All-Time MISL II Scores

Here are the results from every regular-season game played in the history of the second Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL), which began anew out of the remnants of the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL) in 2001. The tireless research of Rich Paschette is gratefully acknowledged.

2001-2002 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Sat10/20/2001Harrisburg Heat I10atBaltimore Blast II12(OT)Baltimore Arena
Sat10/20/2001Cleveland Crunch2atKansas City Comets II7 Kemper Arena
Sat10/20/2001Milwaukee Wave11atPhiladelphia KiXX16 Spectrum
Fri10/26/2001Kansas City Comets II6atBaltimore Blast II9 Baltimore Arena
Fri10/26/2001Harrisburg Heat I2atMilwaukee Wave12 Bradley Center
Sat10/27/2001Baltimore Blast II7atCleveland Crunch16 CSU Convocation Center
Sat10/27/2001Kansas City Comets II8atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Spectrum
Fri11/2/2001Kansas City Comets II14atCleveland Crunch23 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/3/2001Milwaukee Wave12atCleveland Crunch10 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/3/2001Kansas City Comets II13atHarrisburg Heat I12 Farm Show Arena
Sat11/3/2001Baltimore Blast II14atPhiladelphia KiXX16(OT)Spectrum
Fri11/9/2001Kansas City Comets II9atBaltimore Blast II10 Baltimore Arena
Sat11/10/2001Philadelphia KiXX16atCleveland Crunch14 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/10/2001Kansas City Comets II6atHarrisburg Heat I12 Farm Show Arena
Sat11/10/2001Baltimore Blast II6atMilwaukee Wave10 Bradley Center
Fri11/16/2001Harrisburg Heat I15atCleveland Crunch13 CSU Convocation Center
Fri11/16/2001Kansas City Comets II10atMilwaukee Wave13 Bradley Center
Sat11/17/2001Philadelphia KiXX19atBaltimore Blast II8 Baltimore Arena
Wed11/21/2001Cleveland Crunch11atBaltimore Blast II15 Baltimore Arena
Wed11/21/2001Philadelphia KiXX2atHarrisburg Heat I9 Farm Show Arena
Fri11/23/2001Harrisburg Heat I17atCleveland Crunch13 CSU Convocation Center
Fri11/23/2001Milwaukee Wave7atKansas City Comets II9 Kemper Arena
Sat11/24/2001Baltimore Blast II8atHarrisburg Heat I9 Farm Show Arena
Sat11/24/2001Kansas City Comets II16atMilwaukee Wave27 Gaylord Entertainment Center
Sat11/24/2001Cleveland Crunch10atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Wed11/28/2001Milwaukee Wave8atPhiladelphia KiXX20 Spectrum
Fri11/30/2001Kansas City Comets II11atCleveland Crunch9(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Sat12/1/2001Milwaukee Wave13atBaltimore Blast II15(OT)Baltimore Arena
Sat12/1/2001Harrisburg Heat I6atKansas City Comets II24 Kemper Arena
Sat12/1/2001Cleveland Crunch14atPhiladelphia KiXX21 Spectrum
Sun12/2/2001Harrisburg Heat I7atMilwaukee Wave9 Bradley Center
Fri12/7/2001Milwaukee Wave12atBaltimore Blast II2 Baltimore Arena
Fri12/7/2001Harrisburg Heat I12atCleveland Crunch20 CSU Convocation Center
Fri12/7/2001Philadelphia KiXX7atKansas City Comets II10 Kemper Arena
Sat12/8/2001Milwaukee Wave17atHarrisburg Heat I4 Farm Show Arena
Sat12/8/2001Baltimore Blast II8atPhiladelphia KiXX14 Spectrum
Sat12/15/2001Cleveland Crunch11atBaltimore Blast II22 Baltimore Arena
Sat12/15/2001Kansas City Comets II17atMilwaukee Wave24 Bradley Center
Sat12/15/2001Harrisburg Heat I10atPhiladelphia KiXX13(OT)Spectrum
Sat12/22/2001Baltimore Blast II21atKansas City Comets II22 Kemper Arena
Sat12/22/2001Harrisburg Heat I12atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Thu12/27/2001Cleveland Crunch13atPhiladelphia KiXX25 Spectrum
Sat12/29/2001Milwaukee Wave20atCleveland Crunch10 CSU Convocation Center
Sat12/29/2001Baltimore Blast II22atHarrisburg Heat I12 Farm Show Arena
Sat12/29/2001Kansas City Comets II8atPhiladelphia KiXX21 Spectrum
Mon12/31/2001Harrisburg Heat I7atMilwaukee Wave17 Bradley Center
Fri1/4/2002Philadelphia KiXX17atBaltimore Blast II12 Baltimore Arena
Sat1/5/2002Cleveland Crunch9atMilwaukee Wave17 Bradley Center
Sun1/6/2002Kansas City Comets II10atMilwaukee Wave20 Bradley Center
Sun1/6/2002Baltimore Blast II20atPhiladelphia KiXX10 Spectrum
Fri1/11/2002Cleveland Crunch16atKansas City Comets II22 Kemper Arena
Sat1/12/2002Harrisburg Heat I7atBaltimore Blast II13 Baltimore Arena
Sat1/12/2002Philadelphia KiXX14atCleveland Crunch5 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/12/2002Milwaukee Wave8atKansas City Comets II16 Kemper Arena
Sun1/13/2002Baltimore Blast II18atHarrisburg Heat I4 Farm Show Arena
Sun1/13/2002Cleveland Crunch8atMilwaukee Wave18 Bradley Center
Fri1/18/2002Philadelphia KiXX11atKansas City Comets II19 Kemper Arena
Sat1/19/2002Baltimore Blast II22atCleveland Crunch24 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/19/2002Milwaukee Wave19atHarrisburg Heat I8 Farm Show Arena
Sat1/19/2002Philadelphia KiXX10atKansas City Comets II17 Kemper Arena
Sun1/20/2002Milwaukee Wave17atHarrisburg Heat I8 Farm Show Arena
Fri1/25/2002Cleveland Crunch13atBaltimore Blast II9 Baltimore Arena
Fri1/25/2002Philadelphia KiXX14atHarrisburg Heat I2 Farm Show Arena
Fri1/25/2002Kansas City Comets II15atMilwaukee Wave21 Bradley Center
Sat1/26/2002Kansas City Comets II12atBaltimore Blast II16 Baltimore Arena
Sat1/26/2002Cleveland Crunch5atHarrisburg Heat I11 Farm Show Arena
Sat1/26/2002Milwaukee Wave11atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Thu1/31/2002Philadelphia KiXX6atMilwaukee Wave14 Bradley Center
Fri2/1/2002Milwaukee Wave16atBaltimore Blast II11 Baltimore Arena
Fri2/1/2002Harrisburg Heat I4atCleveland Crunch11 CSU Convocation Center
Sat2/2/2002Harrisburg Heat I11atBaltimore Blast II13 Baltimore Arena
Sun2/3/2002Kansas City Comets II20atCleveland Crunch19 CSU Convocation Center
Tue2/5/2002Philadelphia KiXX12atCleveland Crunch10(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Thu2/7/2002Harrisburg Heat I10atKansas City Comets II14 Kemper Arena
Fri2/8/2002Baltimore Blast II14atCleveland Crunch12 CSU Convocation Center
Fri2/8/2002Philadelphia KiXX6atMilwaukee Wave20 Bradley Center
Sat2/9/2002Milwaukee Wave14atCleveland Crunch22 CSU Convocation Center
Sat2/9/2002Harrisburg Heat I12atKansas City Comets II21 Kemper Arena
Sat2/9/2002Baltimore Blast II10atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Gaylord Entertainment Center
Sun2/10/2002Harrisburg Heat I5atMilwaukee Wave17 Bradley Center
Wed2/13/2002Philadelphia KiXX16atBaltimore Blast II14 Baltimore Arena
Wed2/20/2002Cleveland Crunch9atPhiladelphia KiXX13 Spectrum
Fri2/22/2002Cleveland Crunch14atHarrisburg Heat I6 Farm Show Arena
Fri2/22/2002Baltimore Blast II12atKansas City Comets II16 Kemper Arena
Sat2/23/2002Philadelphia KiXX18atHarrisburg Heat I19 Farm Show Arena
Sat2/23/2002Baltimore Blast II8atMilwaukee Wave11 Bradley Center
Sun2/24/2002Philadelphia KiXX18atCleveland Crunch11 CSU Convocation Center
Sun2/24/2002Milwaukee Wave16atKansas City Comets II20 Kemper Arena
Fri3/1/2002Philadelphia KiXX9atBaltimore Blast II4 Baltimore Arena
Fri3/1/2002Harrisburg Heat I17atKansas City Comets II21 Kemper Arena
Sat3/2/2002Milwaukee Wave19atBaltimore Blast II13 Baltimore Arena
Sat3/2/2002Kansas City Comets II14atHarrisburg Heat I12 Farm Show Arena
Sat3/2/2002Cleveland Crunch7atPhiladelphia KiXX10 Spectrum
Sun3/3/2002Baltimore Blast II15atHarrisburg Heat I10 Farm Show Arena
Sun3/3/2002Cleveland Crunch2atMilwaukee Wave19 Bradley Center
Sun3/3/2002Kansas City Comets II9atPhiladelphia KiXX16 Spectrum
Fri3/8/2002Milwaukee Wave10atCleveland Crunch14 CSU Convocation Center
Sat3/9/2002Baltimore Blast II6atCleveland Crunch20 CSU Convocation Center
Sat3/9/2002Kansas City Comets II16atMilwaukee Wave21 Bradley Center
Sun3/10/2002Harrisburg Heat I12atPhiladelphia KiXX15 Sovereign Bank Arena (Trenton)
Thu3/14/2002Philadelphia KiXX16atHarrisburg Heat I6 Farm Show Arena
Fri3/15/2002Milwaukee Wave13atKansas City Comets II20 Kemper Arena
Sat3/16/2002Cleveland Crunch20atHarrisburg Heat I12 Farm Show Arena
Sun3/17/2002Harrisburg Heat I14atCleveland Crunch17 CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/17/2002Baltimore Blast II12atKansas City Comets II21 Kemper Arena
Sun3/17/2002Philadelphia KiXX4atMilwaukee Wave14 Bradley Center
Wed3/20/2002Philadelphia KiXX18atKansas City Comets II16 Kemper Arena
Fri3/22/2002Philadelphia KiXX11atBaltimore Blast II19 Baltimore Arena
Fri3/22/2002Milwaukee Wave16atHarrisburg Heat I10 Farm Show Arena
Sat3/23/2002Baltimore Blast II13atHarrisburg Heat I22 Farm Show Arena
Sat3/23/2002Cleveland Crunch11atKansas City Comets II16 Kemper Arena
Sat3/23/2002Milwaukee Wave10atPhiladelphia KiXX14 Spectrum
Sun3/24/2002Harrisburg Heat I13atBaltimore Blast II10 Baltimore Arena
Sun3/24/2002Kansas City Comets II20atCleveland Crunch16 CSU Convocation Center
