“I haven’t been staying away so much as not coming here”

Ron Nasty of the Rutles

Because more than one of you have asked….

There has not been a whole lot of visible activity on this site for a while, though I have made the occasional page update (like the list of vote-getters for the National Soccer Hall of Fame or the all-time list of MISL coaches) that most won’t see.

I’m fine, thanks. I had some surgery this summer (first time!) and recovery has been slightly slower than anticipated. It hasn’t been easy to do a lot of the things I like to do, so I haven’t done them. And with few soccer teams allowing fans in their stadiums, the attendance posts that have been a staple of this site aren’t forthcoming.

(Truth be told, I’m done with all that. Each of the last three springs I have told myself, “This will be the last year I do this,” and yet I have kept doing it. The pandemic is as good an excuse as any to stop for good. I’ll still be researching and posting historical attendance figures – I want to get the original NASL and original MISL as good as I can get them based on new information I’m acquiring – but as far as tracking all the myriad leagues of today? Nah, I’m done. I was about the first person to do it, but now every yayhoo with a spreadsheet does it, so feel free to read them.)

Also, I have hardly been able to play any table-top sports, and I don’t feel like writing all my thoughts into blog posts when I can just tweet them or put a photo on Instagram.

I have been planning and working on some projects that will turn into content before too long, like the complete list of NASL drafts from 1972-1984 and some other things. I’m hopeful of being able to put more stuff on the site in the coming weeks.

Kenn Tomasch

Kenn Tomasch