All-Time MISL III Scores

Here are the results from every regular-season game played in the third Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL), which began as the National Indoor Soccer League (NISL) in 2008, after the breakup of the second MISL into the NISL and the Xtreme Soccer League (XSL). The MISL came under the auspices of United Soccer Leagues (USL) for its final two years.

2008-2009 National Indoor Soccer League

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Sat11/15/2008Rockford Rampage4atBaltimore Blast II14 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/15/2008Mass. Twisters11atPhiladelphia KiXX34 Spectrum
Fri11/28/2008Monterrey La Raza II12atRockford Rampage10(OT)MetroCentre
Sun11/30/2008Monterrey La Raza II8atRockford Rampage10(OT)MetroCentre
Sat12/6/2008Philadelphia KiXX18atMass. Twisters7 Eastern States Coliseum
Sat12/6/2008Baltimore Blast II11atRockford Rampage2 MetroCentre
Thu12/11/2008Rockford Rampage22atMonterrey La Raza II4 Arena Monterrey
Fri12/12/2008Mass. Twisters2atBaltimore Blast II27 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/13/2008Monterrey La Raza II14atPhiladelphia KiXX12 Spectrum
Sun12/14/2008Monterrey La Raza II8atMass. Twisters12 Eastern States Coliseum
Sat12/20/2008Philadelphia KiXX10atBaltimore Blast II16 1st Mariner Arena
Fri12/26/2008Philadelphia KiXX12atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Sat12/27/2008Mass. Twisters0atRockford Rampage43 MetroCentre
Sun12/28/2008Philadelphia KiXX14atMonterrey La Raza II16(2 OT)Arena Monterrey
Sat1/3/2009Baltimore Blast II26atMass. Twisters4 Eastern States Coliseum
Sat1/10/2009Philadelphia KiXX28atMass. Twisters6 Eastern States Coliseum
Sun1/11/2009Baltimore Blast II6atRockford Rampage14 MetroCentre
Fri1/16/2009Rockford Rampage8atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Sat1/17/2009Baltimore Blast II18atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sun1/18/2009Rockford Rampage12atMonterrey La Raza II13 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/23/2009Monterrey La Raza II5atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/23/2009Rockford Rampage22atMass. Twisters17 Eastern States Coliseum
Sun1/25/2009Monterrey La Raza II8atPhiladelphia KiXX16 Spectrum
Sun1/25/2009Mass. Twisters4atRockford Rampage22 MetroCentre
Sat1/31/2009Philadelphia KiXX13atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sun2/1/2009Mass. Twisters14atMonterrey La Raza II39 Arena Monterrey
Sat2/7/2009Mass. Twisters6atPhiladelphia KiXX25 Spectrum
Sat2/14/2009Baltimore Blast II37atMass. Twisters5 Eastern States Coliseum
Fri2/20/2009Rockford Rampage4atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/21/2009Baltimore Blast II23atMass. Twisters9 Eastern States Coliseum
Sat2/21/2009Rockford Rampage10atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Spectrum
Sun2/22/2009Philadelphia KiXX2atRockford Rampage4 MetroCentre
Sun3/1/2009Baltimore Blast II18atMonterrey La Raza II16(OT)Arena Monterrey
Sun3/1/2009Rockford Rampage8atPhiladelphia KiXX10(OT)Spectrum
Fri3/6/2009Monterrey La Raza II9atBaltimore Blast II16 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/7/2009Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/8/2009Monterrey La Raza II19atMass. Twisters2 Eastern States Coliseum
Sun3/8/2009Philadelphia KiXX2atRockford Rampage16 MetroCentre
Sat3/14/2009Baltimore Blast II6atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Spectrum
Sun3/15/2009Mass. Twisters4atMonterrey La Raza II35 Arena Monterrey
Sat3/21/2009Mass. Twisters9atBaltimore Blast II20 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/22/2009Mass. Twisters5atPhiladelphia KiXX25 Spectrum
Sun3/22/2009Monterrey La Raza II20atRockford Rampage24 MetroCentre
Sat3/28/2009Rockford Rampage13atMass. Twisters10 Eastern States Coliseum