Fri3/29/2002Kansas City Comets II17atBaltimore Blast II25 Baltimore Arena
Fri3/29/2002Milwaukee Wave10atCleveland Crunch9 CSU Convocation Center
Sat3/30/2002Kansas City Comets II29atHarrisburg Heat I17 Farm Show Arena
Sat3/30/2002Cleveland Crunch15atMilwaukee Wave19 Bradley Center
Sat3/30/2002Baltimore Blast II7atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Spectrum
Thu4/4/2002Baltimore Blast II20atKansas City Comets II18 Kemper Arena
Fri4/5/2002Philadelphia KiXX10atMilwaukee Wave12(OT)Bradley Center
Sat4/6/2002Harrisburg Heat I6atBaltimore Blast II18 Baltimore Arena
Sun4/7/2002Cleveland Crunch12atKansas City Comets II18 Kemper Arena
Sun4/7/2002Baltimore Blast II5atMilwaukee Wave12 Bradley Center
Sun4/7/2002Harrisburg Heat I13atPhiladelphia KiXX16 Spectrum
Fri4/12/2002Cleveland Crunch16atKansas City Comets II15 Kemper Arena
Fri4/12/2002Baltimore Blast II7atMilwaukee Wave14 Bradley Center
Sat4/13/2002Cleveland Crunch16atBaltimore Blast II10 Baltimore Arena
Sat4/13/2002Philadelphia KiXX20atHarrisburg Heat I10 Farm Show Arena
Sat4/13/2002Milwaukee Wave23atKansas City Comets II22 Kemper Arena
Sun4/14/2002Cleveland Crunch14atHarrisburg Heat I12 Farm Show Arena
Sun4/14/2002Kansas City Comets II9atPhiladelphia KiXX17 Spectrum

2002-2003 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Sat9/28/2002Philadelphia KiXX13atDallas Sidekicks I14 Reunion Arena
Sat9/28/2002Milwaukee Wave13atSan Diego Sockers II4 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat10/5/2002Cleveland Force II6atBaltimore Blast II14 Baltimore Arena
Sat10/5/2002Kansas City Comets II13atMilwaukee Wave15 Bradley Center
Sat10/5/2002Harrisburg Heat I10atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Spectrum
Sat10/5/2002Dallas Sidekicks I4atSan Diego Sockers II7 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri10/11/2002Harrisburg Heat I13atSan Diego Sockers II7 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat10/12/2002Baltimore Blast II9atCleveland Force II10 CSU Convocation Center
Sat10/12/2002Harrisburg Heat I10atDallas Sidekicks I16 Reunion Arena
Sat10/12/2002Milwaukee Wave23atKansas City Comets II8 Kemper Arena
Sun10/13/2002Baltimore Blast II13atDallas Sidekicks I9 Reunion Arena
Sun10/13/2002Cleveland Force II5atPhiladelphia KiXX13 Spectrum
Fri10/18/2002San Diego Sockers II8atCleveland Force II10 CSU Convocation Center
Sat10/19/2002Milwaukee Wave12atBaltimore Blast II10(OT)Baltimore Arena
Sat10/19/2002San Diego Sockers II14atKansas City Comets II10 Kemper Arena
Sat10/19/2002Dallas Sidekicks I8atPhiladelphia KiXX10(OT)Spectrum
Fri10/25/2002Kansas City Comets II17atBaltimore Blast II12 Baltimore Arena
Fri10/25/2002Philadelphia KiXX5atMilwaukee Wave19 Bradley Center
Fri10/25/2002Cleveland Force II15atSan Diego Sockers II4 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat10/26/2002Harrisburg Heat I9atBaltimore Blast II8 Baltimore Arena
Sat10/26/2002Kansas City Comets II10atPhiladelphia KiXX18 Spectrum
Sun10/27/2002Milwaukee Wave10atDallas Sidekicks I9 Reunion Arena
Sat11/2/2002Dallas Sidekicks I14atHarrisburg Heat I18 Farm Show Arena
Sat11/2/2002Baltimore Blast II10atPhiladelphia KiXX17 Spectrum
Sat11/2/2002Kansas City Comets II21atSan Diego Sockers II22 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun11/3/2002Philadelphia KiXX6atHarrisburg Heat I4(OT)Farm Show Arena
Sun11/3/2002Cleveland Force II4atMilwaukee Wave17 Bradley Center
Wed11/6/2002Kansas City Comets II18atDallas Sidekicks I12 Reunion Arena
Fri11/8/2002Philadelphia KiXX12atBaltimore Blast II5 Baltimore Arena
Fri11/8/2002Kansas City Comets II9atMilwaukee Wave7 Bradley Center
Sat11/9/2002Philadelphia KiXX6atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/9/2002San Diego Sockers II15atDallas Sidekicks I10 Reunion Arena
Sat11/9/2002Baltimore Blast II12atHarrisburg Heat I14(OT)Farm Show Arena
Sun11/10/2002Kansas City Comets II15atHarrisburg Heat I10 Farm Show Arena
Sun11/10/2002Dallas Sidekicks I4atSan Diego Sockers II8 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri11/15/2002Milwaukee Wave14atBaltimore Blast II16 Baltimore Arena
Sat11/16/2002San Diego Sockers II8atMilwaukee Wave20 Bradley Center
Sat11/16/2002Cleveland Force II11atPhiladelphia KiXX13 Spectrum
Wed11/20/2002San Diego Sockers II5atPhiladelphia KiXX10 Spectrum
Fri11/22/2002Harrisburg Heat I12atCleveland Force II23 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/23/2002San Diego Sockers II20atBaltimore Blast II11 Baltimore Arena
Sun11/24/2002Harrisburg Heat I6atDallas Sidekicks I12 Reunion Arena
Fri11/29/2002Kansas City Comets II12atDallas Sidekicks I7 Reunion Arena
Sat11/30/2002Milwaukee Wave10atDallas Sidekicks I8(OT)Reunion Arena
Sat11/30/2002Baltimore Blast II10atHarrisburg Heat I8(OT)Farm Show Arena
Sat11/30/2002Cleveland Force II21atKansas City Comets II15 Kemper Arena
Sat11/30/2002San Diego Sockers II4atPhiladelphia KiXX12 Spectrum
Sun12/1/2002San Diego Sockers II10atHarrisburg Heat I12(OT)Farm Show Arena
Thu12/5/2002Cleveland Force II16atSan Diego Sockers II12 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri12/6/2002Milwaukee Wave10atSan Diego Sockers II7 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat12/7/2002Cleveland Force II13atHarrisburg Heat I14 Farm Show Arena
Sat12/7/2002Baltimore Blast II10atPhiladelphia KiXX15 Spectrum
Sun12/8/2002Philadelphia KiXX11atHarrisburg Heat I7 Farm Show Arena
Sun12/8/2002Dallas Sidekicks I6atMilwaukee Wave17 Bradley Center
Fri12/13/2002Harrisburg Heat I10atBaltimore Blast II12(OT)Baltimore Arena
Sat12/14/2002Baltimore Blast II10atDallas Sidekicks I17 Reunion Arena
Sat12/14/2002San Diego Sockers II12atHarrisburg Heat I14(OT)Farm Show Arena
Sat12/14/2002Philadelphia KiXX15atKansas City Comets II13 Kemper Arena
Sat12/14/2002Cleveland Force II14atMilwaukee Wave13 Bradley Center
Sun12/15/2002Cleveland Force II4atDallas Sidekicks I13 Reunion Arena
Sat12/21/2002Dallas Sidekicks I13atKansas City Comets II8 Kemper Arena
Sat12/21/2002Milwaukee Wave11atPhiladelphia KiXX14 Spectrum
Sat12/21/2002Baltimore Blast II8atSan Diego Sockers II14 San Diego Sports Arena
Thu12/26/2002Kansas City Comets II13atSan Diego Sockers II6 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat12/28/2002Kansas City Comets II17atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Sat12/28/2002Dallas Sidekicks I8atHarrisburg Heat I10 Farm Show Arena
Sun12/29/2002Baltimore Blast II2atHarrisburg Heat I11 Farm Show Arena
Tue12/31/2002Harrisburg Heat I8atKansas City Comets II19 Kemper Arena
Tue12/31/2002Dallas Sidekicks I8atMilwaukee Wave19 Bradley Center
Thu1/2/2003Milwaukee Wave8atSan Diego Sockers II10 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri1/3/2003Dallas Sidekicks I8atCleveland Force II16 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/4/2003Cleveland Force II6atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/4/2003Kansas City Comets II20atHarrisburg Heat I14 Farm Show Arena
Sat1/4/2003Dallas Sidekicks I7atPhiladelphia KiXX10 Spectrum
Sun1/5/2003Baltimore Blast II5atMilwaukee Wave14 Bradley Center
Fri1/10/2003Dallas Sidekicks I11atBaltimore Blast II16 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/10/2003Harrisburg Heat I12atCleveland Force II13 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/10/2003Milwaukee Wave19atKansas City Comets II18 Kemper Arena
Sat1/11/2003Philadelphia KiXX13atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/11/2003Cleveland Force II10atKansas City Comets II26 Kemper Arena
Sat1/11/2003Harrisburg Heat I13atMilwaukee Wave19 Bradley Center
Sun1/12/2003Dallas Sidekicks I12atSan Diego Sockers II15 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri1/17/2003San Diego Sockers II13atKansas City Comets II17 Kemper Arena
Sat1/18/2003Milwaukee Wave13atCleveland Force II4 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/18/2003San Diego Sockers II16atKansas City Comets II14 Kemper Arena
Sat1/18/2003Harrisburg Heat I6atPhiladelphia KiXX10 Spectrum
Fri1/24/2003Kansas City Comets II7atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/24/2003Philadelphia KiXX10atCleveland Force II20 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/24/2003San Diego Sockers II2atMilwaukee Wave19 Bradley Center
Sat1/25/2003San Diego Sockers II12atBaltimore Blast II17 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/25/2003Milwaukee Wave8atDallas Sidekicks I6(OT)Reunion Arena
Sat1/25/2003Cleveland Force II10atHarrisburg Heat I17 Farm Show Arena
Sat1/25/2003Kansas City Comets II8atPhiladelphia KiXX13 Spectrum
Fri1/31/2003Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/31/2003San Diego Sockers II10atCleveland Force II15 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/31/2003Milwaukee Wave15atHarrisburg Heat I6 Farm Show Arena
