekicks5atHarrisburg Heat2Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat3/9/2024Tacoma Stars7atTexas Outlaws6Mesquite Arena
Sun3/10/2024St. Louis Ambush7atMilwaukee Wave8SOUW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun3/10/2024Dallas Sidekicks6atHarrisburg Heat11Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sun3/10/2024Utica City FC6atKansas City Comets11Cable Dahmer Arena
Sun3/10/2024Baltimore Blast4atMonterrey Flash5OTArena Borregos
Sun3/10/2024Empire Strykers3atSan Diego Sockers10Pechanga Arena San Diego
Wed3/13/2024Tacoma Stars12atDallas Sidekicks2Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Fri3/15/2024Chihuahua Savage6atTacoma Stars7accesso ShoWare Center
Sat3/16/2024Harrisburg Heat5atBaltimore Blast7TU Arena
Sat3/16/2024Chihuahua Savage4atTacoma Stars5SOaccesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/17/2024Kansas City Comets11atSt. Louis Ambush5The Family Arena
Sun3/17/2024Harrisburg Heat4atUtica City FC6Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/17/2024Milwaukee Wave11atDallas Sidekicks9Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sun3/17/2024Texas Outlaws2atMonterrey Flash9Arena Borregos
Sun3/17/2024San Diego Sockers11atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena
Tue3/19/2024Empire Strykers1atChihuahua Savage10Corner Sport Arena
Thu3/21/2024Baltimore Blast4atTexas Outlaws9Mesquite Arena
Fri3/22/2024San Diego Sockers3atMilwaukee Wave2UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat3/23/2024Dallas Sidekicks3atBaltimore Blast0FJohnny Unitas Stadium
Sat3/23/2024San Diego Sockers6atKansas City Comets10Cable Dahmer Arena
Sat3/23/2024St. Louis Ambush5atUtica City FC11Adirondack Bank Center
Sat3/23/2024Empire Strykers5atTacoma Stars10accesso ShoWare Center
Sun3/24/2024St. Louis Ambush5atUtica City FC11Adirondack Bank Center
Sun3/24/2024Texas Outlaws4atDallas Sidekicks10Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sun3/24/2024Milwaukee Wave10atMonterrey Flash15Arena Borregos
Wed3/27/2024Baltimore Blast6atHarrisburg Heat5OTEquine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Fri3/29/2024Chihuahua Savage7atHarrisburg Heat2Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat3/30/2024Utica City FC10atBaltimore Blast15TU Arena
Sat3/30/2024Chihuahua Savage11atHarrisburg Heat3Equine Arena at The Farm Show Complex
Sat3/30/2024St. Louis Ambush2atDallas Sidekicks7Credit Union of Texas Event Center
Sat3/30/2024Tacoma Stars8atSan Diego Sockers6Pechanga Arena San Diego
Sun3/31/2024Tacoma Stars6atEmpire Strykers5Toyota Arena