Sun3/29/2009Baltimore Blast II4atMonterrey La Raza II19 Arena Monterrey

2009-2010 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Fri11/13/2009Rockford Rampage10atBaltimore Blast II8(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Sun11/15/2009Philadelphia KiXX13atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Sat11/21/2009Philadelphia KiXX8atBaltimore Blast II19 1st Mariner Arena
Sun11/22/2009Milwaukee Wave15atMonterrey La Raza II0 Arena Monterrey
Fri11/27/2009Milwaukee Wave8atRockford Rampage9 MetroCentre
Fri12/4/2009Philadelphia KiXX20atRockford Rampage6 MetroCentre
Sun12/6/2009Monterrey La Raza II15atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/12/2009Philadelphia KiXX6atMilwaukee Wave27 US Cellular Arena
Sun12/13/2009Baltimore Blast II14atMonterrey La Raza II13 Arena Monterrey
Fri12/18/2009Philadelphia KiXX8atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sun12/20/2009Monterrey La Raza II4atRockford Rampage9 MetroCentre
Sun12/27/2009Milwaukee Wave19atMonterrey La Raza II17(OT)Arena Monterrey
Sun12/27/2009Baltimore Blast II10atRockford Rampage8 MetroCentre
Thu12/31/2009Baltimore Blast II10atMilwaukee Wave12(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sun1/3/2010Philadelphia KiXX13atMonterrey La Raza II23 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/8/2010Monterrey La Raza II4atBaltimore Blast II13 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/9/2010Milwaukee Wave11atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/9/2010Rockford Rampage20atPhiladelphia KiXX23 Liacouras Center
Sun1/10/2010Monterrey La Raza II18atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/10/2010Philadelphia KiXX10atRockford Rampage9 MetroCentre
Sat1/16/2010Milwaukee Wave7atRockford Rampage10 MetroCentre
Sun1/17/2010Rockford Rampage7atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/17/2010Baltimore Blast II6atMonterrey La Raza II7 Arena Monterrey
Sat1/23/2010Baltimore Blast II10atMilwaukee Wave13 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/23/2010Rockford Rampage22atPhiladelphia KiXX12 Liacouras Center
Sun1/24/2010Milwaukee Wave8atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Sat1/30/2010Milwaukee Wave10atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/30/2010Monterrey La Raza II4atRockford Rampage2 MetroCentre
Sun2/7/2010Rockford Rampage6atMonterrey La Raza II13 Arena Monterrey
Sat2/13/2010Rockford Rampage4atMilwaukee Wave5 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/14/2010Baltimore Blast II10atMonterrey La Raza II25 Arena Monterrey
Sun2/14/2010Philadelphia KiXX8atRockford Rampage7 MetroCentre
Fri2/19/2010Monterrey La Raza II8atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/20/2010Monterrey La Raza II17atPhiladelphia KiXX18 Liacouras Center
Sun2/21/2010Philadelphia KiXX10atMilwaukee Wave15 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/21/2010Baltimore Blast II9atRockford Rampage0 MetroCentre
Sun2/28/2010Baltimore Blast II23atPhiladelphia KiXX14 Liacouras Center
Sun2/28/2010Milwaukee Wave16atRockford Rampage10 MetroCentre
Fri3/5/2010Philadelphia KiXX8atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/6/2010Monterrey La Raza II11atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/7/2010Rockford Rampage11atMilwaukee Wave13 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/7/2010Monterrey La Raza II13atPhiladelphia KiXX20 Liacouras Center
Fri3/12/2010Rockford Rampage8atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/13/2010Philadelphia KiXX8atBaltimore Blast II6(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/14/2010Monterrey La Raza II12atMilwaukee Wave17 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/14/2010Rockford Rampage34atPhiladelphia KiXX15 Liacouras Center