Sat2/1/2003Milwaukee Wave16atBaltimore Blast II14 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/1/2003San Diego Sockers II11atDallas Sidekicks I10 Reunion Arena
Sat2/1/2003Philadelphia KiXX17atHarrisburg Heat I16 Farm Show Arena
Sun2/2/2003Kansas City Comets II16atCleveland Force II14 CSU Convocation Center
Wed2/5/2003Milwaukee Wave10atCleveland Force II8(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Thu2/6/2003Harrisburg Heat I21atSan Diego Sockers II10 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri2/7/2003Dallas Sidekicks I16atKansas City Comets II13 Kemper Arena
Sat2/8/2003Baltimore Blast II13atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Sat2/8/2003Harrisburg Heat I13atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Sat2/8/2003San Diego Sockers II9atMilwaukee Wave17 Bradley Center
Sat2/8/2003Dallas Sidekicks I2atPhiladelphia KiXX22 Spectrum
Thu2/13/2003Philadelphia KiXX12atSan Diego Sockers II16 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat2/15/2003Dallas Sidekicks I7atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/15/2003San Diego Sockers II8atCleveland Force II10(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Sat2/15/2003Philadelphia KiXX16atKansas City Comets II18 Kemper Arena
Sat2/15/2003Harrisburg Heat I10atMilwaukee Wave18 Bradley Center
Fri2/21/2003Harrisburg Heat I8atCleveland Force II16 CSU Convocation Center
Fri2/21/2003Baltimore Blast II6atKansas City Comets II17 Kemper Arena
Sat2/22/2003Milwaukee Wave6atKansas City Comets II10 Kemper Arena
Sun2/23/2003Dallas Sidekicks I8atCleveland Force II10(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Sun2/23/2003Baltimore Blast II8atMilwaukee Wave13 Bradley Center
Sun2/23/2003Harrisburg Heat I6atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Wed2/26/2003Baltimore Blast II12atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Fri2/28/2003Cleveland Force II6atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Fri2/28/2003Philadelphia KiXX13atDallas Sidekicks I10(OT)Reunion Arena
Fri2/28/2003Kansas City Comets II4atSan Diego Sockers II13 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat3/1/2003Harrisburg Heat I10atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/1/2003Kansas City Comets II16atDallas Sidekicks I14(OT)Reunion Arena
Sat3/1/2003Cleveland Force II6atMilwaukee Wave16 Bradley Center
Sat3/1/2003Philadelphia KiXX4atSan Diego Sockers II6(OT)San Diego Sports Arena
Tue3/4/2003Cleveland Force II13atDallas Sidekicks I8 Reunion Arena
Tue3/4/2003Philadelphia KiXX6atKansas City Comets II26 Kemper Arena
Wed3/5/2003Milwaukee Wave22atHarrisburg Heat I14 Farm Show Arena
Fri3/14/2003Philadelphia KiXX10atCleveland Force II14 CSU Convocation Center
Fri3/14/2003Dallas Sidekicks I9atKansas City Comets II8 Kemper Arena
Sat3/15/2003Baltimore Blast II16atKansas City Comets II11 Kemper Arena
Sat3/15/2003Dallas Sidekicks I4atMilwaukee Wave12 Bradley Center
Sat3/15/2003Harrisburg Heat I15atSan Diego Sockers II13 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun3/16/2003Baltimore Blast II2atCleveland Force II4 CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/16/2003Philadelphia KiXX10atMilwaukee Wave8 Bradley Center
Fri3/21/2003Kansas City Comets II2atMilwaukee Wave10 Bradley Center
Fri3/21/2003Baltimore Blast II17atSan Diego Sockers II8 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat3/22/2003San Diego Sockers II2atDallas Sidekicks I10 Reunion Arena
Sat3/22/2003Cleveland Force II8atHarrisburg Heat I18 Farm Show Arena
Sat3/22/2003Milwaukee Wave12atPhiladelphia KiXX15 Spectrum
Sun3/23/2003Baltimore Blast II14atDallas Sidekicks I8 Reunion Arena
Sun3/23/2003Kansas City Comets II20atHarrisburg Heat I24 Farm Show Arena
Sun3/23/2003Cleveland Force II11atPhiladelphia KiXX8 Spectrum

2003-2004 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Sat10/4/2003Monterrey Fury2atDallas Sidekicks I9 Reunion Arena
Sat10/4/2003Philadelphia KiXX5atSan Diego Sockers II2 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun10/5/2003Monterrey Fury8atDallas Sidekicks I6 Reunion Arena
Sat10/11/2003Philadelphia KiXX5atBaltimore Blast II3 1st Mariner Arena
Sat10/11/2003St. Louis Steamers II7atKansas City Comets II4 Kemper Arena
Sat10/11/2003Milwaukee Wave4atSan Diego Sockers II3 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri10/17/2003St. Louis Steamers II2atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Sat10/18/2003Monterrey Fury6atKansas City Comets II10 Kemper Arena
Sat10/18/2003Baltimore Blast II5atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sun10/19/2003Cleveland Force II6atDallas Sidekicks I5 Reunion Arena
Wed10/22/2003Philadelphia KiXX4atDallas Sidekicks I8 Reunion Arena
Fri10/24/2003Dallas Sidekicks I2atBaltimore Blast II3 1st Mariner Arena
Fri10/24/2003Cleveland Force II3atSan Diego Sockers II2(OT)San Diego Sports Arena
Sat10/25/2003Kansas City Comets II6atSt. Louis Steamers II12 Family Arena
Fri10/31/2003Cleveland Force II5atMilwaukee Wave8 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/1/2003Milwaukee Wave6atCleveland Force II10 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/1/2003San Diego Sockers II3atDallas Sidekicks I9 Reunion Arena
Sat11/1/2003Baltimore Blast II4atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Thu11/6/2003Dallas Sidekicks I1atSan Diego Sockers II3 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri11/7/2003Monterrey Fury1atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/8/2003Monterrey Fury4atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/8/2003Cleveland Force II4atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Sat11/8/2003Milwaukee Wave6atSt. Louis Steamers II2 Family Arena
Sun11/9/2003Kansas City Comets II3atSan Diego Sockers II6 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri11/14/2003Cleveland Force II3atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/14/2003Kansas City Comets II6atMilwaukee Wave15 US Cellular Arena
Fri11/14/2003Philadelphia KiXX7atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Family Arena
Sat11/15/2003Kansas City Comets II11atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Fri11/21/2003San Diego Sockers II1atBaltimore Blast II3 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/21/2003Monterrey Fury7atCleveland Force II3 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/22/2003Monterrey Fury5atPhiladelphia KiXX8 Spectrum
Sat11/22/2003Dallas Sidekicks I5atSt. Louis Steamers II2 Family Arena
Wed11/26/2003Baltimore Blast II4atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Family Arena
Fri11/28/2003Baltimore Blast II10atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Fri11/28/2003Philadelphia KiXX13atKansas City Comets II8 Kemper Arena
Fri11/28/2003St. Louis Steamers II3atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/29/2003St. Louis Steamers II3atDallas Sidekicks I8 Reunion Arena
Sat11/29/2003Philadelphia KiXX2atSan Diego Sockers II3 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun11/30/2003Dallas Sidekicks I4atMonterrey Fury5(OT)Arena Monterrey
Fri12/5/2003Kansas City Comets II5atMonterrey Fury4(OT)Arena Monterrey
Sat12/6/2003Milwaukee Wave8atBaltimore Blast II9(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Sun12/7/2003San Diego Sockers II2atCleveland Force II5 CSU Convocation Center
Sun12/7/2003Kansas City Comets II4atDallas Sidekicks I10 Reunion Arena
Fri12/12/2003Cleveland Force II2atDallas Sidekicks I8 Reunion Arena
Sat12/13/2003Kansas City Comets II7atBaltimore Blast II6(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/13/2003San Diego Sockers II6atDallas Sidekicks I4 Reunion Arena
Sat12/13/2003Milwaukee Wave4atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sat12/13/2003Monterrey Fury3atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Family Arena
Sun12/14/2003Milwaukee Wave7atKansas City Comets II4 Kemper Arena
Sun12/14/2003Cleveland Force II4atMonterrey Fury5(OT)Arena Monterrey
Sun12/14/2003St. Louis Steamers II1atSan Diego Sockers II8 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat12/20/2003Dallas Sidekicks I5atSan Diego Sockers II8 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri12/26/2003Philadelphia KiXX4atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Fri12/26/2003St. Louis Steamers II9atKansas City Comets II10 Kemper Arena
Sat12/27/2003Philadelphia KiXX4atCleveland Force II2 CSU Convocation Center
Sat12/27/2003Baltimore Blast II6atDallas Sidekicks I7(OT)Reunion Arena
