Biggest Indoor Soccer Crowds Ever

Here is the current (and not likely to change much, if at all, anytime soon) list of the 40 largest announced crowds in indoor soccer history in North America. Only two of these have happened in nearly the last three decades. St. Louis is the leader on this list with 20 games, followed by Cleveland (12), Chicago (4), Tacoma (3, all in the span of a month and a half in 1987) and Milwaukee (1). Note the most recent game on this list took place 25 years ago. The assistance and research of Rich Paschette is gratefully acknowledged. Playoff games are noted (P/O). Additions and corrections are welcome.

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21,728MISLSat6/20/1987Dallas Sidekicks4atTacoma Stars3OTTacoma DomeP/O
20,284MISLTue6/16/1987Dallas Sidekicks3atTacoma Stars5 Tacoma DomeP/O
20,174MISLSat4/5/1986Minnesota Strikers4atCleveland Force7 Richfield Coliseum 
19,476MISLWed5/7/1986San Diego Sockers8atTacoma Stars5 Tacoma DomeP/O
19,468MISLSun4/13/1986Baltimore Blast8atCleveland Force3 Richfield ColiseumP/O
19,398NASLSun2/14/1982Tampa Bay Rowdies9atChicago Sting10OTChicago Stadium 
19,360MISLSat11/24/1984New York Cosmos1atCleveland Force6 Richfield Coliseum 
19,299MISLFri2/22/1980Philadelphia Fever6atSt. Louis Steamers4 Checkerdome 
19,298MISLFri2/20/1981Denver Avalanche3atSt. Louis Steamers6 Checkerdome 
19,112MISLFri1/2/1981Philadelphia Fever6atSt. Louis Steamers5 Checkerdome 
19,108MISLSat1/5/1980Detroit Lightning5atSt. Louis Steamers7 Checkerdome 
19,106MISLSat4/23/1983Chicago Sting5atCleveland Force7 Richfield ColiseumP/O
19,048MISLSat3/17/1984Pittsburgh Spirit6atCleveland Force4 Richfield Coliseum 
18,797MISLFri4/25/1986Minnesota Strikers2atCleveland Force5 Richfield ColiseumP/O
18,630MISLSun5/6/1984Pittsburgh Spirit3atCleveland Force5 Richfield ColiseumP/O
18,627MISLSun4/15/1984Baltimore Blast3atCleveland Force2 Richfield Coliseum 
18,621MISLMon12/26/1983Baltimore Blast3atCleveland Force6 Richfield Coliseum 
18,526MISLFri11/20/1981Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Steamers7 Checkerdome 
18,526MISLSat12/26/1981Memphis Americans3atSt. Louis Steamers7 Checkerdome 
18,526MISLFri1/8/1982Denver Avalanche3atSt. Louis Steamers6 Checkerdome 
18,526MISLFri3/12/1982New York Arrows6atSt. Louis Steamers5 Checkerdome 
18,526MISLFri11/26/1982New York Arrows4atSt. Louis Steamers3 Checkerdome 
18,526MISLFri2/18/1983Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Steamers3OTCheckerdome 
18,394NASLSat2/25/1984Golden Bay Earthquakes9atChicago Sting5 Chicago Stadium 
18,391MISLFri3/6/1981Cleveland Force4atSt. Louis Steamers10 Checkerdome 
18,384MISLWed12/30/1981Wichita Wings2atSt. Louis Steamers3 Checkerdome 
18,374NASLSat1/23/1982New York Cosmos3atChicago Sting6 Chicago Stadium 
18,364MISLSat4/16/1988Dallas Sidekicks3atCleveland Force5 Richfield Coliseum 
18,331MISLSun2/5/1984Baltimore Blast6atCleveland Force5 Richfield Coliseum 
18,208MISLFri2/3/1984Kansas City Comets4atSt. Louis Steamers6 St. Louis Arena 
18,197NPSLFri3/13/1998Philadelphia Kixx4atMilwaukee Wave15 Bradley Center 
18,176MISLFri1/15/1982Pittsburgh Spirit6atSt. Louis Steamers5 Checkerdome 
18,160MISLFri5/21/1982New York Arrows9atSt. Louis Steamers8OTSt. Louis ArenaP/O
18,135MISLSat3/29/1986Dallas Sidekicks3atCleveland Force9 Richfield Coliseum 
18,116MISLSun5/23/1982New York Arrows4atSt. Louis Steamers6 St. Louis ArenaP/O
18,106MISLFri1/14/1983Chicago Sting0atSt. Louis Steamers6 Checkerdome 
18,091NASLFri3/23/1984New York Cosmos5atChicago Sting7 Chicago Stadium 
18,086MISLFri1/29/1982Memphis Americans4atSt. Louis Steamers7 Checkerdome 
18,005MISLFri12/14/1979Hartford Hellions5atSt. Louis Steamers4 Checkerdome 
17,877MISLSun2/7/1982Kansas City Comets0atSt. Louis Steamers7 Checkerdome 

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