Wed3/17/2010Philadelphia KiXX12atMilwaukee Wave14 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/20/2010Philadelphia KiXX10atMilwaukee Wave12 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/21/2010Rockford Rampage11atMonterrey La Raza II18 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/21/2010Baltimore Blast II12atPhiladelphia KiXX19 Liacouras Center

2010-2011 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Fri11/12/2010Milwaukee Wave20atMissouri Comets9 Independence Center
Fri11/19/2010Chicago Riot6atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/19/2010Omaha Vipers14atMissouri Comets10 Independence Center
Sun11/21/2010Missouri Comets12atOmaha Vipers11 Civic Auditorium
Fri11/26/2010Missouri Comets11atMilwaukee Wave24 US Cellular Arena
Sun11/28/2010Baltimore Blast II15atOmaha Vipers10 Civic Auditorium
Thu12/2/2010Milwaukee Wave8atOmaha Vipers6 Civic Auditorium
Sun12/5/2010Milwaukee Wave10atChicago Riot7 The Odeum
Fri12/10/2010Chicago Riot6atOmaha Vipers17 Civic Auditorium
Sat12/11/2010Missouri Comets12atBaltimore Blast II13 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/11/2010Chicago Riot8atMilwaukee Wave9 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/18/2010Omaha Vipers4atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sun12/19/2010Chicago Riot14atMissouri Comets13 Independence Center
Wed12/29/2010Baltimore Blast II22atMissouri Comets6 Independence Center
Fri12/31/2010Missouri Comets13atMilwaukee Wave8 US Cellular Arena
Fri12/31/2010Baltimore Blast II8atOmaha Vipers9 Civic Auditorium
Fri1/7/2011Chicago Riot9atMissouri Comets11(OT)Independence Center
Sat1/8/2011Milwaukee Wave15atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sun1/9/2011Omaha Vipers13atChicago Riot11 The Odeum
Sun1/9/2011Baltimore Blast II12atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri1/14/2011Omaha Vipers6atMilwaukee Wave21 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/16/2011Baltimore Blast II12atChicago Riot14 The Odeum
Sun1/16/2011Omaha Vipers6atMissouri Comets4 Independence Center
Fri1/21/2011Milwaukee Wave6atBaltimore Blast II14 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/22/2011Chicago Riot8atMilwaukee Wave16 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/22/2011Baltimore Blast II15atMissouri Comets13 Independence Center
Sun1/23/2011Missouri Comets21atOmaha Vipers20 Civic Auditorium
Fri1/28/2011Milwaukee Wave17atMissouri Comets16 Independence Center
Sat1/29/2011Chicago Riot17atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/29/2011Omaha Vipers6atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/30/2011Baltimore Blast II15atChicago Riot10 The Odeum
Sun1/30/2011Missouri Comets10atOmaha Vipers16 Civic Auditorium
Fri2/4/2011Baltimore Blast II15atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/6/2011Missouri Comets12atChicago Riot16 The Odeum
Fri2/11/2011Chicago Riot15atOmaha Vipers16 Civic Auditorium
Sun2/13/2011Omaha Vipers6atChicago Riot12 The Odeum
Wed2/16/2011Milwaukee Wave10atOmaha Vipers8(OT)Civic Auditorium
Fri2/18/2011Omaha Vipers10atBaltimore Blast II14 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/19/2011Chicago Riot4atMilwaukee Wave20 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/20/2011Milwaukee Wave9atBaltimore Blast II20 1st Mariner Arena
Sun2/20/2011Chicago Riot7atMissouri Comets9 Independence Center
Fri2/25/2011Omaha Vipers6atMissouri Comets11 Independence Center
Sat2/26/2011Missouri Comets23atChicago Riot7 The Odeum
Sun2/27/2011Baltimore Blast II16atChicago Riot13(OT)The Odeum
Fri3/4/2011Chicago Riot11atBaltimore Blast II9(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/4/2011Milwaukee Wave21atOmaha Vipers0 Civic Auditorium
Sun3/6/2011Baltimore Blast II10atMilwaukee Wave15 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/6/2011Chicago Riot12atMissouri Comets18 Independence Center