Sat12/27/2003Monterrey Fury5atSan Diego Sockers II6 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat12/27/2003Milwaukee Wave5atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Family Arena
Sun12/28/2003San Diego Sockers II10atMonterrey Fury7 Arena Monterrey
Tue12/30/2003Cleveland Force II2atSt. Louis Steamers II3(OT)Family Arena
Wed12/31/2003Dallas Sidekicks I9atKansas City Comets II8(OT)Kemper Arena
Wed12/31/2003Monterrey Fury2atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri1/2/2004Baltimore Blast II10atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Fri1/2/2004San Diego Sockers II5atMilwaukee Wave6(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat1/3/2004Baltimore Blast II7atCleveland Force II5 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/3/2004Kansas City Comets II5atDallas Sidekicks I7 Reunion Arena
Sat1/3/2004St. Louis Steamers II9atPhiladelphia KiXX5 Spectrum
Sun1/4/2004Milwaukee Wave6atMonterrey Fury2 Arena Monterrey
Sun1/4/2004Dallas Sidekicks I7atSan Diego Sockers II5 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri1/9/2004St. Louis Steamers II2atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/9/2004Monterrey Fury8atSan Diego Sockers II9(OT)San Diego Sports Arena
Sat1/10/2004Dallas Sidekicks I3atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/10/2004Philadelphia KiXX5atKansas City Comets II6(OT)Kemper Arena
Sat1/10/2004Milwaukee Wave5atSan Diego Sockers II3 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun1/11/2004Kansas City Comets II8atCleveland Force II10 CSU Convocation Center
Sun1/11/2004Dallas Sidekicks I4atPhiladelphia KiXX5(OT)Spectrum
Fri1/16/2004Milwaukee Wave6atKansas City Comets II8 Kemper Arena
Sat1/17/2004Cleveland Force II9atKansas City Comets II7 Kemper Arena
Sat1/17/2004San Diego Sockers II0atPhiladelphia KiXX5 Spectrum
Sat1/17/2004Baltimore Blast II11atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Family Arena
Sun1/18/2004Baltimore Blast II8atMonterrey Fury5 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/23/2004Monterrey Fury4atBaltimore Blast II5(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/23/2004Milwaukee Wave5atCleveland Force II4 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/23/2004Kansas City Comets II2atSan Diego Sockers II7 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat1/24/2004Baltimore Blast II6atDallas Sidekicks I7(OT)Reunion Arena
Sat1/24/2004Cleveland Force II2atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/24/2004Monterrey Fury7atPhiladelphia KiXX6(OT)Spectrum
Sat1/24/2004Kansas City Comets II4atSt. Louis Steamers II3(OT)Family Arena
Sun1/25/2004Philadelphia KiXX0atDallas Sidekicks I1 Reunion Arena
Thu1/29/2004Philadelphia KiXX5atMonterrey Fury4 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/30/2004St. Louis Steamers II6atCleveland Force II5 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/31/2004Kansas City Comets II4atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/31/2004Philadelphia KiXX7atCleveland Force II3 CSU Convocation Center
Sat1/31/2004San Diego Sockers II3atDallas Sidekicks I7 Reunion Arena
Sat1/31/2004St. Louis Steamers II1atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sun2/1/2004Milwaukee Wave9atMonterrey Fury6 Arena Monterrey
Wed2/4/2004Baltimore Blast II10atKansas City Comets II7 Kemper Arena
Thu2/5/2004Kansas City Comets II6atMilwaukee Wave5(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri2/6/2004Monterrey Fury5atCleveland Force II3 CSU Convocation Center
Sat2/7/2004Dallas Sidekicks I9atKansas City Comets II10 Kemper Arena
Sat2/7/2004Baltimore Blast II3atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Sat2/7/2004San Diego Sockers II2atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Family Arena
Sun2/8/2004San Diego Sockers II3atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Sun2/8/2004Philadelphia KiXX5atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Wed2/11/2004Cleveland Force II3atPhiladelphia KiXX5 Spectrum
Thu2/12/2004Monterrey Fury6atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Family Arena
Sat2/14/2004Monterrey Fury2atKansas City Comets II3 Kemper Arena
Sat2/14/2004Dallas Sidekicks I5atMilwaukee Wave6(2 OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat2/14/2004Baltimore Blast II3atSan Diego Sockers II5 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun2/15/2004Dallas Sidekicks I6atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Mon2/16/2004San Diego Sockers II3atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Family Arena
Fri2/20/2004Milwaukee Wave3atDallas Sidekicks I4 Reunion Arena
Fri2/20/2004St. Louis Steamers II5atKansas City Comets II3 Kemper Arena
Sat2/21/2004Cleveland Force II4atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/21/2004San Diego Sockers II5atKansas City Comets II7 Kemper Arena
Sat2/21/2004Philadelphia KiXX3atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Family Arena
Sun2/22/2004Baltimore Blast II9atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Sun2/22/2004Milwaukee Wave8atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Fri3/5/2004Philadelphia KiXX9atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/5/2004Monterrey Fury3atDallas Sidekicks I10 Reunion Arena
Sat3/6/2004San Diego Sockers II8atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/6/2004Kansas City Comets II7atMilwaukee Wave9 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/6/2004Cleveland Force II6atSt. Louis Steamers II2 Family Arena
Sun3/7/2004St. Louis Steamers II3atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/7/2004Cleveland Force II4atMonterrey Fury5(OT)Arena Monterrey
Sun3/7/2004San Diego Sockers II6atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Tue3/9/2004Kansas City Comets II5atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Wed3/10/2004Dallas Sidekicks I8atMonterrey Fury3 Arena Monterrey
Thu3/11/2004Cleveland Force II4atSan Diego Sockers II6 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri3/12/2004Milwaukee Wave6atKansas City Comets II7(OT)Kemper Arena
Sat3/13/2004Cleveland Force II5atKansas City Comets II6(OT)Kemper Arena
Sun3/14/2004Dallas Sidekicks I0atCleveland Force II4 CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/14/2004Baltimore Blast II3atMilwaukee Wave5 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/14/2004Philadelphia KiXX4atMonterrey Fury7 Arena Monterrey
Sun3/14/2004St. Louis Steamers II4atSan Diego Sockers II3 San Diego Sports Arena
Wed3/17/2004San Diego Sockers II7atMonterrey Fury6 Arena Monterrey
Wed3/17/2004Dallas Sidekicks I8atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Family Arena
Thu3/18/2004San Diego Sockers II6atMonterrey Fury10 Arena Monterrey
Fri3/19/2004Philadelphia KiXX3atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Fri3/19/2004Kansas City Comets II4atSt. Louis Steamers II10 Family Arena
Sat3/20/2004Dallas Sidekicks I4atMilwaukee Wave5 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/20/2004St. Louis Steamers II3atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Sat3/20/2004Baltimore Blast II9atSan Diego Sockers II5 San Diego Sports Arena
Sun3/21/2004Kansas City Comets II7atCleveland Force II8(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/21/2004Milwaukee Wave3atDallas Sidekicks I4 Reunion Arena
Sun3/21/2004Baltimore Blast II5atMonterrey Fury6(OT)Arena Monterrey
Thu3/25/2004San Diego Sockers II4atMilwaukee Wave9 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/27/2004Baltimore Blast II4atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Sat3/27/2004Milwaukee Wave5atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Family Arena
Sun3/28/2004St. Louis Steamers II4atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/28/2004Kansas City Comets II11atMonterrey Fury10(OT)Arena Monterrey
Sun3/28/2004Dallas Sidekicks I6atPhiladelphia KiXX5(2 OT)Spectrum
Wed3/31/2004St. Louis Steamers II3atMonterrey Fury6 Arena Monterrey
Fri4/2/2004Cleveland Force II3atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Fri4/2/2004Philadelphia KiXX2atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Fri4/2/2004Monterrey Fury3atSan Diego Sockers II0 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat4/3/2004Milwaukee Wave10atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat4/3/2004St. Louis Steamers II4atDallas Sidekicks I7 Reunion Arena
Sat4/3/2004San Diego Sockers II2atKansas City Comets II8 Kemper Arena
Sat4/3/2004Cleveland Force II3atPhiladelphia KiXX5 Spectrum
Sun4/4/2004Dallas Sidekicks I6atMonterrey Fury10 Arena Monterrey
Mon4/5/2004St. Louis Steamers II5atMonterrey Fury2 Arena Monterrey

2004-2005 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Sat10/9/2004Baltimore Blast II3atSan Diego Sockers II5 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat10/16/2004San Diego Sockers II3atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Fri10/22/2004Kansas City Comets II6atSan Diego Sockers II4 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat10/23/2004Milwaukee Wave8atChicago Storm3 UIC Pavilion
Sat10/23/2004Philadelphia KiXX11atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Fri10/29/2004Chicago Storm9atMilwaukee Wave8(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri10/29/2004Monterrey Tigres2atSan Diego Sockers II10 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri10/29/2004Baltimore Blast II8atSt. Louis Steamers II7(OT)Savvis Center
Wed11/3/2004Cleveland Force II5atChicago Storm6 UIC Pavilion
Fri11/5/2004Philadelphia KiXX8atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/5/2004St. Louis Steamers II4atSan Diego Sockers II3 San Diego Sports Arena
Sat11/6/2004Chicago Storm5atCleveland Force II9 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/6/2004Kansas City Comets II5atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/6/2004Baltimore Blast II5atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sat11/6/2004Monterrey Tigres3atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Savvis Center
Fri11/12/2004Milwaukee Wave6atBaltimore Blast II1 1st Mariner Arena
Fri11/12/2004San Diego Sockers II4atSt. Louis Steamers II7 Savvis Center
Sat11/13/2004Chicago Storm3atBaltimore Blast II1 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/13/2004Cleveland Force II5atMilwaukee Wave6(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat11/13/2004San Diego Sockers II2atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Sun11/14/2004Chicago Storm7atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Sun11/14/2004Cleveland Force II4atSt. Louis Steamers II2 Savvis Center
Fri11/19/2004Monterrey Tigres7atMilwaukee Wave8(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat11/20/2004St. Louis Steamers II12atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/20/2004Monterrey Tigres5atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sun11/21/2004Kansas City Comets II5atSan Diego Sockers II11 San Diego Sports Arena
Fri11/26/2004Milwaukee Wave7atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Fri11/26/2004Philadelphia KiXX3atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Sat11/27/2004St. Louis Steamers II7atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Sun11/28/2004Chicago Storm7atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Fri12/3/2004Monterrey Tigres6atChicago Storm3 UIC Pavilion
Fri12/3/2004Kansas City Comets II8atCleveland Force II7(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Fri12/3/2004San Diego Sockers II6atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Fri12/3/2004Milwaukee Wave6atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Savvis Center
Sat12/4/2004Baltimore Blast II11atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Sat12/4/2004Monterrey Tigres5atKansas City Comets II9 Kemper Arena
Sat12/4/2004Chicago Storm3atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Sun12/5/2004Philadelphia KiXX5atSt. Louis Steamers II6(OT)Savvis Center
Fri12/10/2004Milwaukee Wave4atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/11/2004Baltimore Blast II6atChicago Storm10 UIC Pavilion
Sat12/11/2004San Diego Sockers II4atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Sat12/11/2004St. Louis Steamers II2atMilwaukee Wave3 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/11/2004Cleveland Force II6atPhiladelphia KiXX5 Spectrum
Sun12/12/2004Chicago Storm5atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Fri12/17/2004Philadelphia KiXX9atChicago Storm4 UIC Pavilion
Fri12/17/2004Baltimore Blast II1atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri12/17/2004Cleveland Force II3atSt. Louis Steamers II9 Savvis Center
Sat12/18/2004St. Louis Steamers II5atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/18/2004Chicago Storm8atKansas City Comets II9(OT)Kemper Arena
Sat12/18/2004Milwaukee Wave3atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sun12/26/2004Philadelphia KiXX4atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Fri12/31/2004Chicago Storm5atMilwaukee Wave6(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat1/1/2005Philadelphia KiXX7atKansas City Comets II5 Kemper Arena
Sun1/2/2005Baltimore Blast II3atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Savvis Center
Fri1/7/2005Kansas City Comets II6atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/7/2005Chicago Storm1atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/7/2005St. Louis Steamers II6atMilwaukee Wave5(2 OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat1/8/2005Milwaukee Wave3atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/8/2005Kansas City Comets II3atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Sun1/9/2005Philadelphia KiXX6atCleveland Force II5(OT)CSU Convocation Center
Sun1/9/2005Chicago Storm6atSt. Louis Steamers II7 Savvis Center
Fri1/14/2005St. Louis Steamers II4atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/14/2005Philadelphia KiXX5atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/15/2005St. Louis Steamers II8atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Sun1/16/2005Kansas City Comets II6atChicago Storm3 UIC Pavilion
Sun1/16/2005Baltimore Blast II8atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Fri1/21/2005Philadelphia KiXX9atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/21/2005Cleveland Force II4atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Fri1/21/2005Kansas City Comets II6atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Savvis Center
Sat1/22/2005Cleveland Force II4atMilwaukee Wave3(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sun1/23/2005Milwaukee Wave3atChicago Storm7 UIC Pavilion
Thu1/27/2005Baltimore Blast II4atKansas City Comets II9 Kemper Arena
Fri1/28/2005St. Louis Steamers II3atChicago Storm5 UIC Pavilion
Sat1/29/2005Cleveland Force II2atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/29/2005St. Louis Steamers II6atPhiladelphia KiXX5(OT)Spectrum
Sun1/30/2005St. Louis Steamers II3atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Wed2/2/2005Kansas City Comets II5atSt. Louis Steamers II11 Savvis Center
Fri2/4/2005Kansas City Comets II2atCleveland Force II9 CSU Convocation Center
Fri2/4/2005St. Louis Steamers II5atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/5/2005St. Louis Steamers II4atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/5/2005Kansas City Comets II4atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Sat2/5/2005Cleveland Force II6atPhiladelphia KiXX7(2 OT)Spectrum
Wed2/9/2005Philadelphia KiXX7atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Fri2/11/2005Milwaukee Wave1atChicago Storm5 UIC Pavilion
Fri2/11/2005Kansas City Comets II8atCleveland Force II3 CSU Convocation Center
Sat2/12/2005Cleveland Force II6atKansas City Comets II5(OT)Kemper Arena
Sat2/12/2005Baltimore Blast II3atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Sun2/13/2005Baltimore Blast II2atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Wed2/16/2005Milwaukee Wave6atPhiladelphia KiXX2 Spectrum
Fri2/18/2005Kansas City Comets II8atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Fri2/18/2005St. Louis Steamers II1atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Sat2/19/2005Cleveland Force II6atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/19/2005Philadelphia KiXX0atKansas City Comets II4 Kemper Arena
Sat2/19/2005Milwaukee Wave7atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Savvis Center
Sun2/20/2005Philadelphia KiXX2atCleveland Force II8 CSU Convocation Center
Sun2/20/2005Chicago Storm3atMilwaukee Wave4(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri2/25/2005Philadelphia KiXX5atChicago Storm6 UIC Pavilion
Fri2/25/2005Milwaukee Wave8atKansas City Comets II3 Kemper Arena
Sat2/26/2005Milwaukee Wave6atKansas City Comets II1 Kemper Arena
Sat2/26/2005Cleveland Force II6atPhiladelphia KiXX7(OT)Spectrum
Sun2/27/2005Baltimore Blast II6atChicago Storm5 UIC Pavilion
Sun2/27/2005St. Louis Steamers II5atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Tue3/1/2005Philadelphia KiXX4atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Wed3/2/2005Chicago Storm8atKansas City Comets II7(OT)Kemper Arena
Thu3/3/2005Milwaukee Wave5atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Savvis Center