Sun3/13/2011Missouri Comets6atBaltimore Blast II17 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/13/2011Omaha Vipers6atMilwaukee Wave15 US Cellular Arena

2011-2012 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Thu11/3/2011Missouri Comets16atWichita Wings I14(OT)Hartman Arena
Fri11/4/2011Wichita Wings II4atMissouri Comets14 Independence Center
Fri11/4/2011Rochester Lancers15atSyracuse Silver Knights16 The Oncenter
Fri11/11/2011Syracuse Silver Knights23atNorfolk SharX7 The Scope
Sat11/12/2011Syracuse Silver Knights18atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/12/2011Missouri Comets13atRochester Lancers4 Blue Cross Arena
Sun11/13/2011Wichita Wings II13atMilwaukee Wave15 US Cellular Arena
Fri11/18/2011Baltimore Blast II10atMissouri Comets8(OT)Independence Center
Sat11/19/2011Norfolk SharX7atMilwaukee Wave21 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/19/2011Syracuse Silver Knights13atRochester Lancers22 Blue Cross Arena
Sat11/19/2011Baltimore Blast II12atWichita Wings II6 Hartman Arena
Sun11/20/2011Milwaukee Wave11atMissouri Comets6 Independence Center
Wed11/23/2011Rochester Lancers22atSyracuse Silver Knights13 The Oncenter
Fri11/25/2011Norfolk SharX11atWichita Wings II16 Hartman Arena
Sat11/26/2011Norfolk SharX9atMissouri Comets19 Independence Center
Sat11/26/2011Baltimore Blast II26atRochester Lancers9 Blue Cross Arena
Sun11/27/2011Wichita Wings II10atMilwaukee Wave13 US Cellular Arena
Sun11/27/2011Baltimore Blast II18atSyracuse Silver Knights10 The Oncenter
Thu12/1/2011Rochester Lancers16atNorfolk SharX2 The Scope
Fri12/2/2011Missouri Comets18atMilwaukee Wave24 US Cellular Arena
Fri12/2/2011Syracuse Silver Knights4atWichita Wings II20 Hartman Arena
Sat12/3/2011Baltimore Blast II10atRochester Lancers4 Blue Cross Arena
Sat12/3/2011Norfolk SharX4atWichita Wings II17 Hartman Arena
Sun12/4/2011Syracuse Silver Knights10atMissouri Comets23 Independence Center
Fri12/9/2011Missouri Comets12atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/10/2011Syracuse Silver Knights12atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/10/2011Rochester Lancers9atMilwaukee Wave24 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/10/2011Missouri Comets15atNorfolk SharX4 The Scope
Fri12/16/2011Missouri Comets9atBaltimore Blast II17 1st Mariner Arena
Fri12/16/2011Wichita Wings II4atMilwaukee Wave15 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/17/2011Syracuse Silver Knights14atRochester Lancers18 Blue Cross Arena
Sun12/18/2011Baltimore Blast II19atNorfolk SharX8 The Scope
Thu12/22/2011Norfolk SharX10atRochester Lancers26 Blue Cross Arena
Fri12/23/2011Missouri Comets8atSyracuse Silver Knights18 The Oncenter
Tue12/27/2011Milwaukee Wave10atRochester Lancers6 Blue Cross Arena
Wed12/28/2011Wichita Wings II7atMissouri Comets10 Independence Center
Thu12/29/2011Rochester Lancers16atNorfolk SharX18 The Scope
Fri12/30/2011Missouri Comets10atWichita Wings II12 Hartman Arena
Sat12/31/2011Baltimore Blast II9atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/31/2011Norfolk SharX13atSyracuse Silver Knights23 The Oncenter
Mon1/2/2012Norfolk SharX11atRochester Lancers24 Blue Cross Arena
Fri1/6/2012Syracuse Silver Knights6atBaltimore Blast II21 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/6/2012Missouri Comets7atMilwaukee Wave11 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/7/2012Rochester Lancers5atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/7/2012Missouri Comets13atWichita Wings II10 Hartman Arena
Thu1/12/2012Baltimore Blast II12atNorfolk SharX17 The Scope
Fri1/13/2012Milwaukee Wave15atSyracuse Silver Knights12 The Oncenter
Sat1/14/2012Wichita Wings II10atMissouri Comets9 Sprint Center
Sun1/15/2012Norfolk SharX12atSyracuse Silver Knights11 The Oncenter
Mon1/16/2012Milwaukee Wave23atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross Arena