Sun3/6/2005Philadelphia KiXX5atMilwaukee Wave6(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri3/11/2005Baltimore Blast II5atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Sat3/12/2005Kansas City Comets II4atChicago Storm7 UIC Pavilion
Sun3/13/2005Chicago Storm6atCleveland Force II10 CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/13/2005Kansas City Comets II3atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/19/2005Cleveland Force II5atChicago Storm4 UIC Pavilion
Sat3/19/2005St. Louis Steamers II5atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Sat3/19/2005Baltimore Blast II6atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Sun3/20/2005Kansas City Comets II5atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Sun3/20/2005St. Louis Steamers II4atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri3/25/2005Chicago Storm4atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Savvis Center
Sat3/26/2005Chicago Storm5atBaltimore Blast II3 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/26/2005Cleveland Force II2atPhiladelphia KiXX8 Spectrum
Sat3/26/2005Kansas City Comets II6atSt. Louis Steamers II9 Savvis Center
Thu3/31/2005Milwaukee Wave3atKansas City Comets II6 Kemper Arena
Fri4/1/2005Cleveland Force II7atBaltimore Blast II3 1st Mariner Arena
Sat4/2/2005Milwaukee Wave5atCleveland Force II2 CSU Convocation Center
Sat4/2/2005Chicago Storm5atKansas City Comets II6(OT)Kemper Arena
Sat4/2/2005Philadelphia KiXX7atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Savvis Center
Sun4/3/2005St. Louis Steamers II7atChicago Storm5 UIC Pavilion
Sun4/3/2005Baltimore Blast II4atPhiladelphia KiXX3(OT)Spectrum
Thu4/7/2005Cleveland Force II4atKansas City Comets II3 Kemper Arena
Fri4/8/2005Baltimore Blast II7atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Fri4/8/2005Philadelphia KiXX6atMilwaukee Wave3 US Cellular Arena
Sat4/9/2005St. Louis Steamers II2atChicago Storm7 UIC Pavilion
Sat4/9/2005Baltimore Blast II3atKansas City Comets II5 Kemper Arena
Sat4/9/2005Milwaukee Wave6atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Sun4/10/2005Cleveland Force II10atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Fri4/15/2005Kansas City Comets II7atBaltimore Blast II6(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Fri4/15/2005Chicago Storm2atCleveland Force II7 CSU Convocation Center
Sat4/16/2005Baltimore Blast II5atChicago Storm6 UIC Pavilion
Sat4/16/2005Kansas City Comets II3atPhiladelphia KiXX2(OT)Spectrum
Sat4/16/2005Milwaukee Wave7atSt. Louis Steamers II2 Savvis Center
Sun4/17/2005Cleveland Force II8atMilwaukee Wave7(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri4/22/2005Cleveland Force II7atBaltimore Blast II6(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Fri4/22/2005St. Louis Steamers II2atKansas City Comets II3 Kemper Arena
Sat4/23/2005Milwaukee Wave4atCleveland Force II6 CSU Convocation Center
Sat4/23/2005Philadelphia KiXX8atKansas City Comets II2 Kemper Arena
Sat4/23/2005Chicago Storm2atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Savvis Center
Sun4/24/2005Baltimore Blast II8atMilwaukee Wave11 US Cellular Arena

2005-2006 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Sun11/6/2005Milwaukee Wave6atChicago Storm3 UIC Pavilion
Fri11/11/2005California Cougars4atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/12/2005Chicago Storm3atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/12/2005California Cougars6atPhiladelphia KiXX7(OT)Spectrum
Sat11/19/2005St. Louis Steamers II5atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/19/2005California Cougars4atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Sat11/19/2005Milwaukee Wave6atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Sat11/26/2005California Cougars2atMilwaukee Wave9 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/26/2005Philadelphia KiXX4atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Sun11/27/2005Baltimore Blast II3atChicago Storm4 UIC Pavilion
Sat12/3/2005Chicago Storm3atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/3/2005St. Louis Steamers II5atMilwaukee Wave6(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat12/3/2005California Cougars5atPhiladelphia KiXX10 Spectrum
Sun12/4/2005California Cougars1atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Fri12/9/2005Philadelphia KiXX3atMilwaukee Wave5 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/10/2005Milwaukee Wave7atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/10/2005Chicago Storm2atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Sat12/10/2005California Cougars3atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Savvis Center
Fri12/16/2005Baltimore Blast II2atSt. Louis Steamers II7 Savvis Center
Sun12/18/2005Baltimore Blast II10atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Sun12/18/2005St. Louis Steamers II7atChicago Storm4 UIC Pavilion
Thu12/22/2005St. Louis Steamers II6atCalifornia Cougars5 Stockton Arena
Thu12/29/2005Chicago Storm4atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Fri12/30/2005Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/31/2005California Cougars2atMilwaukee Wave8 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/1/2006California Cougars7atChicago Storm9 UIC Pavilion
Fri1/6/2006Baltimore Blast II8atMilwaukee Wave5 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/7/2006Milwaukee Wave7atBaltimore Blast II6(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/7/2006Chicago Storm4atCalifornia Cougars5(OT)Stockton Arena
Sat1/7/2006St. Louis Steamers II6atPhiladelphia KiXX5(OT)Spectrum
Sun1/8/2006St. Louis Steamers II4atChicago Storm6 UIC Pavilion
Fri1/13/2006St. Louis Steamers II10atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/15/2006Milwaukee Wave5atChicago Storm6(OT)UIC Pavilion
Mon1/16/2006Philadelphia KiXX8atCalifornia Cougars5 Stockton Arena
Fri1/20/2006Philadelphia KiXX5atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/21/2006Chicago Storm5atBaltimore Blast II9 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/21/2006St. Louis Steamers II7atCalifornia Cougars5 Stockton Arena
Sat1/21/2006Milwaukee Wave7atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Sun1/22/2006Baltimore Blast II5atChicago Storm4 UIC Pavilion
Tue1/24/2006Baltimore Blast II3atSt. Louis Steamers II12 Savvis Center
Fri1/27/2006Milwaukee Wave8atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Sat1/28/2006St. Louis Steamers II7atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/28/2006Chicago Storm4atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Sun1/29/2006Philadelphia KiXX6atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Sun1/29/2006Baltimore Blast II5atMilwaukee Wave11 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/29/2006California Cougars1atSt. Louis Steamers II5 Savvis Center
Fri2/3/2006California Cougars5atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/4/2006Milwaukee Wave5atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/4/2006California Cougars4atPhiladelphia KiXX3(OT)Spectrum
Sat2/4/2006Chicago Storm0atSt. Louis Steamers II4 Savvis Center
Wed2/8/2006Baltimore Blast II8atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Thu2/9/2006Chicago Storm3atCalifornia Cougars5 Stockton Arena
Sun2/12/2006Philadelphia KiXX4atChicago Storm8 UIC Pavilion
Sun2/12/2006Milwaukee Wave3atSt. Louis Steamers II6 Savvis Center
Fri2/17/2006Chicago Storm5atBaltimore Blast II6(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Fri2/17/2006Milwaukee Wave8atCalifornia Cougars7 Stockton Arena
Sat2/18/2006St. Louis Steamers II8atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sun2/19/2006Chicago Storm7atMilwaukee Wave5 US Cellular Arena
Mon2/20/2006Philadelphia KiXX3atCalifornia Cougars5 Stockton Arena
Mon2/20/2006Baltimore Blast II7atSt. Louis Steamers II9 Savvis Center
Fri2/24/2006Baltimore Blast II5atCalifornia Cougars3 Stockton Arena
Sat2/25/2006Milwaukee Wave6atPhiladelphia KiXX7(OT)Spectrum
Fri3/3/2006Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II5 1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/3/2006St. Louis Steamers II5atCalifornia Cougars8 Stockton Arena
Sat3/4/2006Baltimore Blast II5atPhiladelphia KiXX7 Spectrum
Sun3/5/2006California Cougars9atMilwaukee Wave7 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/11/2006Chicago Storm3atCalifornia Cougars4(OT)Stockton Arena
Sat3/11/2006Philadelphia KiXX2atSt. Louis Steamers II5 Savvis Center
Sun3/12/2006Baltimore Blast II5atMilwaukee Wave6(OT)US Cellular Arena
Fri3/17/2006Chicago Storm5atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Sat3/18/2006Baltimore Blast II6atCalifornia Cougars8 Stockton Arena