Fri1/20/2012Norfolk SharX2atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/20/2012Milwaukee Wave16atWichita Wings II18 Hartman Arena
Sat1/21/2012Missouri Comets14atNorfolk SharX6 The Scope
Sat1/21/2012Rochester Lancers12atSyracuse Silver Knights10(OT)The Oncenter
Sat1/21/2012Milwaukee Wave9atWichita Wings II6 Hartman Arena
Wed1/25/2012Syracuse Silver Knights12atMissouri Comets33 Independence Center
Thu1/26/2012Milwaukee Wave16atWichita Wings II13 Hartman Arena
Fri1/27/2012Norfolk SharX10atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/28/2012Rochester Lancers7atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sun1/29/2012Syracuse Silver Knights10atMilwaukee Wave25 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/29/2012Rochester Lancers17atNorfolk SharX8 The Scope
Wed2/1/2012Norfolk SharX4atBaltimore Blast II26 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/4/2012Baltimore Blast II8atMilwaukee Wave22 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/4/2012Rochester Lancers17atWichita Wings II19(OT)Hartman Arena
Thu2/9/2012Norfolk SharX4atSyracuse Silver Knights21 The Oncenter
Fri2/10/2012Wichita Wings II3atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri2/10/2012Baltimore Blast II9atMissouri Comets18 Independence Center
Sun2/12/2012Missouri Comets17atMilwaukee Wave14 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/12/2012Syracuse Silver Knights23atRochester Lancers9 Blue Cross Arena
Tue2/14/2012Syracuse Silver Knights17atNorfolk SharX21 The Scope
Sat2/18/2012Milwaukee Wave13atBaltimore Blast II17 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/18/2012Rochester Lancers16atWichita Wings II10 Hartman Arena
Sun2/19/2012Rochester Lancers11atMissouri Comets13 Independence Center
Sun2/19/2012Milwaukee Wave13atNorfolk SharX14 The Scope
Wed2/22/2012Milwaukee Wave15atSyracuse Silver Knights12 The Oncenter
Thu2/23/2012Wichita Wings II17atRochester Lancers20(OT)Blue Cross Arena
Fri2/24/2012Milwaukee Wave15atMissouri Comets14 Independence Center
Sat2/25/2012Wichita Wings II6atSyracuse Silver Knights9(OT)The Oncenter
Sun2/26/2012Milwaukee Wave6atMissouri Comets21 Independence Center
Sun2/26/2012Baltimore Blast II19atNorfolk SharX9 The Scope
Sun2/26/2012Wichita Wings II2atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross Arena
Fri3/2/2012Wichita Wings II12atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/4/2012Wichita Wings II13atNorfolk SharX11(OT)The Scope
Sun3/4/2012Baltimore Blast II15atSyracuse Silver Knights13(OT)The Oncenter

2012-2013 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Fri11/2/2012Wichita Wings II15atMissouri Comets18 Independence Center
Fri11/2/2012Chicago Soul FC13atSyracuse Silver Knights8 The Oncenter
Sat11/3/2012Chicago Soul FC13atBaltimore Blast II23 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/3/2012Rochester Lancers10atSyracuse Silver Knights16 The Oncenter
Sun11/4/2012Missouri Comets19atWichita Wings II10 Hartman Arena
Fri11/9/2012Chicago Soul FC9atBaltimore Blast II17 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/9/2012Milwaukee Wave12atWichita Wings II4 Hartman Arena
Sat11/10/2012Syracuse Silver Knights4atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/10/2012Chicago Soul FC16atRochester Lancers18(OT)Blue Cross Arena
Sun11/11/2012Missouri Comets13atMilwaukee Wave11(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri11/16/2012Milwaukee Wave4atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/16/2012Syracuse Silver Knights10atMissouri Comets17 Independence Center
Sat11/17/2012Baltimore Blast II17atRochester Lancers11 Blue Cross Arena
Sun11/18/2012Syracuse Silver Knights6atWichita Wings II8(OT)Hartman Arena
Wed11/21/2012Chicago Soul FC8atRochester Lancers16 Blue Cross Arena
Fri11/23/2012Baltimore Blast II15atWichita Wings II8 Hartman Arena
Sat11/24/2012Baltimore Blast II12atMissouri Comets4 Independence Center
Sat11/24/2012Chicago Soul FC14atSyracuse Silver Knights11 The Oncenter
Fri11/30/2012Missouri Comets7atSyracuse Silver Knights13 The Oncenter
Sat12/1/2012Chicago Soul FC9atMilwaukee Wave14 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/1/2012Missouri Comets17atRochester Lancers24 Blue Cross Arena
Sun12/2/2012Rochester Lancers8atSyracuse Silver Knights23 The Oncenter
Fri12/7/2012Wichita Wings II6atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Fri12/7/2012Rochester Lancers13atChicago Soul FC11 Sears Centre
Sat12/8/2012Rochester Lancers6atMilwaukee Wave13 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/8/2012Wichita Wings II12atSyracuse Silver Knights10(OT)The Oncenter
Sun12/9/2012Chicago Soul FC11atMissouri Comets14 Independence Center
Fri12/14/2012Milwaukee Wave9atChicago Soul FC2 Sears Centre
Fri12/14/2012Missouri Comets8atSyracuse Silver Knights18 The Oncenter
Sat12/15/2012Missouri Comets9atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/15/2012Wichita Wings II6atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross Arena
Fri12/21/2012Baltimore Blast II10atChicago Soul FC12 Sears Centre
Fri12/21/2012Missouri Comets4atWichita Wings II10 Hartman Arena
Sat12/22/2012Baltimore Blast II5atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/22/2012Syracuse Silver Knights16atRochester Lancers14 Blue Cross Arena
Wed12/26/2012Milwaukee Wave12atSyracuse Silver Knights11 The Oncenter
Thu12/27/2012Milwaukee Wave14atRochester Lancers12 Blue Cross Arena
Fri12/28/2012Missouri Comets8atChicago Soul FC13 Sears Centre
Fri12/28/2012Syracuse Silver Knights8atWichita Wings II14 Hartman Arena
Sat12/29/2012Syracuse Silver Knights9atMissouri Comets17 Independence Center
Sat12/29/2012Chicago Soul FC10atWichita Wings II18 Hartman Arena
Mon12/31/2012Wichita Wings II6atMilwaukee Wave12 US Cellular Arena
Tue1/1/2013Baltimore Blast II17atRochester Lancers4 Blue Cross Arena
Fri1/4/2013Rochester Lancers12atBaltimore Blast II23 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/4/2013Syracuse Silver Knights0atChicago Soul FC11 Sears Centre
Sat1/5/2013Rochester Lancers5atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/5/2013Syracuse Silver Knights10atMilwaukee Wave13 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/6/2013Wichita Wings II11atMissouri Comets24 Independence Center
Thu1/10/2013Milwaukee Wave18atMissouri Comets6 Independence Center
Fri1/11/2013Baltimore Blast II8atChicago Soul FC13 Sears Centre
Sat1/12/2013Baltimore Blast II8atMilwaukee Wave10(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat1/12/2013Syracuse Silver Knights15atRochester Lancers14 Blue Cross Arena
Sat1/12/2013Missouri Comets11atWichita Wings II12 Hartman Arena
Fri1/18/2013Milwaukee Wave12atChicago Soul FC6 Sears Centre
Fri1/18/2013Baltimore Blast II14atSyracuse Silver Knights12(OT)The Oncenter
Fri1/18/2013Rochester Lancers19atWichita Wings II10 Hartman Arena
Sat1/19/2013Chicago Soul FC5atMilwaukee Wave9 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/19/2013Rochester Lancers17atMissouri Comets30 Independence Center
Sun1/20/2013Baltimore Blast II27atSyracuse Silver Knights13 The Oncenter
Mon1/21/2013Wichita Wings II14atChicago Soul FC23 Sears Centre
Fri1/25/2013Rochester Lancers9atBaltimore Blast II20 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/25/2013Milwaukee Wave12atWichita Wings II10 Hartman Arena
Sat1/26/2013Missouri Comets14atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/26/2013Chicago Soul FC15atWichita Wings II12 Hartman Arena
Sun1/27/2013Chicago Soul FC10atMilwaukee Wave18 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/27/2013Missouri Comets8atRochester Lancers17 Blue Cross Arena
Thu1/31/2013Wichita Wings II6atChicago Soul FC8 Sears Centre
Fri2/1/2013Rochester Lancers11atMissouri Comets12 Independence Center