Sat3/18/2006St. Louis Steamers II7atPhiladelphia KiXX3 Spectrum
Sun3/19/2006St. Louis Steamers II4atChicago Storm2 UIC Pavilion
Sun3/19/2006Philadelphia KiXX1atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri3/24/2006California Cougars5atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/25/2006Chicago Storm5atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sat3/25/2006Milwaukee Wave7atSt. Louis Steamers II8(OT)Savvis Center
Sun3/26/2006Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/26/2006California Cougars4atChicago Storm7 UIC Pavilion
Sun3/26/2006St. Louis Steamers II7atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Thu3/30/2006Philadelphia KiXX4atSt. Louis Steamers II3 Savvis Center
Fri3/31/2006St. Louis Steamers II6atBaltimore Blast II7 1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/31/2006Milwaukee Wave4atChicago Storm9 UIC Pavilion
Sat4/1/2006Philadelphia KiXX7atCalifornia Cougars5 Stockton Arena
Sat4/1/2006Milwaukee Wave4atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Sun4/2/2006Baltimore Blast II3atChicago Storm4(OT)UIC Pavilion
Sat4/8/2006Baltimore Blast II2atPhiladelphia KiXX8 Spectrum
Sat4/8/2006Chicago Storm3atSt. Louis Steamers II8 Savvis Center
Sun4/9/2006Milwaukee Wave5atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Sun4/9/2006Philadelphia KiXX6atChicago Storm7 UIC Pavilion

2006-2007 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Sat11/4/2006Baltimore Blast II6atDetroit Ignition8 Compuware Arena
Sat11/4/2006Chicago Storm9atMilwaukee Wave8 US Cellular Arena
Sun11/5/2006Philadelphia KiXX12atCalifornia Cougars13 Stockton Arena
Sat11/11/2006Chicago Storm12atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/11/2006Milwaukee Wave11atCalifornia Cougars14 Stockton Arena
Sat11/11/2006Detroit Ignition10atPhiladelphia KiXX8(OT)Spectrum
Fri11/17/2006Detroit Ignition5atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/18/2006California Cougars12atMilwaukee Wave18 US Cellular Arena
Sun11/19/2006California Cougars14atChicago Storm15 Sears Centre
Sun11/19/2006Philadelphia KiXX12atDetroit Ignition10(OT)Compuware Arena
Sun11/26/2006Philadelphia KiXX14atCalifornia Cougars10 Stockton Arena
Sun11/26/2006Milwaukee Wave10atChicago Storm12(OT)Sears Centre
Fri12/1/2006Baltimore Blast II17atMilwaukee Wave21 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/2/2006Milwaukee Wave14atBaltimore Blast II16 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/2/2006Detroit Ignition8atChicago Storm9 Sears Centre
Sat12/2/2006California Cougars6atPhiladelphia KiXX26 Spectrum
Sun12/3/2006California Cougars15atDetroit Ignition25 Compuware Arena
Sat12/9/2006California Cougars6atBaltimore Blast II22 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/9/2006Detroit Ignition10atMilwaukee Wave20 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/9/2006Chicago Storm10atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Sun12/10/2006Philadelphia KiXX16atChicago Storm13 Sears Centre
Sun12/10/2006Milwaukee Wave16atDetroit Ignition10 Compuware Arena
Thu12/14/2006Baltimore Blast II10atCalifornia Cougars12 Stockton Arena
Sat12/16/2006Baltimore Blast II4atDetroit Ignition15 Compuware Arena
Sat12/16/2006Milwaukee Wave8atPhiladelphia KiXX14 Spectrum
Sun12/17/2006Detroit Ignition11atChicago Storm7 Sears Centre
Sat12/23/2006Chicago Storm12atCalifornia Cougars2 Stockton Arena
Fri12/29/2006Detroit Ignition10atCalifornia Cougars12 Stockton Arena
Fri12/29/2006Philadelphia KiXX10atChicago Storm8 Sears Centre
Sat12/30/2006Baltimore Blast II19atChicago Storm21 Sears Centre
Sun12/31/2006Philadelphia KiXX13atMilwaukee Wave12 US Cellular Arena
Fri1/5/2007Chicago Storm14atDetroit Ignition24 Compuware Arena
Sat1/6/2007Detroit Ignition6atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/6/2007California Cougars14atChicago Storm12 Sears Centre
Sat1/6/2007Milwaukee Wave16atPhiladelphia KiXX11 Spectrum
Sun1/7/2007California Cougars6atMilwaukee Wave18 US Cellular Arena
Thu1/11/2007Baltimore Blast II20atCalifornia Cougars9 Stockton Arena
Fri1/12/2007Milwaukee Wave6atDetroit Ignition14 Compuware Arena
Sun1/14/2007Detroit Ignition17atMilwaukee Wave14(OT)US Cellular Arena
Sun1/14/2007Baltimore Blast II8atPhiladelphia KiXX16 Spectrum
Fri1/19/2007Milwaukee Wave7atBaltimore Blast II2 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/19/2007California Cougars8atDetroit Ignition18 Compuware Arena
Sat1/20/2007California Cougars6atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/20/2007Chicago Storm4atMilwaukee Wave12 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/20/2007Detroit Ignition6atPhiladelphia KiXX8 Spectrum
Wed1/24/2007Chicago Storm18atCalifornia Cougars10 Stockton Arena
Fri1/26/2007Chicago Storm4atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/26/2007California Cougars14atMilwaukee Wave16 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/27/2007Detroit Ignition10atBaltimore Blast II6 1st Mariner Arena
Sat1/27/2007Milwaukee Wave23atCalifornia Cougars18 Stockton Arena
Sat1/27/2007Chicago Storm6atPhiladelphia KiXX2 Spectrum
Sun1/28/2007Philadelphia KiXX9atDetroit Ignition8 Compuware Arena
Fri2/2/2007Philadelphia KiXX12atBaltimore Blast II19 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/3/2007Detroit Ignition14atCalifornia Cougars21 Stockton Arena
Sat2/3/2007Chicago Storm12atMilwaukee Wave19 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/3/2007Baltimore Blast II16atPhiladelphia KiXX8 Spectrum
Wed2/7/2007California Cougars12atPhiladelphia KiXX19 Spectrum
Sat2/17/2007Milwaukee Wave7atBaltimore Blast II13 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/17/2007Philadelphia KiXX18atCalifornia Cougars16(OT)Stockton Arena
Sat2/17/2007Chicago Storm10atDetroit Ignition16 Compuware Arena
Sun2/18/2007Baltimore Blast II14atMilwaukee Wave12 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/24/2007Baltimore Blast II12atChicago Storm4 Sears Centre
Sat2/24/2007Milwaukee Wave14atPhiladelphia KiXX24 Spectrum
Sun2/25/2007Philadelphia KiXX12atDetroit Ignition22 Compuware Arena
Thu3/1/2007Chicago Storm20atCalifornia Cougars10 Stockton Arena
Fri3/2/2007Philadelphia KiXX8atBaltimore Blast II10(OT)1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/2/2007Milwaukee Wave12atDetroit Ignition14(OT)Compuware Arena
Sat3/3/2007California Cougars9atBaltimore Blast II14 1st Mariner Arena
Sun3/4/2007Detroit Ignition13atMilwaukee Wave8 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/4/2007California Cougars11atPhiladelphia KiXX24 Spectrum
Sat3/10/2007Philadelphia KiXX18atChicago Storm11 Sears Centre
Sun3/11/2007Baltimore Blast II8atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Sun3/11/2007Detroit Ignition4atChicago Storm18 Sears Centre
Sun3/11/2007Philadelphia KiXX7atMilwaukee Wave11 US Cellular Arena
Fri3/16/2007Baltimore Blast II7atDetroit Ignition14 Compuware Arena
Sat3/17/2007Chicago Storm11atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Sun3/18/2007California Cougars13atChicago Storm19 Sears Centre
Sun3/18/2007Baltimore Blast II4atMilwaukee Wave10 US Cellular Arena
Fri3/23/2007Chicago Storm12atBaltimore Blast II4 1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/23/2007California Cougars8atDetroit Ignition17 Compuware Arena
Sat3/24/2007Detroit Ignition12atCalifornia Cougars18 Stockton Arena
Sat3/24/2007Milwaukee Wave8atChicago Storm19 Sears Centre
Sat3/24/2007Baltimore Blast II7atPhiladelphia KiXX14 Spectrum
Sun3/25/2007Philadelphia KiXX10atMilwaukee Wave18 US Cellular Arena
Fri3/30/2007Philadelphia KiXX13atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/31/2007Milwaukee Wave9atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Sat3/31/2007Baltimore Blast II6atChicago Storm21 Sears Centre
Sat3/31/2007Detroit Ignition10atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Sun4/1/2007Chicago Storm18atDetroit Ignition13 Compuware Arena
Sat4/7/2007Milwaukee Wave20atChicago Storm11 Sears Centre

2007-2008 Major Indoor Soccer League

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Fri10/19/2007Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II8 1st Mariner Arena
Fri10/26/2007New Jersey Ironmen7atOrlando Sharks4 Amway Arena
Sat10/27/2007Milwaukee Wave8atBaltimore Blast II13 1st Mariner Arena
Sat10/27/2007California Cougars10atChicago Storm11 Sears Centre
Thu11/1/2007Chicago Storm16atMonterrey La Raza II12 Arena Monterrey
Sat11/3/2007Philadelphia KiXX6atDetroit Ignition17 Compuware Arena
Sat11/3/2007New Jersey Ironmen8atMilwaukee Wave10(2 OT)US Cellular Arena
Sat11/3/2007Baltimore Blast II17atOrlando Sharks6 Amway Arena
Thu11/8/2007Philadelphia KiXX10atMonterrey La Raza II17 Arena Monterrey
Sat11/10/2007Orlando Sharks7atBaltimore Blast II14 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/10/2007Monterrey La Raza II10atCalifornia Cougars20 Stockton Arena
Sat11/10/2007Milwaukee Wave9atChicago Storm10 Sears Centre
Sat11/10/2007Detroit Ignition11atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Sun11/11/2007New Jersey Ironmen21atDetroit Ignition14 Compuware Arena
Fri11/16/2007Monterrey La Raza II9atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Sat11/17/2007Detroit Ignition16atCalifornia Cougars13 Stockton Arena
Sat11/17/2007New Jersey Ironmen18atChicago Storm16(OT)Sears Centre
Sat11/17/2007Orlando Sharks7atMilwaukee Wave16 US Cellular Arena
Sat11/17/2007Monterrey La Raza II13atPhiladelphia KiXX15 Spectrum
Wed11/21/2007California Cougars20atOrlando Sharks11 Amway Arena
Sun11/25/2007Philadelphia KiXX14atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Thu11/29/2007Milwaukee Wave23atMonterrey La Raza II17 Arena Monterrey
Fri11/30/2007Orlando Sharks4atChicago Storm14 Sears Centre
Fri11/30/2007Baltimore Blast II4atDetroit Ignition11 Compuware Arena
Fri11/30/2007California Cougars8atPhiladelphia KiXX6(OT)Spectrum
Sat12/1/2007California Cougars12atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/1/2007Monterrey La Raza II10atMilwaukee Wave16 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/1/2007Detroit Ignition6atNew Jersey Ironmen8 Prudential Center
Sat12/1/2007Chicago Storm9atOrlando Sharks4 Amway Arena
Thu12/6/2007Orlando Sharks12atMonterrey La Raza II21 Arena Monterrey
Fri12/7/2007Philadelphia KiXX8atMilwaukee Wave14 US Cellular Arena
Sat12/8/2007Detroit Ignition19atBaltimore Blast II11 1st Mariner Arena
Sat12/8/2007New Jersey Ironmen15atOrlando Sharks12 Amway Arena
Sat12/8/2007Chicago Storm9atPhiladelphia KiXX2 Spectrum
Sun12/9/2007Monterrey La Raza II6atCalifornia Cougars14 Stockton Arena
Sun12/9/2007Milwaukee Wave17atNew Jersey Ironmen4 Prudential Center
Thu12/13/2007Baltimore Blast II13atMonterrey La Raza II16 Arena Monterrey
Fri12/14/2007Chicago Storm8atMilwaukee Wave6 US Cellular Arena
Fri12/14/2007Philadelphia KiXX10atNew Jersey Ironmen8 Prudential Center
Fri12/14/2007Detroit Ignition22atOrlando Sharks6 Amway Arena
Sat12/15/2007Baltimore Blast II4atCalifornia Cougars7 Stockton Arena
Sat12/15/2007Milwaukee Wave9atChicago Storm6 Sears Centre
Sat12/15/2007Monterrey La Raza II14atDetroit Ignition10 Compuware Arena
Sat12/15/2007Orlando Sharks4atPhiladelphia KiXX20 Spectrum
Fri12/21/2007Orlando Sharks7atNew Jersey Ironmen13 Prudential Center
Sat12/22/2007Detroit Ignition25atChicago Storm7 Sears Centre
Thu12/27/2007New Jersey Ironmen21atMonterrey La Raza II12 Arena Monterrey
Sat12/29/2007Orlando Sharks6atChicago Storm9 Sears Centre
Sun12/30/2007New Jersey Ironmen24atCalifornia Cougars15 Stockton Arena
Mon12/31/2007Detroit Ignition10atMilwaukee Wave4 US Cellular Arena
Mon12/31/2007Philadelphia KiXX12atOrlando Sharks8 Amway Arena
Fri1/4/2008New Jersey Ironmen2atBaltimore Blast II15 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/4/2008Monterrey La Raza II16atChicago Storm14 Sears Centre
Fri1/4/2008California Cougars20atDetroit Ignition10 Compuware Arena
Fri1/4/2008Philadelphia KiXX10atMilwaukee Wave12 US Cellular Arena
Sat1/5/2008Chicago Storm17atCalifornia Cougars8 Stockton Arena
Sat1/5/2008Detroit Ignition21atNew Jersey Ironmen12 Prudential Center
Sat1/5/2008Milwaukee Wave8atOrlando Sharks4 Amway Arena
Sat1/5/2008Baltimore Blast II0atPhiladelphia KiXX4 Spectrum
Thu1/10/2008Milwaukee Wave22atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Fri1/11/2008Chicago Storm4atDetroit Ignition12 Compuware Arena
Fri1/11/2008Baltimore Blast II12atNew Jersey Ironmen13 Prudential Center
Sat1/12/2008Orlando Sharks8atPhiladelphia KiXX20 Spectrum
Sun1/13/2008Milwaukee Wave17atCalifornia Cougars9 Stockton Arena
Fri1/18/2008Monterrey La Raza II9atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/18/2008Philadelphia KiXX8atChicago Storm14 Sears Centre
Fri1/18/2008Milwaukee Wave14atDetroit Ignition15 Compuware Arena
Fri1/18/2008California Cougars13atOrlando Sharks16 Amway Arena
Sat1/19/2008California Cougars14atNew Jersey Ironmen17 Prudential Center
Sat1/19/2008Baltimore Blast II12atPhiladelphia KiXX6 Spectrum
Fri1/25/2008Milwaukee Wave7atBaltimore Blast II12 1st Mariner Arena
Fri1/25/2008Detroit Ignition2atChicago Storm9 Sears Centre
Fri1/25/2008Monterrey La Raza II17atNew Jersey Ironmen12 Prudential Center
Fri1/25/2008Philadelphia KiXX6atOrlando Sharks10 Amway Arena
Sun1/27/2008Orlando Sharks19atCalifornia Cougars6 Stockton Arena
Sun1/27/2008Monterrey La Raza II14atDetroit Ignition19 Compuware Arena
Sun1/27/2008Chicago Storm9atMilwaukee Wave19 US Cellular Arena
Sun1/27/2008New Jersey Ironmen13atPhiladelphia KiXX17 Spectrum
Thu1/31/2008California Cougars6atMonterrey La Raza II23 Arena Monterrey
Fri2/1/2008Chicago Storm8atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/2/2008Orlando Sharks13atBaltimore Blast II25 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/2/2008New Jersey Ironmen4atChicago Storm15 Sears Centre
Sat2/2/2008California Cougars7atMilwaukee Wave14 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/2/2008Detroit Ignition13atPhiladelphia KiXX15 Spectrum
Sun2/3/2008Milwaukee Wave9atNew Jersey Ironmen6 Prudential Center
Sat2/9/2008Baltimore Blast II12atOrlando Sharks4 Amway Arena
Sat2/9/2008Milwaukee Wave8atPhiladelphia KiXX12 Spectrum
Sun2/10/2008Detroit Ignition10atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Wed2/13/2008Chicago Storm18atPhiladelphia KiXX9 Spectrum
Fri2/15/2008Chicago Storm8atCalifornia Cougars9 Stockton Arena
Fri2/15/2008Philadelphia KiXX4atDetroit Ignition16 Compuware Arena
Fri2/15/2008Baltimore Blast II12atMilwaukee Wave16 US Cellular Arena
Sat2/16/2008New Jersey Ironmen6atBaltimore Blast II10 1st Mariner Arena
Sat2/16/2008Monterrey La Raza II11atOrlando Sharks6 Amway Arena
Thu2/21/2008Orlando Sharks9atMonterrey La Raza II23 Arena Monterrey
Thu2/21/2008California Cougars8atNew Jersey Ironmen16 Prudential Center
Sat2/23/2008Baltimore Blast II19atChicago Storm9 Sears Centre
Sat2/23/2008California Cougars15atPhiladelphia KiXX19 Spectrum
Sun2/24/2008Baltimore Blast II8atDetroit Ignition19 Compuware Arena
Thu2/28/2008Chicago Storm12atMonterrey La Raza II24 Arena Monterrey
Fri2/29/2008California Cougars11atDetroit Ignition24 Compuware Arena
Sat3/1/2008Monterrey La Raza II10atPhiladelphia KiXX8(OT)Spectrum
Sun3/2/2008California Cougars8atMilwaukee Wave17 US Cellular Arena
Sun3/2/2008Orlando Sharks5atNew Jersey Ironmen27 Prudential Center
Thu3/6/2008New Jersey Ironmen12atMonterrey La Raza II28 Arena Monterrey
Fri3/7/2008Philadelphia KiXX2atBaltimore Blast II18 1st Mariner Arena
Fri3/7/2008Detroit Ignition13atOrlando Sharks6 Amway Arena
Sat3/8/2008New Jersey Ironmen6atCalifornia Cougars7 Stockton Arena
Sat3/8/2008Monterrey La Raza II9atChicago Storm11 Sears Centre
Sun3/9/2008Chicago Storm7atDetroit Ignition15 Compuware Arena
Sun3/9/2008Orlando Sharks4atMilwaukee Wave21 US Cellular Arena
Thu3/13/2008California Cougars10atMonterrey La Raza II13 Arena Monterrey
Fri3/14/2008Orlando Sharks2atDetroit Ignition18 Compuware Arena
Sat3/15/2008Chicago Storm9atNew Jersey Ironmen10 Prudential Center
Sun3/16/2008Baltimore Blast II26atCalifornia Cougars23 Stockton Arena
Sun3/16/2008New Jersey Ironmen6atMilwaukee Wave22 US Cellular Arena
Thu3/20/2008Philadelphia KiXX17atNew Jersey Ironmen10 Prudential Center
Sat3/22/2008Detroit Ignition29atCalifornia Cougars12 Stockton Arena
Sat3/22/2008Baltimore Blast II13atChicago Storm0 Sears Centre
Sun3/23/2008Milwaukee Wave25atOrlando Sharks10 Amway Arena
Thu3/27/2008Baltimore Blast II13atMonterrey La Raza II15 Arena Monterrey
Fri3/28/2008California Cougars15atChicago Storm20 Sears Centre
Fri3/28/2008New Jersey Ironmen4atDetroit Ignition6 Compuware Arena
Sat3/29/2008Chicago Storm8atBaltimore Blast II16 1st Mariner Arena
Sat3/29/2008Monterrey La Raza II12atNew Jersey Ironmen14 Prudential Center
Sat3/29/2008Milwaukee Wave15atPhiladelphia KiXX13(OT)Spectrum
Sun3/30/2008Orlando Sharks8atCalifornia Cougars18 Stockton Arena
Sun3/30/2008Detroit Ignition12atMilwaukee Wave18 US Cellular Arena
Thu4/3/2008Philadelphia KiXX12atMonterrey La Raza II16 Arena Monterrey
Fri4/4/2008Milwaukee Wave11atDetroit Ignition18 Compuware Arena
Fri4/4/2008Baltimore Blast II14atNew Jersey Ironmen6 Prudential Center
Sat4/5/2008Detroit Ignition22atBaltimore Blast II21 1st Mariner Arena
Sat4/5/2008Philadelphia KiXX14atCalifornia Cougars18 Stockton Arena
Sat4/5/2008Monterrey La Raza II14atMilwaukee Wave17 US Cellular Arena
Sat4/5/2008Chicago Storm9atOrlando Sharks13 Amway Arena