Fri2/1/2013Baltimore Blast II10atSyracuse Silver Knights8(OT)The Oncenter
Sat2/2/2013Syracuse Silver Knights6atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/2/2013Missouri Comets15atMilwaukee Wave29 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/2/2013Rochester Lancers11atWichita Wings II14 Hartman Arena
Fri2/8/2013Rochester Lancers19atChicago Soul FC15 Sears Centre
Fri2/8/2013Baltimore Blast II17atWichita Wings II11 Hartman Arena
Sun2/10/2013Rochester Lancers11atMilwaukee Wave14 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/10/2013Baltimore Blast II27atMissouri Comets13 Independence Center
Sat2/16/2013Wichita Wings II6atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/16/2013Syracuse Silver Knights17atRochester Lancers15(OT)Blue Cross Arena
Sun2/17/2013Milwaukee Wave9atMissouri Comets17 Independence Center
Mon2/18/2013Milwaukee Wave15atChicago Soul FC10 Sears Centre
Mon2/18/2013Wichita Wings II10atRochester Lancers11 Blue Cross Arena
Fri2/22/2013Chicago Soul FC13atMissouri Comets2 Independence Center
Fri2/22/2013Wichita Wings II10atSyracuse Silver Knights15 The Oncenter
Sat2/23/2013Milwaukee Wave6atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Sun2/24/2013Wichita Wings II11atMissouri Comets15 Independence Center
Sun2/24/2013Milwaukee Wave8atRochester Lancers9 Blue Cross Arena
Wed2/27/2013Missouri Comets8atChicago Soul FC6(OT)Sears Centre
Wed2/27/2013Milwaukee Wave12atSyracuse Silver Knights8 The Oncenter
Fri3/1/2013Syracuse Silver Knights6atChicago Soul FC17 Sears Centre
Sat3/2/2013Syracuse Silver Knights6atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/3/2013Wichita Wings II6atMilwaukee Wave8 US Cellular Arena

2013-2014 Major Indoor Soccer League

DayDateVisitorSc HomeSc Site
Fri11/15/2013Syracuse Silver Knights18atPennsylvania Roar7 Santander Arena
Sat11/16/2013Baltimore Blast II19atRochester Lancers8 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sat11/16/2013Milwaukee Wave23atMissouri Comets21 Independence Events Center
Fri11/22/2013Rochester Lancers8atSyracuse Silver Knights21 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri11/22/2013Pennsylvania Roar4atSt. Louis Ambush II17 Family Arena
Sat11/23/2013Syracuse Silver Knights20atRochester Lancers8 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sat11/23/2013Milwaukee Wave8atBaltimore Blast II0 Baltimore Arena
Sat11/23/2013Missouri Comets28atSt. Louis Ambush II7 Family Arena
Sun11/24/2013Milwaukee Wave21atPennsylvania Roar4 Santander Arena
Fri11/29/2013Missouri Comets12atSt. Louis Ambush II10 Family Arena
Sun12/1/2013Syracuse Silver Knights10atPennsylvania Roar9 Santander Arena
Fri12/6/2013Pennsylvania Roar2atRochester Lancers11 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sat12/7/2013Baltimore Blast II10atMilwaukee Wave12 U.S. Cellular Arena
Fri12/13/2013St. Louis Ambush II10atSyracuse Silver Knights6 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Fri12/13/2013Rochester Lancers0atBaltimore Blast II12 Baltimore Arena
Fri12/13/2013Milwaukee Wave6atMissouri Comets15 Independence Events Center
Sat12/14/2013St. Louis Ambush II7atRochester Lancers16 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Fri12/20/2013Baltimore Blast II21atPennsylvania Roar2 Santander Arena
Sat12/21/2013Rochester Lancers7atSyracuse Silver Knights10 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sat12/21/2013Pennsylvania Roar0atBaltimore Blast II29 Baltimore Arena
Sun12/22/2013St. Louis Ambush II13atMissouri Comets24 Independence Events Center
Fri12/27/2013Pennsylvania Roar5atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sat12/28/2013Syracuse Silver Knights18atMissouri Comets15 Independence Events Center
Sat12/28/2013St. Louis Ambush II4atMilwaukee Wave24 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sun12/29/2013Syracuse Silver Knights12atSt. Louis Ambush II14(OT)Family Arena
Tue12/31/2013Syracuse Silver Knights10atMilwaukee Wave20 U.S. Cellular Arena
Tue12/31/2013Baltimore Blast II24atPennsylvania Roar0 Santander Arena
Wed1/1/2014Missouri Comets19atRochester Lancers17 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Fri1/3/2014Missouri Comets6atBaltimore Blast II14 Baltimore Arena
Fri1/3/2014Milwaukee Wave13atSt. Louis Ambush II11 Family Arena
Sat1/4/2014Rochester Lancers12atSt. Louis Ambush II14 Family Arena
Sat1/4/2014Pennsylvania Roar5atBaltimore Blast II16 Baltimore Arena
Sun1/5/2014Rochester Lancers9atMissouri Comets11 Independence Events Center
Fri1/10/2014Missouri Comets8atSyracuse Silver Knights11 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sat1/11/2014Rochester Lancers12atMilwaukee Wave28 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sat1/11/2014Missouri Comets13atPennsylvania Roar5 Santander Arena
Fri1/17/2014Syracuse Silver Knights14atRochester Lancers16 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Fri1/17/2014St. Louis Ambush II2atBaltimore Blast II14 Baltimore Arena
Fri1/17/2014Milwaukee Wave4atMissouri Comets22 Independence Events Center
Sat1/18/2014Missouri Comets4atMilwaukee Wave16 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sun1/19/2014Baltimore Blast II8atSyracuse Silver Knights9 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sun1/19/2014St. Louis Ambush II0atPennsylvania Roar16 Santander Arena
Fri1/24/2014Rochester Lancers24atPennsylvania Roar8 Santander Arena
Fri1/24/2014Syracuse Silver Knights5atBaltimore Blast II10 Baltimore Arena
Fri1/24/2014St. Louis Ambush II2atMissouri Comets26 Independence Events Center
Sat1/25/2014St. Louis Ambush II9atMilwaukee Wave21 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sat1/25/2014Pennsylvania Roar13atSyracuse Silver Knights24 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sat1/25/2014Rochester Lancers2atBaltimore Blast II17 Baltimore Arena
Fri1/31/2014Baltimore Blast II12atSyracuse Silver Knights10 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sat2/1/2014Milwaukee Wave19atSt. Louis Ambush II12 Family Arena
Thu2/6/2014Baltimore Blast II12atSt. Louis Ambush II6 Family Arena
Fri2/7/2014Milwaukee Wave15atSyracuse Silver Knights13 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sun2/9/2014Milwaukee Wave15atRochester Lancers7 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sun2/9/2014Baltimore Blast II18atMissouri Comets4 Independence Events Center
Fri2/14/2014Pennsylvania Roar4atMissouri Comets24 Independence Events Center
Sat2/15/2014Syracuse Silver Knights17atRochester Lancers10 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sun2/16/2014Pennsylvania Roar4atMilwaukee Wave30 U.S. Cellular Arena
Thu2/20/2014Rochester Lancers18atPennsylvania Roar2 Santander Arena
Fri2/21/2014Pennsylvania Roar6atBaltimore Blast II23 Baltimore Arena
Fri2/21/2014Milwaukee Wave20atSt. Louis Ambush II9 Family Arena
Sat2/22/2014Syracuse Silver Knights9atBaltimore Blast II10 Baltimore Arena
Sat2/22/2014St. Louis Ambush II21atMissouri Comets26 Independence Events Center
Sun2/23/2014Missouri Comets14atMilwaukee Wave9 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sun2/23/2014Baltimore Blast II22atRochester Lancers5 Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial
Sun2/23/2014Pennsylvania Roar7atSyracuse Silver Knights24 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Thu2/27/2014Missouri Comets27atSt. Louis Ambush II6 Family Arena
Sat3/1/2014St. Louis Ambush II12atMilwaukee Wave16 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sun3/2/2014Missouri Comets9atMilwaukee Wave4 U.S. Cellular Arena
Sun3/2/2014Rochester Lancers16atSyracuse Silver Knights17 Oncenter War Memorial Arena
Sun3/2/2014Baltimore Blast II2atPennsylvania Roar18 Santander Arena